Gerard Hayes

From bad to worse for dodgy ALP ratbag

Michael Williamson’s life is going from bad to worse as his corruption case progresses through the courts.

Now they are unpacking his mistresses life.

The long-time mistress of disgraced Health Services Union boss Michael Williamson is the target of new court action launched by the union to recover $2.4 million of misappropriated funds.

Proceedings began in the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday to recoup the money from the union’s former procurement officer Cheryl Rose McMillan and her close friend Alf Downing, whose company supplied union paraphernalia.

The action comes after the union’s former head, the ex-ALP national president Williamson, gave a formal undertaking to help recover money from others, including his former lover, Ms McMillan.

”We gave an undertaking to the members that we would pursue any moneys that had been misappropriated and return them to the union,” NSW HSU secretary Gerard Hayes said of the court action. ”This is another step in that process.”

This should happen to the Meatworkers Union

The Sydney Morning Herald

The HSU has falling membership and a corrupt leadership. So people want to put it into administration

A KEY executive of the scandal-plagued Health Services Union has called for it to be placed into administration.

Gerard Hayes, the acting deputy general secretary of the NSW branch, said the union was ”hemorrhaging members” because of the ”factional warfare” between whistleblower Kathy Jackson and the union’s head Michael Williamson, who is refusing to step down from the union he has run for 17 years.

Mr Williamson is being investigated by NSW police over allegations he received a secret commission from a major supplier to the union. He has denied any wrongdoing.

To add to the union’s woes, an internal investigation into its governance has found problems in its procurement processes.

Ian Temby, QC, who was appointed to run the inquiry following allegations of systemic corruption and nepotism, has expressed frustration at the cancellation of a second union council meeting. In a letter to the HSU’s lawyers, Slater & Gordon, dated April 24, Mr Temby said he and accountant Dennis Robertson had twice been set to hand down their interim report ”dealing mainly with the issue of procurement” but both union council meetings, including one set down for April 30, had been cancelled.

The same should happen to the dodgy Meatworkers Union who have been hiding $4m from their members every year. Someone should ask Helen Kelly where the $4m is, and what she is doing about the missing money.