Did Merkel just “read out Germany’s suicide note”?


Published on Sep 16, 2015
Ezra Levant of TheRebel.Media reports that Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, said there should be no limits for immigration from the Muslim Middle East to Germany. With that, she started the stampede. No application forms, no proof – anyone who can make it gets thousands of dollars plus access to Germany?s existing welfare state.

But you have to see this incredible video of a German woman who looks like a progressive liberal, and she’s asking: Aren?t you putting our own country at risk?

If you dare to ask questions like that, you?re called a Nazi — which, in Germany, tends to shut people up.

Merkel’s logic seems to be: Sure, jihadists are evil, but who are we to speak? Don?t forget how evil we were in the past.

But that’s not a sound public policy. That’s personal therapy.

This is Angela Merkel?s world view: Germany doesn?t belong to the Germans. Germans don?t deserve Germany. Foreigners fresh off a train do and just shut up if you disagree ? don?t you know that Germany is guilty, guilty, guilty?

I disagree. I?m a Jew. Hatred for the Nazis was taught to me from childhood but I know that Germany today is not Nazi; they?re liberal.The grandchildren of the Nazis are not guilty by birth. And even if they were, the solution, the punishment, would not to be to let in a million Muslim men, including amongst them today?s Nazis, those from radical Islam.

Angela Merkel just read out Germany?s suicide note. The fact that this video is so under-reported tells me that most media, frankly, agree.

-Youtube Rebel Media

A supporter of the NPD tells us what he thinks about Merkel’s Germany

The National Democratic Party organised a demonstration against Germany?s asylum law after the U.N. refugee agency reported that more than 158,450 people, including over 50,000 in July alone, had arrived on the shores of Greece last year

Before you read today’s interview here is some background on the National Democratic Party of Germany.In March this year Germany’s highest court was asked to consider banning it as a political party. The NPD is fighting for the right to exist and it may be removed from the election race altogether if the court rules against it.This not the first time a court has been used to try to destroy a political party.In the Netherlands, the?Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders was forced into a political trial three months out from an election that his party may win. In both cases, the rise in popularity of the parties has been fueled by unrest due to the flood of refugees and migrants into both countries because of Angela Merkel’s open door policies.


Which German political party did you vote for last election?NPD

NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany)

Has your community where you live had refugees or migrants move into it since Angela Merkel opened the borders and was your community welcoming to the new arrivals?

They held a party without Germans only with refugees to welcome people.

If your community has migrants and refugees, did your community ask to take them or did the government make the decision for your community?

They did not ask the people.

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I ask a German gentleman what life is like since the borders were opened

Whaleoil may not be big enough yet for me to fly to Germany to interview the locals but thanks to social media platform Gab I tracked down the local #DeutschFam?and asked if any of them would be interested in doing an e-mail interview with me about life in Germany since Merkel opened up their borders. The first person to complete my e-mail interview was EndtimesGerman who went out of his way to prove to me that he was a genuine German by sending me two photos. Endtimes like every other person who agreed to do the interview did not want to give his real name. You will find out why not when you read the whole interview.

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They despise Germany and its values

A translator who has lived in Germany since the 1990s has found out what Muslim migrants really think about their new country and its people.The translator worked with asylum seekers in migrant centres because she herself had arrived as a migrant in 1991 and she wanted to give something back because she was grateful for receiving an ?open-minded reception and support? What she learned is shocking. She learned that Muslim migrants believe ?Germany should be Islamised?, and hate their German hosts.
While working with asylum seekers in the migrant centres, the 39 year old translator learned that Muslim migrants want to ?destroy? Christians, by having more children and that they preach hatred towards people of other faiths.

Cautiously, she wants to elucidate the methods of contraception. “Some women told me,” We will multiply. We must have more children than the Christians. Only in this way can we destroy them. “When she rejects and says that it is the Christians who help them, she rejects them.To defend the Christians is sin.

-translated to English ( )

…A Christian but presumed to be Muslim by migrants and other staff volunteering and working at the shelters, the translator of Arabic immediately discovered ?Christians are oppressed, intimidated and harassed by Muslim refugees. This is normal.?

