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Industry fury at Govt for cancelling conferences

Industry fury at Govt for cancelling conferencesThe conference industry has lashed out at the National Government for the cancellation of two conferences since the election, saying it should support the $1 billion industry and not be trying to destroy it. The latest cancellation… [NZ Herald Politics]

Oh Boo-fucking-hoo, any business that exists solely on the basis of the government spending money is no business at all.

The gravy train has to end.

So who is on holiday anyway?

The ex-Prime Minister from her holiday pad overseas accused the National government of being on holiday. So a little investigative analysis was needed to see who is really on holiday.

The front page of Labour’s rather slim site has no news after 17 December. Ditto the Blog page. You would’ve thought they had worked out how a blog works after funding one for so long, or maybe all of those “bloggers” are now seeking employment in the private sector. The news page is worse ending on the 13th of December. Labour are also continuing to run campaigns on old policy. They ran in 2008 with no policy published and now in 2009 they have their 2008 policy which strangely was never released for the election.

On the people page:

  • No MPs have email or phone numbers
  • Helen Clark again refers to herself as the Prime Minister and still uses super-model Helen for her picture
  • Michael Cullen is still in “the most exciting campaign” since 1981
  • Steve Chadwick still thinks she is MP for Rotorua
  • Same with Darren Hughes in Otaki
  • Clayton Cosgrove doesn’t get a picture
  • George Hawkins and Mita Ririnui don’t have biographies
  • Grant Robertson says he is a candidate for Wellington Central

Oh and check out George Hawkins face in the background of Phil Twyford’s maiden speech!

For the final ignominy check out the About Page. I’ve created an image because no doubt some party hack will be tasked with getting some basic facts right.

Numpty twats, just what exactly have they been doing over the break? It sure as fuck hasn’t been getting the website right.


Dunne to chair climate change review committee

Dunne to chair climate change review committeeIn an unusual move National is putting a minister outside of Cabinet, United Future leader Peter Dunne, in charge of a special select committee being set up to consider climate change. The National government has put the emissions… [NZ Herald Politics]

Good move by National to place Dunne as chair on the Climate Change review committee. Much and all as he is a pompous twat he is at least pedantic with the processes of parliament.

I still want them to ask Viscount Monckton to testify so there will at least be some balance to the looney fools who think the world is going to end because we are 0.4 degrees warmer.

ACC blow-out sparks Ministerial Inquiry

Labour have again spiked the books, knowingly and deliberately for an incoming government. Check out this press release from John Key, issued just minutes ago. Michael Cullen should be arrested for this.

The previous Labour government underfunded ACC to the tune of about $1 billion over the next three years, Prime Minister John Key has revealed.

“This is a significant and serious hole in the Government accounts, so today I am signalling the Government’s intention to conduct a Ministerial Inquiry to determine how this happened, and why the information was not included in the pre-election opening of the books.”

Mr Key says the terms for the Ministerial Inquiry will be firmed up over the coming days.

“But my top priority is to offer an assurance to those who rely on ACC that their services will be maintained, despite warnings that the Non-Earners Account will run out of money by March.

The National-led Government has been told by officials that ACC is seeking $297 million in extra funding for the Non Earners’ Account in the 2007/08 year and a similar increase for out years.

“The previous Government knew of the seriousness of the situation, but did not disclose this information prior to the election.

“Officials have told the Government that they became aware of the serious funding issues in the Non-Earner account as early as May, and previous Ministers were also made aware of the problem. However, the funding shortfall was not mentioned in the pre-election opening of the books.

“There are serious questions to be answered about this very large ticking time-bomb. In light of this, I have determined that a Ministerial Inquiry needs to run alongside any internal ACC review.”

Mr Key says the Government signalled in the election campaign that ACC would be subject to a full review, so the shape of the accounts can be properly and publicly assessed.

The National Government was elected on a platform that includes, a full stock-take of the various components of the ACC scheme, an evaluation of progress to full funding, identifying areas of cross-subsidy or cost-shifting and underfunding of newly-legislated entitlements.

The Government has sought further information from ACC, and expects to have another paper in front of Cabinet before Christmas.

National supports a comprehensive, 24/7, no-fault accident insurance scheme that delivers certainty of coverage for all New Zealanders.


Labour simply can’t be trusted. They broke the law and they lied about the finances of the government. They must never again be trusted with the Treasury benches.

TV show's fate may rest with new Govt

TV show’s fate may rest with new GovtThe future of heavyweight political show Agenda may depend on how quickly the National Government brings in its broadcasting policy. TVNZ is dropping Agenda in favour of a new political current affairs show that is due to air in… [NZ Herald Politics]

TVNZ in their infinite wisodom reckon they can do a better job than Richard Harman and his crew at producing an Agenda-like programme.

Good luck to them. The reason Agenda was popular and high rating is because of the ethos behind the show. Without that intellectual property the facsimilie show will be a poor copy.

I hope Jonathan Coleman pulls finger and gets the contestable NZ on Air fund up and running pronto so quality shows like this can continue. I also hope that Sky, Prime or TV3 pick this up and run with it.

Prime time for a battle over TV channels

Prime time for a battle over TV channelsRival broadcasters Television New Zealand and MediaWorks, including TV3 and C4, will join forces next year to convince the new National government to force Sky Television to divest free-to-air channel Prime. The question is how… [NZ Herald Politics]

Mediaworks and TVNZ are having a bleat about the dominance of Sky Television. They talk about the money that Sky has at its disposal, and how they want regulation of the market so that they can compete.

Now there a re a couple of things that these disingenous pricks fail to mention.

  1. Sky spends its money on programming not flash offices and buildings. I have been out to Sky’s HQ and it is , well, basic. Compare that to the State owned and paid for ediface that is TVNZ in town.
  2. They don’t seem to have heard about private property rights. Sky has built and paid for its client base, it has also paid good money for its broadcasting rights.
  3. If Sky don’t provide the programming that people want then they will lose subscribers. TVNZ on th otherhand can keep on putting crap on screen and the government will continue to fund them for some bizarre reason.

The time of meddling government is over, we tossed that out, time to tell TVNZ and Mediaworks to FRO and harden up to real world business.

I think Steven Joyce would know a thing or two about starting up and competing with large incumbents and being successful in the media world, he should tell the both of them to learn or die.

Poor little Jimmy

This sounds remarkably like the human judder bar from the Wairarapa.

Poor wee Jimmy, calling up Youthline distraught about a National government.

Deja Vu all over again

In the final years of the last National Government, Labour was able to get hits in Health and other government institutions where a "culture of extravagance" existed. National also leaked like the proverbial sieve.
Move forward seven years and we have the same all over again. Health is moving, against the wishes of the government, into the fore-front. Nobody likes hearing about increasing waiting times. Also Labour is now leaking like a collander.
Finally the last thing is the so called "culture of extravagance" .
As they say if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. Seven years ago Clark dished out the scandal now she is copping it back.
Only this time they can't say it was the last governments fault…because the last government was them.