Geoff Simmons

Does Gareth Morgan really believe in evidence-based policy

Gareth Morgan states that he is unlike other political parties?and that their policies are evidence-based.

Once we have a clear idea of the problem, we can look at opportunities to resolve it. What does the theory suggest? What does the evidence suggest? What have we tried in the past, and how did that work? What have they tried overseas, and how well did that work?

Of course there is evidence and there is evidence. Some evidence is high quality, and priority should always be given to that. Establishment governments here and overseas often don?t want to monitor and evaluate policy because they don?t want to know if it hasn?t worked. Sometimes an idea is new or novel, and hasn?t been tried elsewhere. As a result, sometimes there isn?t much evidence around on a particular topic. However, lack of high quality evidence shouldn?t always be a barrier to action. Overall, we have to make a judgement based on the best available evidence at the time, which is where values come into play.

Establishment parties often twist the question of evidence to their political advantage. Look at the issue of obesity, where the Government has announced a ?22 point plan? to deal with the problem. They say there is no evidence that junk food taxes work, yet there is more evidence for the use of junk food taxes and restrictions on advertising to children than there is for any of the policies in their ?22 point plan?.

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The Clown party makes amateur mistake

False advertising? Gareth Morgan isn’t even standing in Mt Albert

Gareth Morgan is a bigger political retard than another wealthy man who has poured millions into losing.

His latest escapade is eye-rolling stupidity, not even Michelle Boag could screw it up this large.

Gareth Morgan’s Opportunities Party (TOP) is offering free shuttle bus rides to Mt Albert voters, but Newshub can reveal it’s landed them with an official complaint.

Geoff Simmons is standing for TOP in the upcoming Mt Albert by-election, and ACT leader David Seymour says the shuttle service is a blatant attempt to win votes. ? Read more »

EXPOSED: Ministry of Health funded group running #dirtypolitics


State-funded group Agencies for Nutrition Action can now be exposed for running a campaign straight from the playbook of dirtypolitics.

Under the guise of reducing childhood obesity under the banner of #protectourkidsnz this trougher group has pulled together ?a group of motivated people? a group of other troughers to lobby for:

  1. Healthy food polices in all schools and early childhood services (?getting the tuckshop to match the classroom teaching?)
  2. Restrictions on junk food marketing to kids (?it is unethical to allow junk food ads targeting kids in the middle of a childhood obesity epidemic?)
  3. Taxes on sugary drinks (?to reduce consumption and provide funding for childhood obesity prevention programs?)

Some would say if that is what it takes to reduce obesity in kids, then that?s a good thing.

But that?s not the point.

It?s their covert lobbying strategy specifically designed to put heat on the Government and their paymasters at the Ministry of Health and the Health Research Council which will be their undoing.

Let?s break this down and see what they?re really pushing for: Read more »

Gareth Morgan proposes something that is already being done

Gareth Morgan wants cats dead…so do I…especially feral cats.

His latest call though is already being done with an outcry recently in Auckland about cats being dispatched after trespassing in a wildlife reserve on Whangaparaoa peninsula.

Lock up your moggies if you live near a sensitive wildlife area, or they could be put down – that’s the latest suggestion from Gareth Morgan’s environmental group in its bid to stop cats harming native birds.

Geoff Simmons from the Morgan Foundation made the suggestion in a submission on Wellington City Council’s biodiversity management strategy.

He said the strategy’s plan to manage predators that had an impact on native wildlife was for the most part “fantastic”.

However, there was a “glaring omission” around the issue of cats.

Mr Simmons suggested any cats found wandering around sensitive wildlife areas, where birds would breed, should be humanely trapped and returned to their owners.

If the cat was not microchipped, it would be dropped off to the SPCA where it would be re-homed or euthanised. ?? Read more »

Gareth Morgan better hope no one arms the cats with these

Gareth Morgan is blabbing on again against cats…why he just doesn’t put a bounty on them and be done with it I don’t know.

Gareth Morgan is keeping a close eye on Wellington’s cats.

The high profile philanthropist first courted controversy over his anti-cat stance last year, and has now stepped it up a notch by monitoring and trapping local moggies.

He has set up six infrared cameras around the city, watching and building up a database of the capital’s kitties.

“The idea of these cameras is to track the amount of cats that are wandering onto other people’s property,” said researcher Geoff Simmons.

It’s been a year since Mr Morgan launched his Cats to Go campaign, aiming to help rebuild our native birdlife.

Now he wants local councils to stop cats from wandering onto private property and make owners take more responsibility. ?? Read more »

Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons think Red Bull is for kids


Seriously you can?t make this stuff up.

North Korea?s latest PR guy Gareth Morgan and his raving zombie mate Geoff Simmons are a couple of numb-nuts that think it?s a good idea to give kids a can of Red Bull or V, or at least include them into their book-pimping exercise to get attention.

They?re the backers of another purist Anna Bordignon (oh that?s right she?s pimping a new cookbook as well). Ms Bordignon is fronting the?Munch Awards that seeks to slag off various companies.

Let?s have a look at who else is involved in attacking businesses that employ kiwis in New Zealand, pay taxes, offer training and career opportunities, support local communities etc. ?? Read more »

World Expert on Everything pimps new book

With Gareth Morgan?s PR machine in full swing pimping his book Appetite for Destruction, I thought I?d help them out with some pimping skills.

Not content to kill the cats of old age pensioners, Gareth Morgan and his raving zombie?activist mate Geoff Simmons?are pushing out ideas on how to control people?s lives. Naturally they pump for a fat tax.? Read more »

Welcome to the jungle: Gareth Morgan’s Book Title Gaffe


Over the next few days we?re going to see a pair of economists desperate once again, to be the centre of attention.

It got me thinking after the?Trougher of the Year post.

As Gareth Morgan and his pal Geoff Simmons go around pimping their new book Appetite for Destruction, they have inadvertently fallen into the trap of tripping up at the starting gate. Just a small thing, like fact-checking on the title of their book Appetite for Destruction.? Read more »

Stick to killing cats Gareth

Gareth Morgan has found another cause to annoy everyone with…he should stick to killing cats, that was at least worthwhile.

With the furore over his cat campaign fading from memory, Gareth Morgan is about to try telling us what we should be eating.

Dr Morgan’s past activities have included confirming the cause of climate change, deciding which fish to catch and eat, proposing solutions for the country’s welfare and tax policies, and voyaging to the Antarctic to raise awareness about issues in the far south.

At the start of this year, he strode purposefully into his attack on the country’s cats, and will soon try to sort out the nation’s eating habits.

A book he co-wrote with economist Geoff Simmons is being promoted as “the most controversial book on food you will read”. Called Appetite for Destruction, it is to be published in October.

“We Kiwis are literally eating ourselves to death. In the move from cooking to convenience food we have given up control of what we eat,” Dr Morgan said on a webpage for the book.

“As a result our food is heavy on sugar, fat and salt, and light on the nutrients our body needs. This is causing a hidden health crisis that will swamp our hospitals just when the baby boomers want their hip operations.” ? Read more »

Is ‘The Vote’ encouraging fruit loops?

Following the post this morning about the?fat kid and his dumb mum?this came in via the tip line.

Looks like Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner?s The Vote has all the activists desperately trying to rig the public vote on tonight?s show.

WO spies tell me there were some right nutters at the screening on Monday night and the panel team of Robyn Toomath and Geoff Simmons were aghast at the audience poll result. No wonder then that these activists?have rallied up their allies in an effort to spike the vote.? Read more »