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ALDEN WILLIAMS/Fairfax NZ AT ODDS: Georgina Beyer has attacked Internet Mana Party founder Kim Dotcom.

AT ODDS: Georgina Beyer has attacked Internet Mana Party founder Kim Dotcom.

This post is not about politics or trans -gender issues. It is about the difference between true friends and fake friends. The difference between loyalty and disloyalty, strength and weakness.

Georgina is a principled person. I realised just how strong her principles were after watching this video.

It made me realise that her telling the truth about Kim Dotcom was at a great personal cost to her. She desperately needed employment yet would not hide her concerns in order to keep the chance of a job as an?electorate?MP for the Internet Party alive. When she described how she was treated by people she thought were her friends once she was no longer in parliament I felt her pain. We learned who our true friends were after we were hacked. Nothing separates out the wheat from the chaff like things going wrong. Like Georgina?we soon learned which friendships only existed when we were of use to them and which were real friendships.

I am glad that TVNZ’s Marae did the piece they did on Georgina. It was a raw piece and it showed both Georgina’s strength and the cut-throat nature of politics. True friends in politics are rare.

“People I used to know in my political life would all but cross the road, avoid me. I hate that about people, I really do.”

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Laila Harre quits after money runs out, Internet party pretty much dead

I can’t say I am sorry to see this news.

Of course Laila Harre was going to cut and run after the money ran out, that’s what all troughers do.

Reflecting on the internet Party’s failed election campaign, Ms Harre admitted “we completely mismanaged the last month of the campaign”.

“We had amazing momentum before then. The road trip, I think, worked extremely well.”

The downward spiral of the party’s campaign began when Mana’s Te Tai Tonga candidate Georgina Beyer criticised internet Party founder Kim Dotcom, Ms Harre said.

“Which fed into what became a narrative of a rift and division and it was one that we just couldn’t knock through the rest of the campaign. It became completely distracting from the release of policy.”

Ms Harre also blamed media coverage of the party for its poor election result. ? Read more »

Dotcom’s actions “reprehensible”

My how the worm has turned.

The left wing is turning on Nicky Hagar and Kim Dotcom…mostly Kim Dotcom.

David Cunliffe has thrown him under the bus in a desperate bid to save his leadership.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has delivered a belated acknowledgement that it was a mistake not to work more closely with the Green Party and lashed out at Kim Dotcom as “reprehensible.”

Asked if Mr Dotcom had affected the chances on the left, Mr Cunliffe said “absolutely.”

“For anybody to wade into New Zealand politics, spend over $4 million and end up wiping out his own supporters and damaging the left I think is reprehensible.”

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The power of the market in politics

Laura McQuillan remarks on Dirty Politics.

Why’s everyone so angry this election??Is it Labour’s woeful poll results? Is it consternation that your hypothetical block of cheese from National is still three years away?

What seemingly began with an angry man and his blogger mates writing expletive-laden emails is spiralling out of control. Now, it appears everyone from keyboard warriors to politicians (both legitimate and wannabe) is going feral. It?s the election of the angry email you hoped would never see the light of day.

That?s the lesson of Dirty Politics: While Whale Oil himself apparently has zero regrets, his mates are quietly self-flagellating in embarrassment about their knobbish behaviour being pasted online for all to see.

I have every right to be angry that the left has stooped to criminal activity to attack me and my mates. But I am not angry. Anger is too debilitating, it lets them win, and I refuse to let them win. The bottom line is that it isn’t an offence in NZ to be a knob, or rude, or offensive.

It is a crime however to hack and steal peoples emails.

The backlash from their communications being laid bare has sparked an online community of trolls never seen before in New Zealand. Anonymous Twitter accounts are popping up by the day, apparently for no purpose other than to attack political journalists’ integrity and accuse them of bias.

