Global Warming

The anatomy of a failure

How to make a right pillock of yourself:

Step 1: Believe the lie of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming; a.k.a. man-made climate change.

Step 2: Believe the lie that the Arctic (or Antarctic) sea ice will all melt in the summer.

Step 3: Convince a rent-a-mob of protest idiots to join you on an expedition to save the world and highlight the imminent something or other.

Step 4: Get a ship and set sail to show the world how serious it all is and that we only have 3 years, 8 months, 2 days and 37.8 minutes left to save the world.

Step 5:? Get stuck in the ice that is not supposed to be there according to your deeply held religious beliefs handed down to you by the High Priests of C.A.G.W; Al Gore, Micheal Mann, James Hansen, Lucy Lawless, Pope Francis, Prince Charles, Gavin Schmidt, Bill McKibben etc.

Step 6: Cost various countries an arm and a leg to rescue you and your crew of idiots. Read more »

Why Ardern had to fly to Nauru

“It is our nuclear free moment” so Ardern could not possibly miss the signing of the joint declaration of the 49th Pacific Islands Forum which names climate change as the single greatest threat to the region.? ?The small cost of $100,000 so that Ardern could have her signature on such an important declaration was completely worth it. Read more »

Whaleoil readers are causing cancer

It is no secret that many article writers for Whaleoil and many commenters on Whaleoil?do not believe in man-made global warming or man-made climate change.

To your shame, you should now know that it was your unbelief that caused the cancer that killed?Aretha Franklin.

Watch the video from the climate scientist du jour, Stevie Wonder.

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Fraud without consequences

Europe had a bit of a warm summer so the media was out in force riding the climate bandwagon with “tipping points” being flashed about all over the place.

Fritz Vahrenholt and Sebastian L?ning, authors of the book Die Kalte Sonne (The Cold Sun) have posted this on their blog.

They begin with a quote from a paper by?van der Hel et al. 2018: Quote.

Since 2005, the tipping point metaphor has been used deliberately by climate scientists to convey a warning that abrupt, irreversible and dangerous climate change is imminent. The metaphor was picked up by the news media (prior to the publication of the scientific articles) and developed into a commonly used metaphor about possible, grave dangers of on-going climate change. […]
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Predicting the future based on the past

It is August, the Northern Hemisphere summer. It gets warm in summer and some summers are warmer than others. Having lived there for a number of years it all seemed to depend on whether the winds were predominantly from the Sahara Desert or not.

Yes, the Gulf Stream moved a few degrees north or south from year to year and that had an effect as well. Sometimes many factors combined and that produced even hotter summers, heatwaves even. In the winter other factors combined to blanket the U.K in snow for a few days, (something else not normal? but that does not advance the cause so we will ignore that.)

2018 was one of these heatwave years so the papers rolled out of ‘academia’ blathering on about “Hothouse Earth”.? The media loved it.? Article upon article about how we are all going to fry and there will be 60m of sea-level rise etc. Read more »

Still pushing the alarm barrow uphill

The ‘extreme far left’ newspaper The Guardian has, to borrow Paddy’s phrase, ‘gone off on a rant’ about the climate again.

“Humans are pushing the Earth closer to a climate cliff”

The article is written by Dr John Abraham who is a professor of thermal sciences and who researches in climate monitoring and renewable energy generation for the developing world.? So he should know what he is talking about, right?

His article is reporting on a new study?which examines potential climate feedbacks that could push Earth into a ?hothouse? state. Quote. Read more »

Free speech to be corrected on YouTube

It was way back in 1949 when George Orwell penned Nineteen Eighty-Four?with the Thought Police (Thinkpol) whose role is to discover and punish thoughtcrime, personal and political thoughts unapproved by the Party.

We may be 34 years late but the Thinkpol (a.k.a Google owned YouTube) have rolled out technology via the omnipresent surveillance (telescreens, microphones, informers a.k.a. computers, tablets, smartphone, links, trackers etc) to search for and find, monitor and correct the thinking of all citizens of Oceania who would commit thoughtcrime by challenging the status quo authority of the liberal left.

According to the MailOnline,?YouTube will now place Wikipedia entries about global warming below videos ‘refuting evidence of rising temperatures’.?YouTube will add snippets of ‘factual’ information on selected video clips such as those questioning climate change, thus reducing ‘misinformation’ and conspiracy theories on the site. Quote. Read more »

No, not plasticine worms, pleistocene worms.

The Siberian Times reports on the amazing recovery of some worms that have been frozen for 42,000 years and are now moving and feeding. Quote.

Nematodes moving and eating again for the first time since the Pleistocene age in major scientific breakthrough, say experts.

The roundworms from two areas of Siberia came back to life in Petri dishes, says a new scientific study.

?We have obtained the first data demonstrating the capability of multicellular organisms for longterm cryobiosis in permafrost deposits of the Arctic,? states a report from Russian scientists from four institutions in collaboration with Princetown University.
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Another thing to add to the list of things caused by global warming

Apparently…and this is going to rip Boyd Swinburn’s undies…global warming is the cause of diabetes, not stuffing your face with huge amounts of food.

If the average temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius, sea levels will rise, crop yields will fall and vulnerable species will see their habitat shrink or disappear.

Which is bollocks because as temperature increases?crops produce more, especially as carbon dioxide increases. Ask anyone growing commercially ina ?greenhouse…they pump those puppies full of carbon dioxide.

And, a new study suggests, the number of American adults suffering from diabetes would rise by more than 100,000 a year. ? Read more »

Global warming making ice so thick in the Baltic that the icebreaker fleet may have to be upgraded

Yes, it is apparently true, global warming is making the ice thicker in the Baltic.

So thick that the icebreaker fleet needs an upgrade:

Oddly enough, global warming and milder winters have led to more severe ice conditions in the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. Today, icebreakers are already struggling to get through towering compacted ice and the problem may become exacerbated in the future, unless more powerful icebreaking vessels step in. ? Read more »