Goat Sex

Precious Parker and his Staring at Goats strategy

Labour party researchers looking for another cause

Labour party researchers looking for another “scandal” to investigate

David Parker isn’t happy that parliament is thinking of relaxing rules around satire. He wants the ban to remain.

Parliament’s top official has urged MPs to “grow up” and allow the official television feed to be used to mock them.

Mary Harris, Clerk of the House, told the Privileges Committee a ban on using footage of Parliament for satire may need to be relaxed “in this day and age”.

The powerful committee is considering reviewing the rules which apply to Parliament about footage in the age of social media.

Currently footage of proceedings is made available free of charge, but cannot be used in any medium for “satire, ridicule [or] denigration” or for commercial or political advertising.

Harris, whose seven-year term as Clerk ends on July 3, said the rules around satire were developed at a time when television was among the only ways of viewing Parliament, but with the proliferation of media the concerns had changed.

The rules have “been lifted in Australia [and] we borrowed our rules from Australia, and we maybe need to grow up,” Harris told the committee on Wednesday.

“I don’t think there’s a need to shelter Members [of Parliament] any longer.”

“It’s difficult to police. Once or twice Speakers have brought people in and given them a bit of a lecture about it but I think it’s a bit like slapping people with a wet bus ticket.”

Labour MP David Parker said MPs may need protection from people who deliberately edited footage in an attempt to mislead viewers.

“There’s plenty of people out there who want to misrepresent us and I wouldn’t want to enable that under the claim that ‘oh, I was just being satirical’.”

This of course, is the same David Parker who defamed me and my friends under the protection of parliamentary privilege. Now he wants people to continue to be banned from mocking goat shaggers like him.? Read more »

Labour’s Dirty Politics by cowardly David Parker continues


Labour?s Dirty Politics tactics continue today with coward David Parker now trying to pressure the Police into picking up allegations he?s too scared to repeat outside of Parliament.

Here?s his latest attempt at politicising the New Zealand Police force for political means. Question 11 today reads:

Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Police: Does he know whether or not the allegations in Matt Nippert?s 31 August 2014 article in the Sunday Star-Times that Cameron Slater and Carrick Graham were paid to undermine the Serious Fraud Office are correct?

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Did David Parkers have sex with a goat and did the goat enjoy it?



Some interesting news has come in on the?tipline about a little known politician called David Parkers.

The tipsters says he heard from a friend who knows a farmer who says that his goats have been ‘bothered’ by this David Parkers and I think that this is a pretty serious allegation that warrants further investigation by the Police.

I can’t prove it, it is hearsay, but I think it needs to be out there for everyone to know, just in case there is something that should be investigated.

A neighbouring farmer said to another person who emailed the tipline that there was no evidence of goat sex from either David Parkers or anyone else. Apparently rectal bleeding is normal in young goats. ? Read more »

Old Lady with Goat Horns

While David Farrar has posts about goat sex to try and lift his Google rankings and traffic I can go one better and have a post about an old lady growing goat horns! Why is it better? Well, surely if you are growing goat horns suggests albeit very obtusely that some goat sex must have been had somewhere, sometime.

An elderly Chinese woman has stunned her family and fellow villagers by growing from her forehead a horn than resembles a goat?s.

Grandmother Zhang Ruifang, 101, of Linlou village, Henan province, began developing the mysterious protrusion last year.

Since then it has grown 2.4in in length and another now appears to emerging on the other side of the mother of seven?s forehead.

Woman with Goat Horns

Woman with Goat Horns

The condition has left her family baffled and worried.

Her youngest of six sons, Zhang Guozheng, 60, said when a patch of rough skin formed on her forehead last year ?we didn’t pay too much attention to it?.

?But as time went on a horn grew out of her head and it is now 6cm long,’ added Mr Zhang, whose eldest brother and sibling is 82 years old.

?Now something is also growing on the right side of her forehead. It?s quite possible that it?s another horn.?

Although, it is unknown what the protrusion is on Mrs Zhang?s head, it resembles a cutaneous horn.

This is a funnel-shaped growth and although most are only a few millimetres in length, some can extend a number of inches from the skin.

Cutaneous horns are made up of compacted keratin, which is the same protein we have in our hair and nails, and forms horns, wool and feathers in animals.

They usually develop in fair-skinned elderly adults who have a history of significant sun exposure but it is extremely unusual to see it form protrusions of this size.

Shit! There is even a Wikipedia page on goat horns. There is a warning though for Darren Hughes and other day-walkers, they should keep their hats on in the sun for sure, otherwise they’ll be called The Ginga Goat-Boy.

Which reminds of the story about Giuseppe the Goat Fucker…..Perhaps I’ll tell that another day.