George Entwistle

Noble, honest and decent…pity Len doesn’t have it in him

Len Brown should have resigned…he knows there is much more to come, but this morning he announced his intention to carry on regardless via a press release announcing Penny Hulse as his deputy. They deserve each other…they both have things to hide.

The man, if you can call him that, lacks nobility, honesty and decency.

In these days of greed and self-interest, those who fall on their swords deserve our respect.

In the bubble bath of venality that is the Premier League, where even non-triers can soak up unimaginable riches, old-fashioned integrity appears too rarely on the score sheet. Loyalty exists, but only if accompanied by a seven-figure cheque.

Last week, however, the game’s forces of darkness suffered an uncommon setback. Ian Holloway, Crystal Palace’s manager, resigned, admitting that he was worn-out and no longer up to the job. What’s more, he did so without the aid of a pit-bull lawyer making demands with menaces on the club’s treasurer.

The south London team has won just one game all season, yet chairman Steve Parish did not want Holloway to quit and paid tribute to the manner of his exit: “He leaves with his head held high. Most would carry on taking the money. He has fallen on his sword. It was honest, noble and decent of him.”

Honest. Noble. Decent. Jeepers, when was the last time you heard an endorsement like that in football, business, politics or the media for that matter?   Read more »

BBC – “an executive-run place for idiots”

Jennifer Saunders cuts loose on the BBC.

In a tirade worthy of her Absolutely Fabulous character Edina, Jennifer Saunders has criticised the BBC, claiming that it has become “an executive-run place for idiots”.

The writer and comedian said the BBC was no longer a fun place to work, but a top-heavy corporate behemoth.

She described wanting to yell obscenities at a former director-general for insisting on spending licence fee-payers’ money on expensive lunches at the fashionable Ivy restaurant in London rather than on programmes.

Saunders, 55, was speaking to Glamour magazine in an interview to promote her autobiography, Bonkers: My Life in Laughs, which is published this week.

She fondly recalled the excitement of arriving at the BBC Television Centre in west London with her comedy partner Dawn French when they were starting out in their careers.

Since then, however, she said the corporation, which recently sold off Television Centre to split programme-making between central London and Manchester, had become “unrecognisable”.

“It’s become top-heavy in such an ugly way,” she said. “They went corporate instead of being what they should be, which is a national resource, a place which trains people and curates the best programmes, and encourages talent and does great news and journalism.  Read more »

BBC boss quits, ITV’s Schofield will be next

The head of the BBC has quit after they wrongly accused a Tory peer of being a pedo:

The BBC’s top executive resigned last night after the prestigious broadcaster’s marquee news magazine wrongly implicated a British politician in a child sex-abuse scandal, deepening the crisis that exploded after it decided not to air similar allegations against one of its own stars who police now say was one of the nation’s worst pedophiles.

In a brief statement outside BBC headquarters, George Entwistle said he decided to do the “honourable thing” and step down after just eight weeks in the job.

“The wholly exceptional events of the past few weeks have led me to conclude that the BBC should appoint a new leader,” he said.

ITV’s Philip Schofield will be next for his ambush of David Cameron.

After years of covering up for Jimmy Savile in various media outfits they are now dropping like flies.

Just like the Pope

The Director General of the BBC is acting just like the Pope, the only difference between the two is Jimmy Savile was diddling girls and not boys;

The new Director General of the BBC has written to staff to say he is ‘appalled’ by allegations made against Jimmy Savile and has promised to work closely with the police, but ruled out an inquiry.

There will be a massive pay out too.

Great Mindset

The Telegraph

George Entwistle has been appointed as BBC Director-General, some are wondering if this marks the end and a move away from its lefty mindset:

It looks as though BBC chairman Lord Patten, the former Tory chairman, has sensibly steered the selection away from the overtly Lefty candidates Caroline Thompson and Ed Richards to a more independently-minded candidate.

Michael Crick, who worked on Newsnight when it was edited by Entwistle, says the new DG has in the past boasted that after leaving university he worked for a while for Michael Heseltine – not in a political capacity, but in Haymarket publishing, Hezza’ magazine company. This is Crick’s take on  Entwistle: “I vividly recall him saying that our job every day was to come in and ask ourselves: “How can we f*** the government today?”  Now I should stress that by ‘government’, Entwistle didn’t mean the specific government at that time (which was the Blair administration) but people in power in general, and he thought it was our duty to hold them to account. I thought it was a great maxim for journalists.” You certainly can’t imagine Thompson or Richards saying that about a Labour government. Perhaps, at long last, we are about to see a shift in the Beeb’s Left-liberal mindset.