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Who is running Phil Goff, Ctd


As the covers start coming off the people secretly working away pulling the strings of Labour MP and Auckland Mayoral candidate Phil Goff, it’s fascinating who comes out of the woodwork.

While some like to work in the shadows, like his campaign manager David Lewis, currently defending Pyne Gould Corporation whose shares were suspended from trading in October. Seems they?re a little bit overdue with filing its ?well overdue annual report?.

As Phil Goff?s Campaign Manager David Lewis will be expected to ensure compliance with little things like the filing of Goff?s election expenses with the Electoral Commission.

In the last post outing who will be pulling Phil Goff?s strings, Richard Jeffrey was highlighted.

This time we look at other members of Phil Goff?s inner team, in particular close mates and current Waitemata Local Board chair Shale Chambers and his wife Glenda Fryer ? a well-known Labour party supporter and current Deputy Chair of the Albert Eden Local Board. ? Read more »

Campaigning on the ratepayer – Labour candidate busted

Curious that Labour’s candidate for AECT is using her husband’s council log on, complete with official Auckland Council logos to send out campaign emails. Campaigning on the ratepayer again. ?Labour never learns.

Shane Chambers and?Glenda?Fryer have some explaining to do.

Chambers Email

Inserting Feet

Andrew William, the Mad Mayor of North Shore has tried to score some cheap political points over the current furore over the new prison block adjacent to Mt Eden Prison.

The new eight-storey 30 metre high Mount Eden prison currently under construction would not have been permitted if North Shore district plan rules were applied, due to its proximity to a prominent volcano, says North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams.

“The North Shore district plan has specific provisions in relation to maintaining the volcanic cones free from unnecessary structures and obstructions. Height restrictions in view corridors for Mount Victoria and North Head, Devonport ensure these regionally significant cones are protected visually.”

“I am appalled at the way this extermely tall prison has been built right in front of beautiful Mount Eden, and that this structure will for all time be a blot on that volcano’s presence in the region. It should not have been permitted to go to 30 metres in such close proximity to this iconic mountain, which is very precious to the people of Auckland.”

“This rings alarm bells for me as we head into the Auckland super city that Auckland City would seem to have such a lenient district plan as to allow this monstrosity, whereas North Shore City would not permit it under our rules. Harmonizing the district plans of all the cities in future will need to recognise that some areas of Auckland have much higher expectations of the built environment, including recognition of important natural features such as volcanic cones.” says Mayor Williams.

The man is a fricken idiot and clearly hasn’t driven past the prison or down the Southern Motorway for quite sometime. The new prison structure isn’t even as high as Auckland Grammar next door nor higher than St Peters acros the Motorway. Indeed the Mountain Road overbridge is higher than the fricken prison.

The only bells ringing are the ones in his head. To even talk about the construction as being on the volcanic cone is a imbecilic statement. The prison is being built on land that was excavated as a quarry by prison labour to pave the streets of Auckland. Auckland Grammar school has fantastic playing fields because of the quarry and Auckland’s streets have alluring kerbstones because of it. To now suggest that Auckland should adopt a silly North SHore district plan whgen the facts don’t fit The Clown’s press release is as equally stuppid as the people who voted for the Mad Mayor in the first place.

While we are talking about imbeciles, perhaps Phil Goff might like to take up offer? of the Mayor of Newmarket, Cameron Brewer, to organise a public meeting for him. It’ll certainly be better attended if Brewer organises it instead of Goff’s flunkies.

An Auckland business advocate says he will organise former Corrections Minister Phil Goff a huge public audience outside Mt Eden Prison to hear him speak about the highly contentious accommodation tower block he commissioned. Mr Goff just needs to name the time and day.

?I hope Phil Goff takes up the invitation because he is effectively the architect of this much-talked about building. I suspect the Leader of the Opposition won?t be so keen given the angry public reaction in recent days. However I can promise him a big crowd if that helps,? says Cameron Brewer, chief executive of the Newmarket Business Association.

Brewer is spreading his organisational skills around offering others the opportunity to attend as well.

As well as inviting Mr Goff, Mr Brewer says he will ask former Auckland City Mayor Dick Hubbard and former Chairperson of Auckland City?s Planning Committee Councillor Glenda Fryer to attend. He says the previous Auckland City Council can also run but it can?t hide on this one.

Mr Brewer says according to Mr Goff back in 2007, the Corrections Department had consulted extensively over the prison redevelopment including ?18 meetings with council officers over a period of two-and-a-half years.? The project had also been assessed and approved by the previous council’s urban design panel and been approved by council-appointed planning commissioners.

?At the time Mr Goff assured the Auckland public that given all the design work, the new buildings would not be an eyesore, nor would they stand out as a prison, and that the old prison would be made more attractive. In 2007 he also claimed the views of Mt Eden from the motorway would only be lost for 1.6 seconds. It seems the public now begs to differ on every one Mr Goff?s promises.?

He is so thoughtful to offer his considerable skills to let Phil Goff and the City Vision folk talk to the people about the prison. Glenda Fryer must have missed some other rather important meetings too.

