George Hawkins

The former Mayor of Papakura (and Labour Minister) who achieved zero-rate increases attacking another former Mayor of Papakura whose vote delivered a 9.9% increase

Len Brown’s city is in uproar as the rates rises bite.

The former Mayor of Papakura (and Labour Minister), George Hawkins, who achieved zero-rate increases is attacking another former Mayor of Papakura, Calum Penrose, whose vote delivered a 9.9% increase

Rising rates have pushed politicians to take their complaints higher up the food chain.

On July 9 the Manurewa Local Board voted to write to the auditor-general and all of the South Auckland MPs about its concerns over Auckland Council’s consultation process.

The council agreed in June to bring in a $114 charge for all households and $183 for businesses to pay for transport projects over the next three years.

The consultation document sent to houses stated that a “targeted rate may also be required for 2015-2016”. In the longer, online-only version a targeted rate of $58.99 was detailed. ? Read more »

Len Brown cops a kicking from South Auckland [Quote of the Day]

Len Brown gets a kicking from South Auckland...including former Labour minister George Hawkins! – he delivers the quote of the day:

?It?s like the Council has filled its trolley for groceries at the supermarket and arrived at the check-out knowing it has no means to pay for the purchases. ?Instead of living within its means the Council is coming up with excuses and stalling for time.”

The kicking doesn’t end there though…and it is a right good kicking.

?Finish what you start before taxing the pips out of Auckland motorists and property owners.?

That is the message from Manurewa?s civic leaders following the public discussion publication of the transport funding group set up by Mayor Len Brown to provide funding options for Auckland Council.

Manurewa Local Board chairperson Angela Dalton described the Mayor?s Consensus Building Group as a useless exercise, which should not be used as a public relations tool to soften Aucklanders up to pay a multi-billion dollar price-tag for unfunded election promises.? Read more »

Shining light into Dark Corners

Len Brown appears to be moving closer and closer to a position of cutting off the influence of MUNZ in the Ports of Auckland dispute. How does someone once so loony become almost sane?

The more I look into it the clearer it becomes ? the two political operatives in his office (Conor Roberts and James Bews-Hair) appear to be at the centre of this change of sanity.? The time has come to put a bit of sunlight on these two back-roomers.? Let?s look at Bews-Hair first (he?s more of a challenge compared to Labour?s great white hope).

From a general perspective my research into Bews-Hair has?exposed a very peculiar character, what the Aussies would call a faceless man. (It was bloody hard getting a photo of him) He?is the very?definition of a backroom operator: He hates daylight?and?loathes any public attention. In fact, he is so shady that he apparently gets all nervous and anxious even if he finds himself in a room full of people.

His skulking, though, has been remarkably successful. ?Curiously (and I still don’t get this), almost?all of it seems to be anti-leftie in its focus:

  • In the 90’s he was part of Labour right. He was very close mates with Phil Quin (and of course later worked in Goff?s ministerial office with Shearer).? I am told he was heavily involved in the outrageous fake polling racket of marginal electorates.
  • Bews-Hair was the?Labour right’s economist – ?which I guess came in handy when making up poll numbers
  • Ten years ago he was in charge of fighting a well-financed battle against leftie attempts to destroy Sky City’s money-printing machines?in both Australia and NZ. In NZ.? Bews-Hair was particularly good mates with the Minister responsible for reforming gambling, George Hawkins – and he made the most of that fact.? Provisions pushed by the anti-gambling lobby (and their many friends in Government)?to reduce?casino gambling harm were watered down across the board. Most notably, the story goes, he made sure?proposed community good taxes for casinos were sunk. Bews-Hair is also the?main reason that gaming machines?are still alllowed to accept bank notes (meaning people can?wreck their lives $20 at a time rather than a?coin at a time). Strange work for a Labour-man.
  • In Australia, he was doing battle with Australasia?s only ?No Pokies? MP Nick Xenophon. Fortunately?Bews-Hair had befriended the Rann brothers (one of whom became Premier of SA).?Again he harvested his friendship on behalf of the family wreckers, saved their cushy tax status and insulated Sky City from the savage attacks of the enemies of gambling.
  • It seems Bews-Hair needed to cleanse his supposedly pink soul after that lot and he took a touchy feely do-gooder community development job in the Far North. Presumably he?was meant?to hug trees and the indolent with equal gusto. It appears, though,?that he?can’t help himself. He wrote an?economic development startegy?that effectively linked the Far North at the hip with the mining industry. He then set up a regional?industry group for?the miners?that secured public funding to do all sorts of studies and PR campaigns promoting mining.? To this day, it is still working.

And now, as I’ve previously posted, he’s back in Auckland and at it again. Cosy deals over casino convention centres, turning pinko Len into a union crusher, pedalling user pays for roads like some sort of Treasury zealot.

