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The New York Times on Shit in our Rivers, Ctd

A reader responds to my earlier post with a nuanced, somewhat ranty, dissenting view:

The Green Taliban are all giddy with excitement that NZ is the 14th best country on earth for the environment and number one as the dumb marketing slogan says.? Then again has anyone told Massey’s Eel Man, Mike Joy, Eugenie Sage, Moana Mackey and the corporate bludgers at Pure Advantage,?that 100% Water is sterile and nothing lives in that because it is, well, umm, sterile.

But New Zealand?s reputation as a pristine place might not be exactly warranted. Since European colonization 150 years ago, as much as 90 percent of the country?s original wetlands have been drained to make way for towns, farms and roads. The wetlands are considered to be of international importance for supporting numerous species of?birds, fish and plants.

So no mention then that Maori did a much more impressive feat of forestry clearance by burning out forests from crops and to flush?out Moa and goodness nows what else?? Of course NZ was a paradise until the evil white man turned up and created things like ?National Parks!? Nothing like this happened in North America of course.? The catalogue of woe continues:

Last month, the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment released a survey showing that more than half of the country?s freshwater recreational sites were unsafe to swim in. Fecal contamination of waterways, caused largely by dairy farming ? the source of 13.9 billion New Zealand dollars, or $10 billion, in annual exports, nearly a quarter of New Zealand?s total ? was widespread.

Unsafe?? Not really.? When?that socialist Amy Adams popped up on State Television’s Close Up, the things that fell out of it is that the difference between very good and very poor is a few percent.? That’s it.

Now I don’t like cows shitting into rivers but wait a minute.? Wellington is a shit-place as we know but its water is far shittier than the stuff up the road in the Manawatu that goes right by dairy farms.? The?Manawatu was labelled in the Dom Post as one of the?dirtiest in the west so someone is shitting here and?I don’t think it is all down to daisy.? I mean, been to a camp site and seen a treatment pond?? Even before God declared war on Christchurch, the Avon had the dubious distinction of NZ’s crappiest river and?no one ever tipped me off that daisy was the cause.

Of course the?Herald Tribune cites Massey’s Eel Man Mike Joy who sucks on the tit of taxpayers as a paid up member of Massey’s academic?Green Taliban.

The Greens are predictable in?wanting us to drink straight from the Waikato River and dance around the maypole?but what gets me are?the corporate bludgers from Pure Advantage, pissing all over our reputation as a place to visit:

Pure Advantage, a nonprofit group promoting green business, estimates that the country will overtake the United States in per capita emissions in less than eight years, putting it almost into the world?s top 10. But total emissions in New Zealand, which has a population of 4.4 million, are far lower than those of the United States, with 312 million people.

That sort of shit PR is the stuff you spend millions trying not to get.

So who backs Pure Advantage?? Why Air New Zealand boss Rob Fyfe, Villa Maria founder George Fistonich and former General Motors chief financial officer Chris Liddell along with the king of imported Chinese tat, Sir?Stephen?Tindall.? So guys, it seems your organisation is saying don’t visit NZ because we are?a crap place?and flying there or making movies?will increase emissions anyhow (great one Fyfe).? Oh, what is the carbon footprint of bottled wine (Fistonich), let?alone losing millions making gas guzzling SUV’s until Obama & the US taxpayer had to?bail out GM (LIddell)?

Then again the true colours of the eco-Nazi who write the piece is found here:

This month, New Zealand refused to commit to a second round of emissions reductions under the Kyoto Protocol, the 1997 international agreement on reduction of greenhouse gases. Instead, it will align with several of the world?s largest emitters, including the United States, China and India, in negotiating an alternative agreement. That could be approved by 2015 and in effect by 2020.

That gets Moana Mackey’s knickers in a right twist.? No one can tell me from the left why President Obama is an enviornmental lucifer and that we are damned by getting into his team:

?This is a day of shame for New Zealand. Our reputation as a good international citizen has taken a massive hit,? Moana Mackey, a member of Parliament who is the?climate change?spokeswoman for the opposition Labour Party, said in a statement.”

Someone ought to remind her how you can save manufacturing jobs?if you tax the crap out of them for the emissions they produce.? See you later manufacturing under Labour and the Greens.

All in all, the salesmen at Tourism NZ and the Tourism Industry Association must be spitting tacks at Pure Advantage for managing to tell well-heeled yanks we are a shit country?so don’t spend?your dollars coming here:

A recent report by Pure Advantage said New Zealand?s environmental record was worrying for the country?s economic future. One of New Zealand?s main priorities, it said, should be giving legitimacy to the ?100% pure? branding. ?These rankings will come as a shock to those in New Zealand who believe our country prides itself on its clean, green image,? the report said.

