Politically correct language defined by Whaleoil: Part One

There are so many politically correct words these days that would benefit from a Whaleoil dictionary definition so that we can understand fully what they really mean.

Diversity: This does not mean diverse ideas or diverse experience. Diversity is a code word for including people with coffee-coloured skin and if they are also female that is even better. Bonus points are awarded if they are from a culture that has very different values to the majority culture.


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Friday General Debate

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed our new volunteer, Lux, posting her first Photo of the Day yesterday.  She’s going to be doing those for a while.  Thanks Nick for doing the job for about 6 months!  Nick is still helping out with the night vids.  We are giving Lux a few days to find her feet and then she’s looking at making that time slot her own.  Welcome on board Lux!

Right then.  Friday Debate – off you go.  Or use this topic:

Globalisation.  Why is this a good thing for you?  (or not)


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