Cameron Brewer says on the issue of building height, the previous Auckland City Council?s own urban design panel concluded in October 2006 ?that the proposed building heights represented a good balance between the department’s site-capacity requirement, retention of the heritage features and minimisation of visual impacts.?

?It?s unbelievable that Councillor Fryer is now feigning surprise at the height of the contentious tower block visible from the motorway. She was Chairperson of the Auckland City Council?s Planning Committee when the tower was signed off.

?Some have been quick to point the finger at the current council and Corrections, but the reality is this is a legacy of the previous council and government. Correspondence shows that Mayor John Banks desperately tried to achieve a better outcome after he was elected at the end of 2007, but sadly it was too late. Everything was locked in and signed off by then.

?Sadly the horse has long bolted. I voiced my outrage about the redevelopment plans over two years ago but such concern seemed to fall on death ears. As a community we?ve now got to work with the hand we?ve been dealt with. The outcome is far from ideal but we have to move forward. A public meeting with Phil Goff would help people do just that.?

Back in 2008 when former Corrections Minister Phil Goff announced his $216m redevelopment plans for the site, Mr Brewer argued that it was a crying shame that the Government didn?t take the opportunity to relocate the prison and sell off the prime central city site for some quality commercial and residential development.

?Two years ago when Mr Goff was boasting about the new facilities to be built at Mt Eden, I predicted that the Labour Government would regret this decision in the future. I suspect the Labour Party and City Vision councillors will now be running scared of any public gathering, but the invitation stands,? says Cameron Brewer.

Good grief, Phil Goff, Labour and City Vsison are looking remarkably like they consult with Andrew Williams and the rest of the brains trust that want to try to run Auckland.

Glenda Fryer – Hypocrite

Glenda Fryer needs to be called out for this BS:

Councillor Glenda Fryer said, ?Sam Lotu-Iiga broke his social contract with the people of Tamaki-Maungakiekie when he nominated for Parliament in February 2008.? Voters who elected him in October 2007 voted for him on the basis that he would represent them on the Auckland City Council for the whole three years.?

Meanwhile, Glenda Fryer herself sought the Labour nomination for Mt Albert – apparently she herself is quite willing to break this so called “social contract”.

Sam has actually committed to maintain representing Maungakiekie residents on any council issues that arise, free of charge:

Deputy Mayor David Hay pointed out that there would be considerable savings to ratepayers by leaving the seat vacant.
Mr Lotu-Iiga who is also the Member of Parliament for Maungakiekie has made a commitment to keep the council informed of issues his constituents living in the ward bring to his attention.

If Labour folk want to keep playing this card then they can expect the light of public scrutiny of their own actions to shine upon them.

What is going on at Kordia?

The minister responsible needs to be asking some very hard questions of the Kordia board.

  1. Why did Orcon buy iServe?
  2. Where is the compelling business-case for a radio network provider to own an ISP when you already own Orcon?
  3. Why are jobs being shed at Orcon when you are buying another similar business?
  4. How many connections are now on the much hyped KorKor network?
  5. Why is zero considered a success?
  6. Are you planning on making any money at all anytime soon?

The Juice vs. Joyless Marxist Lunatic

From the guy who thought he was going to get a gong from South Africa, comes the allegations of internet DOS attacks on the Joyless Marxist Lunatic’s website (no of course I’m not going to link to it)

Bloody tosser probably just neglected to pay his ISP bill or get his server settings right.
Interestingly, the National Distribution Union is listed as the registrant and technical contact for John Minto’s website. What’s more, the contact is the PR department too. I wonder if Minto gets his articles written for him?
Typical Marxist cock, gets everyone else to pay for his dribbling.

Whois data for

New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited
Users confirm on submission their agreement to all published Terms

version: 1.23.0
domain_Name :
Date First Registered : 2007-05-22T09:39:48+12:00
Date of Expiry : 2009-05-22T09:39:48+12:00
Date Last Modified : 2008-03-31T09:16:03+13:00

Name : Domain Agent
Address : PO Box 302829
: North Harbour
City : Auckland
Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Phone : +64 9 477 0055
Fax : +64 9 475 5976
E-mail : [email protected]

Name : National Distribution Union
Address : 120 Church Street, Onehunga
: Private Bag 92 904
City : Auckland
Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Phone : +64 9 6228433
Fax : +64 9 6228353
E-mail : [email protected]

Name : National Distribution Union
Address : 120 Church Street, Onehunga
: Private Bag 92 904
City : Auckland
Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Phone : +64 9 6228433
Fax : +64 9 6228353
E-mail : [email protected]

Name : National Distribution Union
Address : 120 Church Street, Onehunga
: Private Bag 92 904
City : Auckland
Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Phone : +64 9 6228433
Fax : +64 9 6228353
E-mail : [email protected]

Name Server 1:
Name Server 2:

Where do you sign up?

If these chicks come around when you sign up, count me in.


Xtra facing lawsuit

I wonder if the stupid Xtra-Ordinaries can get out of this one.

More like they will be shown for what Xtra really is an ordinary, very ordinary ISP.

Good luck fellas, hope you win.

Lucky 100,000th Visitor

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