Glenn Beck

Not just Americans but Kiwis too

Jeffrey M. Berry and Sarah Sobieraj ask if Americans are addicted to outrage.

Perhaps they are but not just them…look at the “outrage” that our media cultivates.

On cable news networks, talk radio and in the political blogosphere there is a constant stream of name-calling, belittling, character assassination and falsehoods.

Americans tell pollsters they dislike this kind of talk and believe it degrades our political system. But the audience data tell a different story: In fact, Americans find this type of political commentary quite compelling. By our calculation, part of an analysis we did for our new book,?The Outrage Industry: Political Opinion Media and the New Incivility, the aggregate daily audience for such content is roughly 47 million people. In a cluttered media landscape where advertisers have a sea of choices, anxious television and radio producers hungry for revenue have sought new ways to break through the clutter?to stop the channel surfers as they peruse other options?and reach audiences. And the popular agent provocateurs of political talk media not only do the job?they also do it relatively cheaply. (Consider that CNN?s administrative expenses make up about?twice as much?of its budget share as at Fox or MSNBC.) As a result, America has developed a robust and successful Outrage Industry that makes money from calling political figures idiots, or even Nazis.

Sounds familiar. As I said, not just America. ? Read more »

Obama is the best gun salesman in the world

Barack Obama has done more than any other person in the world to rescue US arms manufacturers. Good on ya Barack, NRA membership is surging.

Leaders of the National Rifle Association announced that its membership has surged to a record five million, a figure they aim to double in the “long war” to preserve gun ownership in America.

The organisation’s executive vice president and public face Wayne LaPierre told its annual convention that proposed legislation to introduce expanded background checks had “got the defeat it deserved” last month.

Mr LaPierre told members the fight over background checks had been “but one skirmish in what can only be defined as one long war against our Constitutional rights,” and that the NRA was in a “once in a generation fight for everything we care about.”? Read more »

Stupid Hippies

I am now officially over the stupid hippies currently running their various “Occupy this” or “Occupy?that” protests. One thing is for certain, they will all go home when it starts raining and the first cold spell hits.

Of course?various?Marxist idiots like the saked Radio NZ guest blog post reader, Martyn Bradbury are busily pushing this agenda.

Have a look at this video, it is fascinating in a train wreck fascinating kind of way.

Many curious citizens and media outlets came to the first Occupy Atlanta event, and were visible shocked and confused by the consistent Marxism employed by the group. People abandoned their individuality and liberty to be absorbed into a hypnotizing collective. The facilitator made it clear that he was not a “leader” and that everyone was completely equal; words often spoken by leftists, but in this case they actually applied their philosophy. Into this surreal and oppressive environment, Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights hero and icon of American leftism, came to speak as has so often done at left-wing rallies and events in Atlanta. He is practically worshiped in Democrat circles, and was visibly stunned to see these Marxists turn him away. It was reminiscent of previous Marxist revolutions in history when those who ignorantly supported the revolutionaries are, over time, purged and rejected for the “good of the collective”, when their usefulness has expired.

Glenn Beck isn’t my cup of tea but I find it hard to disagree with his assessment:

?I disagree with almost everything John Lewis has said or has done but not in his civil rights era. John Lewis is not a guy who is a friend to the right, he is not a friend to the constitutionalists, but he is an American icon. He is a hero for what he did in the 1960s,? Glenn said.

?The look on John Lewis? face, you can see the wheels are turning. I mean, here?s a guy who marched with Martin Luther King and they are doing the (call and response) can you imagine??

?If John Lewis isn?t behind closed doors today saying to the people on the House in the House, ?We?ve got to get away from these people. They are dangerous, dangerous people, what have we been thinking?? If he?s not saying it today, he never will.

?Don?t laugh these people off. I know it is really tempting, but don?t laugh this off. Remember how we were all laughing three weeks ago. Look at where they?ve come in three weeks.