These trolls may have mastered social media, but they get a Not Achieved for their skills in the English language. The F-word does not for an intelligent political debate make. Journos are used to accusations of being “repeaters” and “churnalists” ? those words usually levelled by Slater himself. But now, it’s web-based troglodytes accusing every journalist, no matter what the story, of spinning the National Party line. I guess that’s the result of getting your news from The Daily Blog? ?? Read more »

The thin veneer is peeling off the Internet MANA “movement”

Georgina Beyer, bless her cotton socks, is not for sale:

issue74Internet Mana candidate Georgina Beyer has gone rogue and come out swinging at her party’s so-called visionary, Kim Dotcom.

She says [Kim Dotcom] is?pulling the strings and is in politics for all the wrong reasons – including revenge.

Internet Mana’s the party that’s big on going big – big names, big productions, big personalities. But now it seems it’s got big problems too.

“Who is pulling the strings? Well, the big man himself,” says Ms Beyer.

Ms Beyer, a former Labour MP and New Zealand’s first transgender MP, is Mana’s candidate in the southern Maori seat of Te Tai Tonga.

She believes Dotcom is tearing her party apart. Read more »

Face of the day

Georgina Beyer

Georgina Beyer

Internet Mana candidate Georgina Beyer has had the scales lifted from her eyes and has seen Kim Dotcom for who he really is.

She has said that he is pulling the strings and is in politics for all the wrong reasons – including revenge.

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I guess this is one way around the #manban


Labour has a man ban and their candidate for Whangarei has found an interesting way to get around it.

You have to admire the commitment to being an MP having the meat and two vege trimmed off to get past the man ban.

Waitakere man will surely flock to vote for this bloke chick candidate. Monaro’s were girls cars anyway, no self respecting bloke would drive one of those, so probably best she handed in her man card in such a dramatic fashion.

A fight is brewing in Whangarei which could end in New Zealand having its second ever transgender MP.

Kelly Ellis wants to be Labour’s woman in Whangarei, but she has her work cut out for her. ? Read more »

Man Ban as popular as a pork chop at a bar mitzvah

Labour’s Man ban isn’t popular, nor is it moving the swinging voters.

The NZ Herald continues their series of polls over summer by looking at the Man Ban.

Labour’s target of selecting candidates to ensure women make up at least half of its caucus by 2017 has been given the thumbs down in the latest?Herald-DigiPoll survey – and more than half of the women polled said it was too restrictive.

The survey asked respondents whether they believed Labour’s target of achieving 50 per cent by 2017 was a good idea, or too restrictive.

Overall, 54 per cent said it was too restrictive, while just 38 per cent believed it was a good idea. Among the women respondents, 52 per cent said it was too restrictive while 42 per cent believed it was a good idea.

About 57 per cent of men did not like it, compared with 33 per cent who said it was a good idea.? Read more »

Labour turning on Robertson in #Labousgottalent

Georgina Beyer is against Grant Robertson, now Mike Williams is saying that the social conservatives won’t tolerate Grant Robertson.

Labour is a broad church party?and part of that sort of coalition is a significant group of social?conservatives. I think they would be unhappy with Grant?Robertson, but the interesting thing is that that group would?never vote National, they just would not vote. And that was the?real problem for Labour in the last general election and indeed?the one before. We had the lowest turnout last election in 150?years, or since we’ve had democracy in New Zealand, 25% of?the proposal got on the role and didn?t bother to vote, that?s?nearly a million, three quarters of a million voters. And whoever?is the leaders has gotta really focus on getting that group out?voting and I think Cunliffe’s got a better chance of doing that.? Read more »

I’m OK with a gay Leader of the Opposition

Georgina Beyer thinks it may be “a step too far” having the prospect of New Zealand’s first openly gay Prime Minister.

Georgina Beyer, the world’s first transsexual mayor and MP, warns New Zealand is not ready for a gay prime minister and may be seeing a social conservative backlash.

With the Labour leadership up for grabs, it raises the question of whether Grant Robertson, the gay deputy leader, could be elevated to head the party, making him a strong possibility for prime minister.

But Beyer, who was an MP for eight years until 2007, said Labour needed to be realistic.

“I don’t think we’re ready yet,” Beyer said. “It’s not because Grant isn’t capable, I think he’s very capable . . . but the stigma that rests over those of us who are out, proud and gay who get into public office becomes untenable because you never shake it off and you get pigeon-holed.” ? Read more »