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Sue Bradford, Catherine Delahunty, Hone Harawira, Laila Harr?, & John Minto need to hop on a plane to the US

Sue Bradford, Catherine Delahunty, Hone Harawira, Laila Harr?, & John Minto need to hop on a plane to the US asap as their dream job is currently being offered by the far left group Fight for the Future. The group is funded by Billionaire George Soros and we already know that socialist ” living wage” Laila enjoys working for capitalist swine as long as they pay well.

The far left group Fight for the Future is offering $15,000 to activists who are willing to quit their jobs and work full time to defeat Donald Trump.

Fight for the Future is funded by Media Democracy Fund ? a George Soros group.

The Washington Examiner reported:

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George Soros’s plans for world domination take a beating

George Soros is a nasty piece of work. While the left-wing likes to demonise Milton Friedman,?an economist, over his ideas that birthed neo-liberalism, he is nothing at all like the evil perpetrated by George Soros and organisations associated with him.

As a major funder of the Democrats and also Hillary Clinton he has also been linked to funding of protest organisations, and worldwide he has meddled in the affairs of sovereign nations like Hungary, where he was born.

The push back against his meddling is growing.

Politico reports that Breitbart is one of the leading investigators into his nefarious activities, even if they wrongly accuse them of being alt-right.

The American alt-right website Breitbart, formerly run by Stephen Bannon, now White House chief strategist, has long fixated on Soros, accusing him of trying to bring down Europe?s borders, furthering the migrant crisis and funding Trump?s opponents.

The perceived sympathy within the Trump administration for anti-Soros sentiments appears to have emboldened politicians throughout Central and Eastern Europe to intensify their assault on Soros-backed groups.

?We prepared material detailing Soros activities in Macedonia, which is already being distributed to representatives of the Senate and the Congress, and to officials from the new U.S. administration close to the U.S. president,? said Nenad Mircevski, a founder of the Macedonian ?Stop Operation Soros? movement.

These efforts have already borne fruit: two letters, one signed by Republican Senator Mike Lee and the other by six House Republicans, were sent to the U.S. Mission in Macedonia in mid-January inquiring about U.S. funding for Open Society Foundation?projects in Macedonia.

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UPDATED: Socialists and their Political Sugar Daddies

Marxists, Socialists and Left-wingers consistently hate successful, capitalist businessmen and attack them as heartless parasites of the working man who are, greedy and privileged white men UNLESS they are their Political Sugar Daddies.

Becoming a Sugar Daddy to lefties seems to magically remove all stains from a wealthy man’s character. Let’s have a look at two famous Sugar Daddies.

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The malign influence of George Soros continues


If you aren’t already aware of who Billionaire George Soros is he is a man who uses his fabulous wealth to support the politicians that he favours. Unlike most wealthy people who simply make a donation to the political party of their choice or who hold fundraisers for them, George Soros has instead through his Open Society Foundations, funded many organisations that bankroll both activists and the organisation of large-scale?political protests.

Now that President Trump is in the Whitehouse you would expect Soros to stop spending his money but such is the man’s enmity for Trump that he is doing all he can to disrupt and even impeach the President.

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That made me choke on my breakfast cereal

It turns out that breakfast cereal giant Kelloggs is not just a business that dislikes conservative politics and didn’t want its advertising dollars to be spent on a popular conservative New Media News site. I wondered at the time why they politicised their actions instead of just quietly removing their advertising. Why would they want to damage Breitbart I wondered. Well, it turns out that Kelloggs has a lot more to hide than just the use of palm oil that was produced using child labour.

The institutional left?s funding behemoth W.K. Kellogg Foundation has partnered with and given major donations to George Soros?s Open Society Institute and the Tides Center as part of its massive push to promote a far-left agenda.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is the nonprofit arm of?cereal and sweets giant Kellogg?s…

…is the seventh largest?philanthropic foundation in the United States.

…In recent years, however, the focus of the Foundation has drifted away from just helping children toward promoting left-wing political issues.

The W. K Kellogg Foundation even gave one million dollars to?support ?the controversial work of the racist, hate group, Black Lives Matter.

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Journo-terrorism created the Trump monster

Cognitive dissonance occurs when the facts don’t match your perception of the world. In order to maintain your view of yourself as a smart and well-informed person you need to come up with an explanation for why those facts don’t match your perception. ?This is the situation that Hillary voters found themselves in when Trump won and it is the reason why so many of them have gone crazy, crying and rioting and generally carrying on like spoiled brats. The cognitive dissonance has been HUGE for them.

