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Photo: José Palazon/Reuters, Oct 22, 2014. A golfer hits a tee shot as African migrants sit atop a border fence during an attempt to cross into Spanish territories between Morocco and Spain's north African enclave of Melilla October 22, 2014. Around 400 migrants attempted to cross the border into Spain, according to local media.

Photo: José Palazon/Reuters, Oct 22, 2014.
A golfer hits a tee shot as African migrants sit atop a border fence during an attempt to cross into Spanish territories between Morocco and Spain’s north African enclave of Melilla October 22, 2014. Around 400 migrants attempted to cross the border into Spain, according to local media.

Realities Clash

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A sensible dago

King Juan Carlos of Spain has told Britain that they don’t want Gibraltar back.

Good move, they weren’t going to get it anyway.

King Juan Carlos of Spain told Britain that Spain “did not really want” Gibraltar back as it would lead to claims from Morocco for Spanish territories in North Africa, newly declassified documents from the 1980s released by the Foreign Office reveal.

The King of Spain admitted privately in a meeting with the then British ambassador to Madrid, Sir Richard Parsons, that it was “not in Spain’s interest to recover Gibraltar in the near future”.

If it did so, “King Hassan would immediately reactivate the Moroccan claim to Ceuta and Melilla,” the monarch, who celebrated his 76th birthday on Sunday, reportedly said during the meeting in Madrid in July 1983.

Details of the meeting were released last week by the National Archives in Kew as part of a swathe of secret government papers declassified under the 30-year rule and are likely to cause some discomfort after a year that saw Spain’s government reiterate calls for talks over sovereignty.   Read more »

Dodgy dago dreaming about something that will never happen

Dagos march backwards about as fast as wops. They couldn’t even win a civil war.

Now a dodgy dago Mayor is dreaming about something that will never happen war.

Gibraltered image: The pro-Spain Gibraltar image from Francisco Javier Pérez Trigueros's Facebook page Photo: Facebook

Gibraltered image: The pro-Spain Gibraltar image from Francisco Javier Pérez Trigueros’s Facebook page Photo: Facebook

The Spanish mayor of a popular expat town has come under fire for posting pictures of a pretend military invasion of Gibraltar on his Facebook page.

Fransisco Perez Trigueros was branded a “fool” after using a mocked-up image of Spanish Army soldiers marching over Gibraltar’s runway under fighter jets.  Read more »

Should have sent a Vanguard to Patrol the Beach at Barcelona

The bloody dagos need to be taught another sharp lesson.

They haven’t been able to win a war in hundreds of years, including a civil war, and only when foreigners came to do the fighting and no one can get the buggers out of bed.

The chief minister of Gibraltar is receiving “constant” death threats on the internet, it has emerged, as a Royal Navy warship arrived in the British territory ahead of exercises in the Mediterranean.

Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar’s chief minister, confirmed that he and his family have received a stream of death threats as the row with Spain over border controls has intensified.  Read more »

Boris Johnson gives the Dagos a kick in the cods

Boris Johnson is never one to mince words and he has not done so in having a discussion about the Dagos demanding Gibraltar back.

I don’t for one minute believe that this spat has been provoked by the Gibraltarians. Forget all this palaver about a few concrete blocks that have been dumped in the sea. That isn’t why the Spanish are going back to the Franco-style blockade. This isn’t a row about fish. I am afraid that this is a blatant diversionary tactic by Madrid, and though it would be ludicrous to compare the Rajoy government with the tyranny of General Galtieri and his invasion of the Falklands, the gambit is more or less the same.

Mr Rajoy not only has political problems caused by a corruption scandal, but another and more fundamental difficulty. When I queued for hours in La Línea, all those years ago, it was an unashamedly tacky sort of place. There were stalls selling “hamburgesias” and candyfloss, and an awful fair involving tiny ponies lashed to a carousel – their pizzles knotted (I kid you not) to stop them urinating – while colossal flamenco-dressed children sat astride their little bowed backs. But at least it was bright and bustling, and full of business of one kind or another.

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Dodgy broke Spanish ratbags try to kill bad news with Gibraltar

Spain is broke and their prime minister is accused of taking bribes.

So this is obviously the ideal time to have a donnybrook with the Poms over Gibraltar.