During my research the most telling thing I was told was: “he almost never does something for one reason, there’s usually at least two agendas and often multiple. It’s because of this that so many people dislike him, and even more don’t understand him”.

So there is obviously a serious amount of evil running through him, but what I don’t get?is why on earth he?insists on attaching himself to the Labour?Party, particularly as they don’t seem to like him anymore? Maybe he has a thing for women with facial hair – that could be why he keeps on ending up in hospital.

He certainly isn’t a tin-foil hat wearer though he has been known to wear a cabbage leaf hat…perhaps to help him fit in with the?weirder of the Brown hangers-on.

And finally, yes, my intention was to scare the devious pants off a critter who prefers very dark corners, by showing how much I can find out about him without even trying.? Sunlight hurts!

Will probably leave Conor Roberts for next week. One thing?though,?Roberts assures me that there is no feud between him and Bews-Hair. Presumably that is because they are holed up at completely different ends of the Town Hall.

George Hawkins Valedictory

A very good valedictory speech from George Hawkins. Towards the middle he is?particularly?scathing of MMP.

17 MP Defectors…Was Chris Carter not a liar after all Mr Goff?

Not too long ago Chris Carter stated that he had the names of 17 MP?s that were willing to vote against Phil Goff and his leadership. The?Labour Leaders called him a liar and that there was no substance to his claims at all.

But it seems that he wasn?t lying at all.

Last night in the House an extraordinary event took place. What was it? The revelation that 17, that is right the same number as Chris Carter used, voted contrary (or not at all) to the way the remaining in Labour voted on the Rugby World Cup (Empowerment) Bill. National?revealed the names in Parliament today.

What is interesting is the list of seventeen. Who are some of 17 defectors?

None other than:

  • Brendan Burns
  • Trevor Mallard
  • Ruth Dyson
  • Ross Robertson
  • David Shearer
  • Charles Chauvel
  • Damian O?Connor
  • Maryan Street
  • Nania Mahuta
  • Shane Jones
  • Lianne Daizel
  • Su?a William Sio
  • George Hawkins
  • Clayton Cosgrove
  • Lynne Pillay

What is even more interesting though is the fact that despite the rules stating that in the event of split party vote, the said party must IMMEDIATELY present a list of the names of each voter. It took Labour over two hours to do this, and when they did present it they tried to say that they had allowed a conscience vote on the issue as they were a ?party that allowed democracy?. But this was a split vote on a ?Closure Motion?

Phil Goff and the Labour party are grasping at straws now.

So, is Chris Carter is not a liar after all Mr Goff?

Another email to N.Z.P.A.

from: Whaleoil
to: Amber Fallow <[email protected]>

date: Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 2:01 PM

Re: NZPA use of Whale Oil Beef Hooked story.

Hi Amber,

Further to our recent discussion regarding payment for content, I would like to draw you attention to a recent NZPA report about the Labour Party stealing parliamentary funds in order to lie to the public about GST published on August 13, 2010.

This was subsequent to this blog breaking news of the brochure and publishing its contents in its entirety (something no news organisation, including yours, has so far failed to do) a full six days before NZPA. This blog also revealed that the poor islander family struggling to make ends meet in the brochure is in fact well known South Auckland Labour party activists, one with a job on the Wiri Licensing trust, and who is now also miraculously no longer impoverished he can fund a campaign along side George Hawkins for a position on the Manurewa Community Board. The second post was published 4 days before the NZPA repeater published.

This blogger is looking forward to NZPA only using original material. I know this will severely limit your output.

Perhaps your “churnalists”? and “repeaters” could get up earlier and do some journalism for a change.

In the interests of our on-going co-operation regarding content charges, I will waive my charge of $500 for the use of my content. Reduction of annoyance is usually complete with a link and acknowledgement of where your repeaters and churnalists got their story from. You will find that all bloggers do this regularly, with with a link or with a hat tip. Common courtesy would suggest that reciprocity is warranted.

Kind Regards


Could it be 7 by-elections?

Matthew Hooton wrote in the NBR today (I had to creep up to the dairy at Bucklands Beach and bag a copy of NBR since my impoverishment at the hand of Fidelity Life) about the possibility of no less than six by-elections but he missed out Christchurch East, where it is widely thought that “Patsy” Dalziel is off overseas shortly.

Mana MP Winnie Laban?s Labour colleagues owe her a big bouquet of teuila, heilala and tagimoucia ? first to congratulate her for being appointed assistant vice-chancellor (Pasifika) at Victoria University but second because of the opportunity she?s created to take the fight to National on strong Labour ground.

Labour?s top strategists understand that byelections on home turf can only help improve the party?s odds of success for 2011, which have slowly been creeping upward since Phil Goff finally manned up to deal to Chris Carter.

