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Winston: 2017 will be fought in the provinces

…even though more than half of the votes are in Auckland.

New Zealand First will ramp up its focus on the regions ahead of the election and has interest from candidates who could wrest seats from National, leader Winston Peters says.

As recent polls indicate Peters could be king-maker next year the party holds its annual conference in Dunedin this weekend with the theme “it’s time”.

In an interview with the Herald before the conference, Peters said the party would redouble its focus on regional New Zealand to grow its vote.

The 71-year-old has spent less time in Parliament lately in favour of his Northland electorate and the regions, with recent trips to Dunedin, Dannevirke and Kaikohe.

“We are seriously getting around the provinces,” he said. “The Greens can cough and get in the media. We pack halls and don’t. We pack halls in this country like no other political party.”

There has been growing speculation that former Labour MP Shane Jones will leave the diplomatic corps and stand for NZ First in Whangarei against National MP Shane Reti.

Well, at least that is half right.? Shane Jones is expected back, but going up against Shane Reti would be silly.? Read more »

Want to know who will win an election? Ask a bookie

We have iPredict but it isn’t really betting in the true sense…In the UK however they do have bookies and they are allowed to bet on elections.

It turns out that betting is a more accurate predictor of an election process than polling.

[W]here should we be looking for our best estimate of what is actually going to happen, to the polls or to the markets? It?s a question that we have been considering in the UK for nearly 30 years.

We can trace the question to July 4 1985, the day that the political betting markets finally came of age in this country. A by-election was taking place in a semi-rural corner of Wales, with Labour and Liberals the key contenders. Ladbrokes made the Liberals odds-on favourite. But on the very morning of the election a poll by Mori gave Labour a commanding?18 percentage point lead. Ladbrokes kept the Liberal candidate as the solid odds-on favourite. And who won? The Liberal ? and anyone who ignored the pollster and followed the money. ?? Read more »

…and the award goes to… [UPDATED]


The final election results all favour the left:

– National lose Maureen Pugh, and with her, their outright majority in parliament.

– Labour get to keep Andrew Little, clearing him for the leadership run.

– The Green party gets Steffan Browning for a total of 14 seats

– Labour go from 24.7% to 25.1% of the vote, something that will boost Cunliffe’s leadership chances


The final election result: ? Read more »

The Green Party Data scammers: Look at their Guidelines

Via the Tipline

An interesting post scanned and captured from an over-excited contributor to the [Standard made] earlier. ?Is this what the Greens plan to do with information stolen from their petition harvesting?


The Green Party hid behind the old fools in Grey Power for the Assets petition, then sent out paid touts on taxpayers’ money to scoop up data. Like Greenpeace, they love a petition. Do you think it is only because they are wound up about this issue? No, it is because they want to capture your personal details to create a data base. ? Read more »

An email from a reader about voter apathy

The reader emails:

Hello ,

This is a letter to the Herald that I sent to the newspaper yesterday.

I am really concerned about the low voter turnout and the excuses being made by high profile media people the likes of Mike Hosking as to why they did not vote in the local body elections .

Much is being made of the ” difficulties and awkwardness ” of the postal ballot which was brought into being because of the ” inconvenience” to voters to go to polling stations.

Now we hear that online voting being brought into the frame.

It seems the 30 second attention span of a large majority of eligible voters would be challenged even with this facility.


Here are my thoughts for what ever they are worth;

The low voter turnout for the recent council elections is a sad indictment of the apathy that has ?permeated and overcome our society.

For all the self righteous talk and chest beating about our precious democratic values when it comes right down to it ,as a people ,the majority of the voting population of New Zealand pay little more than lip service and scant respect for our rights to them.

The list of weak excuses rolled out from those who did not vote ,” I forgot” ,”I did not know anything about the candidate” , “I couldn’t be bothered” ,etc just underlines the laziness and apathetic stupidity of a population too self absorbed and spoilt to take the time to seek information about candidates for themselves.

The candidates were all contactable and information freely available but it took just a little effort on the individual voters part to find it.

It is the responsibility of us all to protect our democracy by being aware of that which affects our daily lives ,which means taking time to research that of which we are not sure to make informed decisions when the time comes to vote .

Unfortunately the population at large has become so dependant on being told what to believe in ,the politics of personality and envy and whether an individual is telegenic or not and broadcasts via the media slanted to reflect the opinions of the editorial staff ,it has become all too ?easy to lay the blame at someone else’s door for an individuals own lack of motivation or common sense.

Democracy and freedom are hard fought for rights that people in some far off countries ?can still only dream about and yearn for.
Yet here we are with a population that preaches democracy but for all intents and purposes are willing to be led by the nose and squeal when elected representatives do something not to their liking.

There is no free ride on anything worthwhile and we need a solid foundation to maintain our freedoms and that means everyone doing their bit when it comes to getting the best people to represent us at election times.

Let’s see what the next general election reveals about the population of this country?