Spain has warned that it is ready to impose a new border tax, close its airspace to planes using the British overseas territory’s airport, and investigate the affairs of Gibraltarians with Spanish economic interests.

“Clearly, we remain seriously concerned by the events at the Spain/Gibraltar border,” the Prime Minister’s  spokesman said.”Specifically on this issue of border fees, the Spanish have not raised the prospect of introducing border fees with us.

We are seeking an explanation from them regarding reports that they might target Gibraltar with further measures.”  Read more »

Bob Jones on the Treaty

NZ Herald

Bless dear Bob, he is going to be in awful trouble for his column today:

History is littered with treaties and laws which time has made redundant, without having been formally annulled. Two such are the Treaties of Utrecht and Waitangi.

The 1704 Treaty of Utrecht ceded Gibraltar to England. The Spaniards had driven the Moors off the Rock 42 years earlier, after 700 years of occupation. In the 1980s, Spain made overtures to Britain to recover Gibraltar. Once rejected the matter was dropped, but Spain was not so idiotic to raise a literal breach of the original treaty, being an undertaking by the English that no Moor or Jew would ever reside on the Rock. Yet when Spain made this recovery approach, the governor was a Jewish Moroccan. Time had made the original anti-Moor and anti-Jewish sentiment redundant and to have raised this breach would have been farcical.

So, too, with the Treaty of Waitangi. In 1840, Maoridom comprised stone age warring tribes living simple existences. There was a strong sentiment in Victorian England, led by the churches and some parliamentarians, to protect the burgeoning empire’s native peoples, thus article two of the Treaty guaranteeing Maoridom their then economic base.

But as with the anti-Moor and anti-Jewish provision in the Treaty of Utrecht, time has made this clause redundant, with Maoridom now living a 100 per cent European-style existence, thus the constant literal exploitation of an expressed good intention 172 years ago by charlatan lawyers is an affront to common sense and honesty.

And his thoughts on the current water claim?

For example, the Mighty River Power company’s principal assets are eight hydro electric generators on the Waikato River. In 1840, the river provided eels and transport for Maori villagers in the vicinity. But today, like everyone else, Maori buy their food from supermarkets and have substituted cars for canoes. To argue that the river was vested to them in 1840 and claim water usage money is simply opportunistic twisting of the original objective. If that proposition had validity, why is it only now being raised? Why have they not claimed against the power company hitherto?

The answer is blackmail, specifically that via the threat of delay through litigation of the Government’s sale plans, this action could secure taxpayer millions in yet another bogus settlement.

His solution to the constant blackmail?

The Waitangi Treaty is redundant. It need not be formally annulled but like many other outdated laws, be simply ignored as a historic relic. Claims such as illicit land seizures can be dealt with by the courts.

As stupid as the Argies

The Telegraph

Queen Sofia of Spain has been ordered to turn down an invitation from the Queen to a Diamond Jubilee lunch for the world’s sovereign monarchs because of an escalating diplomatic row over Gibraltar.

Someone needs to tell the Spanish they are dreamin’. They aren’t going to get Gibraltar back. Ever. British politicians will be thrown out of office if they let Gibraltar go, and the Spanish have never beaten the Poms in a war, and are suspected as being almost as good at marching backwards as the Italians.

Maybe they should consider giving back Ceuta and Melilla.

Someone else could point out that a good part of New Zealand is named after Poms who saved the dagos sorry arses from Napoleon. Wellington, Nelson, Salamanca Road, Trafalgar Park are all named after Britain fighting to save the spanish from the french and their own uselessness.


First the Argies now the Dagos

The Telegraph

You would think a pack of broken arses like the Spanish would have better things to worry about than trying to take Gibraltar off their lawful owner. They forget that if it wasn’t for Wellington and the British Army and Navy they would probably still be speaking French.

Spain has made a formal complaint over the forthcoming visit of The Duke and Duchess of Wessex to the disputed territory of Gibraltar to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Spanish Foreign Office expressed its “upset and concern” over the planned visit to the Rock, a British territory that sits at the foot of Spain’s southwestern corner, to Giles Paxman, the British Ambassador to Madrid.

The subject was raised during a recent scheduled meeting with the British diplomat and Santiago Cabanas Ansorena, Spain’s foreign policy director.

The Royal visit is scheduled for June 11-13 when Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones will take part in a series of events to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.