Yes, byelections can be unpredictable ? but if you?re an opposition, struggling against a popular incumbent, unpredictability is a godsend.

Nothing else gives an opposition such profile to highlight a government?s faults, discover a few more, and urge voters to send a message to Wellington ? all without anyone worrying their votes might actually change the government.

Right now Matthew Hooton is spot on. Multiple by-elections give Phil Goff the much needed bolster with which to secure a breach in the government’s defences and at the same time strengthen caucus into a true Phil Goff led labour Party rather than him having to put up with the cast offs of Helen Clark.

Ironically Phil Goff paved the way with his inspired rigging of the selection in Mt Albert and parachuting in David Shearer. It worked then and it should work now as Labour looks to expend $500k per by-election of public monies in order to rejuvenate caucus before the election.

Matthew Hooton’s suggested by-elections now include Manukau East where good mate of George Hawkins is past his use-by date.

Labour has an even broader opportunity. In Andrew Little ? also boss of the powerful Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union, the country?s largest ? Labour has as its president The Great Negotiator.

If Mr Little puts Labour?s 2011 effort ahead of his own post-election leadership ambitions, it is not beyond him to engineer at least three other byelections, all in safe Labour seats, for the same day as Mana.

It?s an opportunity for national publicity ? all on Labour themes ? that it simply can?t afford to forgo.

In West Auckland, Mr Little could arrange for Mr Carter?s disciplinary action to be dropped in exchange for him resigning as MP for Te Atatu.

In Christchurch, Jim Anderton could be asked to step aside from Wigram, ahead of his election as mayor of Christchurch.

Likewise, in South Auckland, George Hawkins could leave early from Manurewa to concentrate on local politics.

Ditto perhaps Ross Robertson in Manukau East.

Or Pete Hodgson in Dunedin North.

Pete Hodgson is way past sensible to stay on, he is still suffering from Key Derangement Syndrome and has taken to posting outrageous lies on Red Alert or silly polls. He clearly is no longer the great and trusted strategist and he has also stated that he won’t be returning next election. Phil Goff may as well ask the old duffer to shuffle off too.

Coincidentally today I banged in to old Labour stalwart and historian Dr. Michael Bassett and so I took the opportunity to grab his take on the Labour Party today. He provided me with an insight that I had previously not noticed, that of the influence of the “Ex-Presidents Club”that loyally got Helen Clark to the position she held. The “Ex-Presidents Club” is still largely intact, now only missing Margaret Wilson. Jim Anderton, Maryan Street and Ruth Dyson are all in parliament and all in the past were heavily involved in stacking LECs and floor votes in favour of Clarkists. It was Bassett’s contention that little has changed amongst this group especially Street and Dyson, indeed there are very strong ru8mour that Street and Dyson see them selves as the “dream team” leadership option within Labour and that they are sitting there actively tripping up Phil Goff as he seeks to distance his party from the apparatchiks of the Clark years. Dyson was involved in a failed attempt to get Chris Carter selected when the vote was 4 v 3 against selecting him. It was Michael Bassett that nixed her schemes to amend the Labour Party constitution in order to get Carter in earlier.

Phil Goff must grasp the nettle and use this opportunity to remake the Labour Party and to refresh caucus and take the fight to National in ways that they have not even contemplated in the master plan of trying to secure a second term.

It is game on for next year for sure.

Turning a Chicken Run into a victory in 2011

I’ve thought a bit more about The Labour Party Chicken Run. It seems too that other commentators have also and been reading this blog. The MSM is yet to catch onto to these thoughts. Matthew Hooton thinks Phil Goff and Andrew Little need to do a bit of backroom manipulation to orchestrate not three but FOUR by-elections and by winning all four easily there by strengthen Goff’s leadership and stave off the now apparent challenge from David Cunliffe.

I say apparent leadership challenge because firstly Chris Carter alluded to it and now Labour’s own tame churnalist Chris Trotter is endorsing openly the aspirations of David Cunliffe. Let’s put Chris Trotter’s endorsement of David Cunliffe aside for a moment and look at a SWAT analysis if you like of having four contemporaneous by-elections.

Ok the four by-elections should be:

Manurewa – predicated on George Hawkins winning his Local board election. This should happen easily. George Hawkins is well liked in Manurewa.

Te Atatu – Chris Carter needs to go. He needs to go for Phil’s sake and he needs to go for Labour’s sake. Andrew Little and Phil Goff need to agree to drop the disciplinary charges, and beg Helen to find him a cosy little Aids Ambassador’s trough or similar for him to continue his troughing ways. He has said he isn’t go to stand at the next election anyway so best if he moves along.

Mana – Winnie Laban has done the right thing, found a better trough to roll in, and one created specially for her.