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Photo of the Day

d6a9fd46f4bd4e9fe11662e30b545cbb“So it goes”

The Life of the Acclaimed?Author, Kurt Vonnegut was as Rich as His Fictional Works

Kurt Vonnegut is widely known for his special brand of postmodernism, science fiction, and humour ? particularly his irreverent, semi-autobiographical novel?Slaughterhouse-Five, which earned him many accolades. In a career spanning over 50 years, Vonnegut published fourteen novels, three short story collections, five plays, and five works of non-fiction.

While works like?Slaughterhouse-Five?have pushed Vonnegut?s work into the cultural lexicon, the general public knows comparatively less about his personal life.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was born on November 11, 1922 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was the youngest of three children of Kurt Vonnegut Sr. and his wife Edith (n?e Lieber). His older siblings were Bernard (born 1914) and Alice (born 1917). Vonnegut was descended from German immigrants who settled in the United States in the mid-19th century.?Vonnegut’s mother was born into Indianapolis high society, as her family, the Liebers, were among the wealthiest in the city, their fortune derived from ownership of a successful brewery.

Although both of Vonnegut’s parents were fluent German speakers, the ill feeling toward that country during and after World War I caused the Vonneguts to abandon the culture to show their American patriotism. Thus, they never taught their youngest son German or introduced him to German literature and tradition, leaving him feeling “ignorant and rootless”. Vonnegut later credited Ida Young, his family’s African-American cook and housekeeper for the first ten years of his life, for raising him and giving him values. “She gave me decent moral instruction and was exceedingly nice to me. So she was as great an influence on me as anybody.” Vonnegut described Young as “humane and wise”, adding that “the compassionate, forgiving aspects of his beliefs” came from her.

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Educated Germans are leaving Germany

German Family

German Family

Over 1.5 million Native Germans (many of who are highly educated) have left Germany in the last ten years. If the quote from this refugee is an indication of how other refugees feel about this exodus then they will not be missed.

?We refugees? do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany. And please take Saxony and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) with you?. Why do you not go to another country? We are sick of you!?

? Aras Bacho an 18-year-old Syrian migrant, in Der Freitag, October 2016.

Eighty percent of the Germans relocating to Hungary have said that the migration crisis was their main reason for their decision to leave Germany. 98% of Hungarians have voted to ignore the European Union’s ?Muslim migrant quotas.

…A growing number of Germans are abandoning neighborhoods in which they have lived all their lives, and others are leaving Germany for good, as mass immigration transforms parts of the country beyond recognition.

Data from the German statistics agency, Destatis, shows that 138,000 Germans left Germany in 2015. More are expected to emigrate in 2016. In a story on brain drain titled, ?German talent is leaving the country in droves,? Die Welt reported that more than 1.5 million Germans, many of them highly educated, left Germany during the past decade.

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Tick, Tick, Tick, Germany’s countdown to civil war has started


When an elected ?government recklessly endangers a country…

When the police force are no longer able to control the criminal elements…

When the general public no longer feel safe inside their own country….

People start to take the law into their own hands. Germany is at a tipping point. Police are unable to protect German women so German Biker Gangs have taken on the role of protectors. Without the rule of law they are not acting just to defend women from actual attacks but are targeting men based on their culture, race and migrant status. The innocent are being hurt along with the guilty. The rule of law is now under threat. How long before civil disobedience turns into civil war?

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How many refugees in Germany are employed?

Over a million migrants from the middle East were welcomed into Germany last year. Angela Merkel insisted that it was a win-win?situation since Germany needed the migrants’ children due to its own low birth rate as well as their labour to boost the German workforce. So how has that worked out for Germany?

Take the multi-choice test:

Question: How many refugee/migrants in Germany are now employed?

A) 1 in 10

B) 1 in 100

C) 1 in 1000

D) 1 in 10,000

E) 1 in 100,000

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Cheerful blonde families public enemy number one in Germany

Cheerful blonde family

Cheerful blonde family

Germany does not appear to have learned anything from history. Once again they are targeting people based on what they believe and how they look. In fact, they are turning on people who formerly made up the very backbone of their country. Blonde, ethnic Germans. Once again in Germany, only one political view is acceptable and once again socialism is raising its ugly head.


Parenting magazine Baby & Family has told readers to beware of families who are ?inconspicuous? and ?cheerful?, as these warning signs indicate they are right wing and thus ?dangerous?.

Depicted with illustrations featuring solely blonde women and children, the report says ordinary parents must take action against right-wing families and make clear that their ideology has no place in the world.



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