George Thompson

Hidden agenda behind fat taxes


If there is one constant, it is the usual bleating from the Otago University?s Wellington Department of Troughers for more government regulation and taxes.

Take their regular moan in their Otago University Public Health Expert blog.

They?re so hot under the collar over Health Minister Jonathan Coleman rejecting their lobbying of seeing taxes introduced on products they don?t like, they?ll find any excuse to re-interview their own research.

This latest blog post from the troughers, including $11 million dollar woman Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu, together with anti-tobacco experts Associate Professor Nick Wilson and Professor Tony Blakely, is yet another insight into their insular little world of academia. ? Read more »

Two old troughing fools


If you?ve ever wondered why people get upset over troughers, sometimes you only have to look at what they do to keep their noses in the trough.

Take these two old troughers Nick Wilson (top left) and George Thompson (bottom left) from the Department of Troughers, Otago University, who have spent years troughing it up on the taxpayer.

Their latest piece of research, if you can really call it that, now means they never really have to leave their comfy, sheep skin covered chairs. In a letter to the NZ Medical Journal they explain how. ?? Read more »