Proof they are soulless

Only a ginger could do this and laugh about it.

The NZ Herald reports about a soulless air-pistol toting day-walker thug.

A man was shot in the face with an air-pistol by a ginger-haired assailant who laughed as he drove away, police say.  Read more »

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Who gave her a weapon?

I thought that Gingas were forbidden to use weapons…


The real complaint

I just got this email from a Ginga friend, I think it might sum up the issue…or not:

This is actually a commerce complaint and not a police complaint.

Unfortunately, and this happens to all us mutants, we get lucky in a dark club/bar etc and when we get home the other party will insist putting the lights on, and  they discover the shame of not being brunette. It’s just so sad that this dark aspect of the ginger sub culture has been brought into the public eye. I fear this will be set back the secret negotiations we have been having with the Government and Fed Farmers to get rid of day-light savings.


Learning from Julia

Julia Gillard arrives from Australia today. The Greens have petulantly forbidden her from speaking in parliament just in case it sets a precedent and lets other people with a world view differing from theirs speak at a later date. If only Pol Pot was still alive, I just bet that Keith Locke would vociferously lobby for him to speak to the parliament.

Julia Gillard is not from my political side of the fence but that doesn’t mean she has nothing to add to either politics or life in general.

From a Press Conference – Parliament House Canberra

JOURNALIST: You will be Australia’s first female Prime Minister. Can you talk to that and what that means to you?

: Well there may be some firsts. When you look back in the history books all the photos are in black and white, so first woman, maybe first redhead. We’ll allow others to delve into the history and I’ll allow you to contemplate which was more unlikely in the modern age.

Look, I’m well aware that I am the first woman to serve in this role but can I say to you I didn’t set out to crash my head on any glass ceilings. I set out to keep my feet on the floor and to be there walking the streets, talking to Australians about what’s the right thing for this nation.

So different from the self congratulatory smugness of the sisterhood here. Maybe the ladies in Labour could learn a little from Julia. I bet they won’t, instead they will write a little ditty to attack John Key, again.


Feel the Rage

This is the type of emails I get from time to time.  He probably is a miserable soul-less Ginga with a silly orange beard and can’t even qualify as a day-walker.

Ginga Rage

Ginga Rage


Even Sharks hate Gingas

Even Sharks hate Gingas after one that attacked a 14 year old Ginga spat her straight back out again. They are so completely soul-less not even a cold-blooded killer of the seas can stomach them.

Even Sharks hate Gingas


We know they don't have souls but do they have friends?

Today was Mum’s Birthday. We went and had fish and chips at Mission Bay for dinner. It was beautiful evening and a cruise-liner went out as we watched. I wouldn’t want to embarrass readers by telling you how much that cost to organise.

While we were there a Ginga Day-Walker came down to the beach with all his friends. That’s right, he was alone. He set up on the beach and quite literally everyone with in 15 metres of him moved. It was like there was this force sucking the souls from people that drove them to escape. I took a photo unsure if Ginga Day-Walkers could be captured on film. Turns out they can. As you can see there is no-one on the beach near him. People walking on the beach detoured around him.


Ginga Day-walker with his friends


Watch out for long haired Gingas with Goatee Beards

I see parliament has finally had a reccomendation come back from the select committee for the abolition of the defence of provocation.

I can’t say I agree with this but that is for another post. the point I need readers to be aware of is that this is a knee jerk reaction to the failed defence of two killers.

The partial defence of provocation came under intense debate after Otago University tutor Clayton Weatherston argued he was provoked into stabbing girlfriend Sophie Elliott 216 times.

Weatherston pleaded guilty to manslaughter but the jury found him guilty of murder.

In July, Ferdinand Ambach was found guilty of manslaughter rather murder after killing 69-year-old gay man Ronald Brown.

Mr Brown was beaten with a banjo before the instrument’s neck was rammed down his throat. It was alleged he made sexual advances to Mr Brown.

So they both used the defence and they both lost, and that supposedly is a reason to remove a perfectly valid defence.

But a closer examination of he circumstances of both killers would seem to highlight an alarming similarity between the two. There can really be no doubt either as to my diagnosis of what could only be described as Gingervitis. Gingervitis affects millions of people world wide. The symptoms of gingervitis include: Red hair, pale skin, and freckles, a “Soulless” feeling. Some Ginger Kids may show symptoms such as violence and depression. Although Gingervitis is not a life threatening disease it can be very serious. There is currently no known cure and very little treatment for Gingervitis.

Why no doubt?

Well if these two cases are the reason for the removal of the defence of provocation then I will provide you another equally preposterous suggestion that we should in fact be rounding all Gingas with long hair and goatee beards. It stands to reason that although they used the defence of provocation, unseccessfully I might add, they are also both Gingas and both have long hair and both have goatee beards, therefore that must be a contributing factor to their crimes.

So instead of removing the defence of provocation might I suggest we actually round up long-haired goatee beard wearing Gingas and quarantine them in….oh I don’t know….Palmerston North.


More jobs for Labour Toadies

Labour has again rewarded loyal lickspittles and toadies with todays announcement of new appointees to the Families Commission.

The four appointments are:
* Dr Jan PRYOR as Chief Commissioner (3 year appointment).
* Ms Sandra ALOFIVAE who has been reappointed as a Commissioner (two year appointment).
* Mr Gregory FORTUIN who has been appointed as a Commissioner (three year appointment).
* Mr Kim WORKMAN who has been appointed as a Commissioner (three year appointment).

Jan Pryor has replaced Rajen Prasad who, word on the street has it, is set to be announced high on labour’s list. Pryor is Pryor is a good mate of Dr Peter Davis and has worked with him in the past. She is a hardcore Labour/general left wing activist.

Fortuin, a former Alliance/Progressives activist. Was appointed to try and mediate between factions during the Alliance break up. He has been appointed to lots of things but most are Jum’s pet numpty projects.

Alofivae is a long time Labour supporter and has been commissioner before.

Workman is a far left activist, involved in the prison fellowship and that rethinking crime and punishment group that thinks giving crooks cuddles would be better than locking the pricks up.

The rush of jobs for lickspittles, numpties, knobs and toadies is becoming an avalanche as Labour is runningoout of time ti reward the fawning adoration of Dear Leader.

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