German Chancellor

Deja vu: Time honours as Person of the Year the person most responsible for destruction of European society

The last time a person who was Chancellor of a United Germany was declared by Time Magazine to be Person of the year, ( Man of the year ) for 1938 it was 1939. Things didn’t go so well after that.


On January 2, 1939, Time Magazine published its annual Man of the Year issue. For the year 1938, Time had chosen Adolf Hitler as the man who “for better or worse” (as Time founder Henry Luce expressed it) had most influenced events of the preceding year.

The cover picture featured Hitler playing “his hymn of hate in a desecrated cathedral while victims dangle on a St. Catherine’s wheel and the Nazi hierarchy looks on.” This picture was drawn by Baron Rudolph Charles von Ripper, a German Catholic who had fled Hitler’s Germany.


Now in a spooky or perhaps ironic parallel,?Time magazine has declared German Chancellor Angela Merkel Person of the year, for her leadership in handling the turmoil in the European Union during the Greek debt and refugee crisis.

It is certainly true that Merkel has influenced events in Europe.Unlike Hitler her motivation is altruistic?,?but nevertheless her actions have had a devastating effect on Germany and the rest of Europe. The flood of economic migrants and Syrian refugees that she has unleashed on Europe, in defiance of the European Union’s asylum rules, has irrevocably changed the culture and the future of Europe. I have no doubt that historians will refer to this era as the beginning of the end of a European and Christian Europe.

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