Wigram – yes, I mention Wigram, because even though Jim Anderton is nearly dead his continued troughing with four jobs will only hurt Labour. Again Andrew Little’s superior negotiation skills should be able to encourage Jim Anderton to shuffle off so Labour can have their 4 by-elections.

So why do I say Labour should go for four contemporaneous by-elections, well because they are broke, behind in the polls and need a lift. They can win all of those four electorates easily. So winning or potentially losing shouldn’t enter their thought processes. Money is an issue and Labour is in desperate need of it. On the face of it they can’t really afford to fight four by-elections but then as an astute reader pointed out yesterday, by-elections actually raise money for the party. Mt Albert turned a profit and a capable new MP for Labour. Lastly Phil Goff and Labour need some wins on the board. Everything they have done so far has only enabled John Key’s government to extend their lead in the polls.? Nothing looks like winning more than winning. Having four by-elections and winning all four easily would make Phil Goff and Labour look like winners and make next years general election anyone’s for the taking. It would also crush Cunliffe’s dream like tank rolling over a tulip.

This is very important as Cunliffe rolls out his tame churnalists to support him. He is Labour’s Kevin Rudd. No one likes him, he is pompous and an arse. Phil Goff can put him down like a lame dog by grasping the nettle and pushing for four by-elections. Let’s hear no more talk of miracles from Labour along the lines of the Kevin Rudd implosion. That simply isn’t believable of John Key. This plan as outlined above however is reasonable, real, and achievable with only a little bit backroom negotiation and subterfuge.

Having the four by-elections contemporaneously even on the same days just make logistics even easier.

Labour's Chicken Run

George Hawkins, Lianne Dalziell, Winnie Laban, Chris Carter all looking for new jobs

Labour's Chicken Run

Labour’s Chicken Run is in full swing with MPs looking for bolt-holes elsewhere rather than put up with more time in opposition with Phil Goff leading them.

Chris Carter set off the chain of events, and the longer time goes on the more it looks like that he was right. Labour MPs have quietly said to me that though they don’t want Phil to lead Labour, they also don’t want anyone else.

George Hawkins looks set to go should he get elected to the Manurewa Community Board and will force a by-election there, and now Winnie Laban has chucked it in.

For the last couple of days as well the tipline has been running hot with whispers out of Christchurch about Lianne “Patsy” Dalziell is about to chuck it in too. The rumour mill down south is flat out suggesting that Patsy is going to resign to take a job overseas.

Right now, I just bet Andrew “Three Hats” Little is kicking his own arse by declaring his born and bred Taranaki-ness when endless opportunities to get into parliament before the next election and spiking Phil Goff are presenting themselves as his broken-arsed party implodes.

He will have a devil of a job though fighting off three by-elections. I say three by-elections because if I was Chris Carter scheduling my bi-election the same days as Mana’s would be a sure-fire way of splitting Labour’s concentration in the electorate. The people want him to resign and test his support, Chris should welcome that and have the bi-election in Te Atatu on the same days as Mana.

As to possible candidates for Mana, names being bandied about by political commentators in the know are Maryan Street, moving north because she is so hopeless she can’t even beat a mental man, Phil Twyford moving south because he has used up every possible chance of getting selected in Auckland, so he may as well have a crack where standards aren’t so high down south, and finally Andrew Little declaring his long distant cousin was from Mana and so he calls it home too.

Notwithstanding all of that the EPMU Labour’s financiers must surely now be worried sick about having any money in the kitty to even fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

Labour in Disarray – Laban quits

Labour’s caucus is in disarray as more and more MPs face up to the reality of life forever as an opposition MP. Winnie Laban has shown she doesn’t have the mettle for opposition chucking in her MP credentials for which she was elected, letting both Labour and her constituents down in the process.

A by-election is looming after Labour MP Luamanuvao Winnie Laban announced today she is leaving Parliament for a new career.

The Mana MP told caucus colleagues this morning she would be stepping down to take up the role of Assistant Vice Chancellor Pasifika at Victoria University.

Labour leader Phil Goff confirmed that Ms Laban’s departure would mean a by-election in her safe Labour seat. Ms Laban won in 2008 with a 6155-strong majority.

Ms Laban said it had been “an enormous privilege” to serve as Labour MP for Mana over the last three elections but “I have worked out that it’s time for me to step away from Parliament now”.

I’d put money on Darren Hughes stepping in so he can stop being a scum list MP, the problem with that though or any other scum list MP stepping forward is the Tizard effect. The other worry for Labour is that they are broke and face the prospect of fighting three by-elections back to back just a year out from the general election.

Labour faces the real prospect of going into next years General Election dead flat broke, if not still paying off the last election. Expect the union levies to bite hard next year. If they thought they could win last week, the task just got worse this week and with George Hawkins imminent demise come October and the Chris Cart affair yet to be settled they are certainly dreaming thinking they can win the government benches next year.