NZ on Air criticism sounds familiar

With all the furore over the NZ on Air issue and the silly claims about censorship it twigged a few memories.

I seem to remember how ?Locked Down? wasn?t screened in 2008 because it wasn?t flattering to the government in an election year?

TVNZ is facing claims it dropped a prison reality TV show amid fears it would show viewers how “cushy” prison life was in an election year.

The state broadcaster commissioned?Locked Down, a 13-part series on life at Wellington’s Rimutaka Prison. It was to have started screening in April, the?Dominion Post?reports today.

The 30-minute programme, made by Screentime production company, features interviews with inmates about prison life, the crimes they committed and their rehabilitation.

The shows also outline prison conditions, including inmates having televisions and stereos in their cells.

But TVNZ has delayed the series’ debut several times and there are now claims it is due to concerns it shows how “cushy” prison life is in the run-up to the general election.

Locked Down director Sean Duffy said he could not understand why the series had not screened.

“The bottom line is if they’re not putting something to air because of an election … I don’t think that’s right.

“Has the Government suggested that they wouldn’t want it to go to air — or is it TVNZ taking it upon themselves to act in an incredibly paranoid matter about it? I don’t know.”

And Labour never told broadcasters what to fund with Government money intended for programming did they? Trevor Mallard was front and centre on that political control over funding.

Television New Zealand is to be stripped of the power to decide how it spends more than $15 million in charter funds after angering its government bosses by using the money to subsidise its Olympics coverage.

It will instead have to apply to funding agency NZ On Air programme by programme, with no guarantee it will get the full amount in any one year.

TVNZ spokeswoman Megan Richards said the company had planned to use charter money to contribute towards the “absolutely enormous” production costs of broadcasting the Beijing Olympics.

Direct Government funding had not been used in the bid for the actual rights to screen the Olympics, which was negotiated as part of a three event deal spanning the 2000, 2004 and this year’s competitions. Bidding for the rights was conducted “many years ago,” Ms Richards said.

TVNZ was “comfortable” with the Government’s proposal requiring NZ On Air to approve funding on a per programme basis. Such a move would add “clarity” to the funding process and the state broadcaster was already discussing the proposal internally, Ms Richards said.

Broadcasting Minister Trevor Mallard told The Dominion Post yesterday that he was preparing a Cabinet paper to make the change, because he believed it was inappropriate use of charter funds – provided through the Culture and Heritage Ministry genre by genre – to subsidise the successful bid for the Olympics.

The move followed “dissatisfaction with TVNZ and a question about whether it’s good value for money or a common understanding of the purpose of the charter”.

Right can we have Labour STFU with the whinging now please. Labour and their lap-bloggers have been all indignant about some National flunkies laying complaints and following process. Their party simply changed laws or worse actually had a show put on ice, kind of make a complaint to the Electoral Commission pale into insignificance.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

No investigation needed

The Greens are whining about the low turnout in the election:

The Green Party is calling for an investigation into why voter turnout was so low on election day.

Just 73 percent of people on the electoral roll, or 68 percent of eligible voters, cast a vote in Saturday’s general election.

That was down from 79 percent of enrolled voters in 2008.

Green MP Gareth Hughes is disappointed by the falling turnout.

“Voting is one of the core ways for the public to participate in the civic process,” he said.

“The act of voting, and the feeling of participation it brings, is vital for the health of democracy in our country.”

No investigation is needed. The voters either didn’t care or were indifferent to change. Plus of course Labour were tits.

1 Month to go

It is exactly one month to go till the 2011 General Election on 26 November.

Labour in Disarray – Laban quits

Labour’s caucus is in disarray as more and more MPs face up to the reality of life forever as an opposition MP. Winnie Laban has shown she doesn’t have the mettle for opposition chucking in her MP credentials for which she was elected, letting both Labour and her constituents down in the process.

A by-election is looming after Labour MP Luamanuvao Winnie Laban announced today she is leaving Parliament for a new career.

The Mana MP told caucus colleagues this morning she would be stepping down to take up the role of Assistant Vice Chancellor Pasifika at Victoria University.

Labour leader Phil Goff confirmed that Ms Laban’s departure would mean a by-election in her safe Labour seat. Ms Laban won in 2008 with a 6155-strong majority.

Ms Laban said it had been “an enormous privilege” to serve as Labour MP for Mana over the last three elections but “I have worked out that it’s time for me to step away from Parliament now”.

I’d put money on Darren Hughes stepping in so he can stop being a scum list MP, the problem with that though or any other scum list MP stepping forward is the Tizard effect. The other worry for Labour is that they are broke and face the prospect of fighting three by-elections back to back just a year out from the general election.

Labour faces the real prospect of going into next years General Election dead flat broke, if not still paying off the last election. Expect the union levies to bite hard next year. If they thought they could win last week, the task just got worse this week and with George Hawkins imminent demise come October and the Chris Cart affair yet to be settled they are certainly dreaming thinking they can win the government benches next year.