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Winston's mudslinging wrong as usual

As usual Winston Raymond Peters mud-slinging has ended up all over him as once again he gets his facts wrong.

In the house today he twice accused Craig Foss of something he himself is guilty of and that is not declaring an interest in something.

“Rt Hon Winston Peters: Would the Prime Minister take a different view if she, knowing that a declaration in respect of pecuniary interests had been required of a member of Parliament, checked that declaration and found that a company shareholdership of 2,524,750 shares in the name of Craig Foss was undeclared?”


“Rt Hon Winston Peters: Is the Prime Minister aware that I made the same offer to Mr Key that I made to the Prime Minister in respect of this matter, and I am still waiting for a phone call; second, if Mr Foss MP has a shareholdership of 2,524,750 shares in a company formed in the year 2000, how could he have failed to declare that, and what does Mr Key have to say about that?

Then he tabled the Companies Office records of Cynotech Holding Limited as if to prove that Craig Foss had lied in his declaration of pecuniary interests.

Unfortunately for Winston Raymond Peters he has added two and two and got 27. If you go through the annual reports for Cynotech Holdings Limited you can clearly see that the shareholdings as listed at the Companies Office are in the name of a trust and Craig is but one of the trustees of that Trust which incidentally he DID declare an interest in for the MP’s Register of Pecuniary Interests. So you see Craig Foss can’t actually declare an interest in something he doesn’t have an interest in, the Trust has the interest, not Craig Foss. Craig Foss though does have an interest in the trust that holds those shares AND he has declared that.

Winston should also do some basic fact checking. Even though the Companies Office record for Cynotech Holdings Limited shows Craig Foss as a shareholder (in his capacity as a Trustee), if you search shareholders for Craig Foss you see all of the companies that he actually has shares in, those companies are all in the register as well.

Now onto Winston Raymond Peters. Where is his declaration of “hundreds of thousands of dollars”, his words, in legal fees paid out his own pocket. He hasn’t earned hundred of thousands of dollars so the only way he could have paid those bills was from donations which he has never declared. Nor is there a benficial interest in the Spencer Trust or any other Trust formed for the payment or laundering money to Winston Raymond Peters.

As Winston said in the house today, Oh Oh!

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Cunners position becoming untenable

As Craig Foss continues to release more and more documents it is becoming abundantly clear that David Cunliffe has been less than forth coming over the reasons behind the sacking of Hawke’s Bay District Health Board.

Today’s installment shows that it may well be possible that Cunners hasn’t fully disclosed all relevant information to the appropriate authorities.

As more documents are released I expect them to show that Cunners has been a little too cunning for his own good.

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Cunners in hiding

Peter Hausmann and Government ministers continue to be shown to be cosy little fellows. We saw the other day that Hawke’s Bay District health Board member Peter Hausmann has suggested a few possible scenarios for having the board assembled more to his and the ministers liking.

Today Craig Foss releases the Ministerial reply to Hausmann and again notes that the two of them did not bother to CC the board Chair on the correspondence.

It seems that there were nefarious underminigs going on at the health Board well before Minister Cunliffe rode in on his white stallion.

It seems that it is the Ministers themselves that are in dire need of governance training.

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95 Rail Questions

Craig Foss has 95 questions that Cullen won’t answer about his Train Set.

We all need to know the answer to these. Do you think Cullen will come clean? Not bloody likely.

Craig Foss shows Cullen lies like a flatfish

In just two posts Craig Foss shows why Cullen should not be trusted.

In the first post it compares Cullen’s rhetoric on his “four tests” for tax cuts with actuality.Cullen says there should be no borrowing for tax cuts nor sales of state assets, yet;

[quote]From page 102 of the budget.
…there is a residual financing requirement of $12.8 billion. This will be met by a decrease in net financial assets of $6.4 billion and monies raised from the Government’s domestic bond programme, after meeting repayments on maturing debt of $6.4 billion.

Then today shows his disingenuousness again this time on theevils of the Gross Sovereign Issued Debt (GSID) ratio exceeding 20% of GDP under a National Government.

[quote]Yet Table 2.12 – Residual cash comparison to the Half Year Update Year ended 30 June shows a massive increase in net finance costs (interest).

Interest cash flow forecasts have, over a mere six months, deteriorated by -$57m in 2008, -54m in 2009, -$168m in 2010, -$347m in 2011 and -$560m in 2012. A total deterioration of $1.186 billion!


So can we believe Cullen in anyway….not bloody likely!!