Victims of Journo- terrorism, they have been conditioned to see ?Trump as a monster. The creator of the cartoon Dilbert, Scott Adams ?explains the problem.

This brings me to the anti-Trump protests. The protesters look as though they are protesting Trump, but they are not. They are locked in an imaginary world and battling their own hallucinations of the future. Here?s the setup that triggered them.

1. They believe they are smart and well-informed.

2. Their good judgement told them Trump is OBVIOUSLY the next Hitler, or something similarly bad.

3. Half of the voters of the United States ? including a lot of smart people ? voted Trump into office anyway.

Those ?facts? can?t be reconciled in the minds of the anti-Trumpers. Mentally, something has to give. That?s where cognitive dissonance comes in.

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Betting against China

George Soros has made a massive call…he is betting against China.

George Soros probably shouldn’t expect any warm invitations to Beijing – not with the much-reviled short seller warning of a giant Chinese crash.

The billionaire first shook a major government in September 1992, when he led an attack on the British pound. For his role in humiliating London and forcing John Major’s government to exit the European exchange-rate mechanism – essentially the euro – Soros reportedly netted $US2 billion.

Soros made a bundle off America’s subprime debt crisis as well. Here in Asia, his legend has loomed large since 1997, when then-Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad accused him, bizarrely, of heading a Jewish conspiracy to spark an Asian crisis.

Now Soros has his eye on China. In a January 2 op-ed for Project Syndicate, Soros didn’t say whether he’s shorting China. But he did connect the dots in a way that can’t make President Xi Jinping happy. To Soros, the main risk facing the world isn’t the euro, the US Congress or a Japanese asset bubble, but a Chinese debt disaster that’s unfolding in plain sight.

It was for love…this time, surely?

George Soros has gotten married again…for the third time…maybe he has finally found love…in the arms of a woman half his age.

George Soros, the 83-year-old billionaire investor, philanthropist and supporter of liberal political causes, has married for a third time, tying the knot with education consultant Tamiko Bolton.? Read more »

Mark Steyn on the growing IRS scandal swirling around Obama


Mark Steyn blogs about the massive IRS scandal that is engulfing the Obama administration:

Left-wing groups had their 501(c)(4) applications approved in weeks, right-wing groups were delayed for months and years and ordered to cough up everything from donor lists to Facebook posts, and those right-wing groups that were approved had their IRS files leaked to left-wing groups like ProPublica. The agency?s commissioner, a slippery weasel called Steven Miller, conceded before Congress that this was ?horrible customer service? ? which it was in the sense that your call is important to him and may be monitored by George Soros for quality control.

This hasn’t yet made news here, but the scandal is growing.

A civil ?civil service? requires small government. Once government is ensnared in every aspect of life a bureaucracy grows increasingly capricious. The U.S. tax code ought to be an abomination to any free society, but the American people have become reconciled to it because of a complex web of so-called exemptions that massively empower the vast shadow state of the permanent bureaucracy. Under a simple tax system, your income is a legitimate tax issue. Under the IRS,everything?is a legitimate tax issue: The books you read, the friends you recommend them to. There are no correct answers, only approved answers. Drew Ryun applied for permanent non-profit status for a group called ?Media Trackers? in July 2011. Fifteen months later, he?d heard nothing. So he applied again under the eco-friendly name of ?Greenhouse Solutions,? and was approved in three weeks.

That is telling.?Someone?must have ordered such a pogrom against centre-right organisations.

The president and the IRS commissioner are unable to name any individual who took the decision to target only conservative groups. It just kinda sorta happened, and, once it had, it growed like Topsy. But the lady who headed that office, Sarah Hall Ingram, is now in charge of the IRS office for Obamacare. Many countries around the world have introduced government health systems since 1945, but, as I wrote here last year, ?only in America does ?health? ?care? ?reform? begin with the hiring of 16,500 new IRS agents tasked with determining whether your insurance policy merits a fine.? So now not only are your books and Facebook posts legitimate tax issues but so is your hernia, and your prostate, and your erectile dysfunction. Next time round, the IRS will be able to leak your incontinence pads to George Soros.

Pure coincidence I am sure.

Big Government is erecting a panopticon state ? one that sees everything, and regulates everything. It?s great ?customer service,? except that you can never get out of the store..

Where in the world is David Benson-Pope?

Well from the looks of this photo he is in Melbourne at the Australian Open.

Where is Benson-Pope?