The most honest comments come from Gregg Anderson of Tourism New Zealand.? Speaking from LA, it seems?his comments were?bolted on after this crap hatchett job was written:

?We put our hands on our hearts and say New Zealand does not have a completely untouched environment,? he said, ?but we are better than most.?

In a similar vein, Bruce Wills from Feds says something that will?get?many of us nodding in agreement:

New Zealanders often saw themselves as ?the very best at something or very worst.?

My response is f*ck all this Green PR spin and crap. It ain’t worth a cent to NZ apart from giving santimonious pricks something to bang ourselves over the head with.? It is all a 100% Pure Wank.

More crazy green stuff

Greens like to use buzzwords like “cleantech” and other such crap…what they really mean is loss-making ideas that needs massive subsidies to operate.

Quite apart from the fact that a Holden Volt couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding it is also a loss making venture. But hey…it’s “cleantech” right?

If you think NZ$85,000 is too much for the Holden Volt plug-in hybrid electric car ? similar in size to the conventional NZ$30,400 Cruze sedan on which it is based ? you’re in for another shock.

If General Motors charged the price that the development of the Volt owed them, it would cost customers closer to NZ$127,000.

One of the most advanced cars of the decade might be a technological marvel ? but so far General Motors is losing money on every one it sells.

The Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid ? which is due to go on sale in New Zealand as a Holden for NZ$85,000 ? is a loss-maker according to expert analysts in Detroit.

Nearly two years after the introduction of the Volt ? which has revolutionised the thinking around hybrid power by using petrol to generate electricity for extended range ? GM is losing as much as NZ$62,000 on each Volt it builds, according to estimates provided to the Reuters news agency by industry analysts and manufacturing experts.

While the loss per vehicle will shrink as more are built and sold, GM admits it is still years away from making money on the Volt.

Indeed, GM says it might not reach break even until the next-generation model is launched in about three years.

Ain’t that the truth

? Sydney Morning Herald

Everything you wanted to know about which cars conservative drive and why:

Here are some extracts, with typos and literals included. And, no, this is not a parody. There’s plenty more at?

Don’t delay, visit today.

”Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturing company founded in 1935 ? Toyota sells more Hybrid electric vehicles than any other automobile manufacturer ? [these have] lower fuel efficiency than advertised, and having questionable battery life and cheap quality at for the vehicles expensive prices. They also are unsafe with danger of electrocution after an accident and they produce harmful electromagnetic radiation which can give you cancer.”

General Motors, we are told, ”was founded in 1908 by William C. Durant, and rose to become the world’s leading auto manufacturers from the 1920s to 2008 ? In 2006, over 9 million GM cars and trucks were sold. Since then a series of massive losses have brought GM into bankruptcy ? GM is currently trying to find better ways to market to the homosexual community.”

Conservapedia’s obsession with what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own godless, Marxist-Leninist dens of iniquity comes up again and again.

In the Hybrid Car entry we are told ”Hybrids are very popular with Hollywood celebrities, homosexuals and liberals”.

Conservapedia is surprisingly upbeat – if not quite objective – in the Ford entry, saying the company ”did not request government aid in 2009 [and] now has to compete with the unfairly advantaged, mostly government-owned, GM and Fiat-owned Chrysler, both of which have had their past debts resolved ? Despite this disadvantage, Ford continues to lead the world automotive market producing outstanding cars which destroy their European and Japanese competition.”

The entry for Hummer points out it was first a military vehicle but ”civilian interest grew after televised use in Desert Storm showed how well the vehicles could handle off road terrain and how safe they were. The large size and poor fuel economy drew anger from liberals who want to dictate what people drive.”

No one wants electric cars

Electric cars are gay, no one wants them:

19 Chevrolet Volt

19 Chevrolet Volt (Photo credit: kenjonbro)

General Motors has reportedly sent home 1300 employees for five weeks due to a lack of demand for its much-hyped plug-in hybrid car, the Volt.

The Detroit Free Press quotes GM spokesman Chris Lee as saying: “Even with sales up in February over January we are still seeking to align our production with demand.”

The Hamtramck production plant, which builds the Chevrolet Volt, Opel Ampera and will also produce the Holden badged Volt, will close its doors from March 19 to April 23, according to Lee.

The Holden Volt is due to go on sale in Australia within months. It’s not yet clear whether the production layoff will impact local supply.

The plant closure is a public relations disaster for GM, which had heralded the car as a breakthrough for the US automotive industry.

The Volt is GM’s first hybrid car that is designed to run primarily on electricity. It uses a small capacity petrol engine as a “range-extender”, allowing it to travel longer distances.

Chevrolet fell embarrassingly short of its initial 10,000 unit sales target for the Volt in the US in 2011, with just 7671 cars sold.

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