Not a gay ute


Volkswagen has announced the militarised version of the Amarok:

For a company that was created at the command of the most notorious, brutal figures in modern history, Volkswagen and its historical stable of cute cars like the Beetle has developed the cuddliest, feel goodiest persona. You could literally hug cars like the Beetle or Golf and not look (completely) strange. But not the new Amarok M. This military-grade truck decked out in heavy-duty accoutrements shows another side of VW, a side that can give children nightmares with its full name alone: Rheinmetall Amarok M Light Multi-Purpose Vehicle.


The meerkats strike back

There is an old saying in politics that Ben Franklin coined. “Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel”. Winston Raymond Peters would do well to remember that old adage as he continues his forlorn crusade against the media.

Well it seems they are over the pissed-up, little short-arse’s tantrums and none more so than Duncan Garner.

Now Peters is making his MPs look like the hopeless docile poodles that they are. And these people call us meercats!

Peters now has no credibility. He does not believe in being accountable. His only defence is attack. He has promised on three occasions this week to ‘clear things up’. He hasn’t. What are you so embarrassed about Winston?

He goes much further calling for the SFO to intervene in the affair and accusing Margaret Wilson of “sitting on her wig” for two weeks. Brilliant stuff really. Pity we don’t get to see this on TV.

Good god the more I read his post the more astonished I become. He calls Labour MP’s turkeys, brings up Tuku’s $89 undies that Clark and Mallard made such a song and dance about, lists all the previous disgraced ministers that seem to be held to a different standard than Winston, castigates Clark for double standards. Sheesh! Duncan sure as hell is going to be on Helen’s shit list for sure.

Winston Raymond Peters won’t be freindly either when Duncan finishes with “And the Right Honourable Winston Peters doesn’t deserve the title.”

Well done Duncan, welcome to the blogosphere, with posts like that I am going to enjoy your blog.

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