New Zealand recreational animal torture is on the rise

You’d think that’s just a catchy headline from SAFE to get your attention. ?Sadly, no. ?The SPCA reports that more of us are hurting animals for the sheer fun of it.

The SPCA has condemned a trend of what it calls recreational cruelty, of people not only hurting animals but filming the acts and posting the footage to social media.

…[T]he goat case is an example of an alarming increase in ‘recreational cruelty’.

Richard McKee, 34, and James Manukau, 27, both from Gisborne, have been sentenced to community work for encouraging dogs to attack goats, and posting footage of it on Facebook.

“This case is an example of an alarming increase in what you could call ‘recreational cruelty’,” said SPCA chief executive Ric Odom.

“This tends to feature young men and the subjects of their cruelty are usually so-called pest species, like possums, goats, and rabbits. They often film themselves doing it and then post the videos on YouTube or Facebook. Sometimes they justify their behaviour by saying the animals are ‘just pests’.

Animal torture is the gateway…

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The Isuzu D-Max Maverick 13 travels to Goatistan


Photo/ Whaleoil Media, Cam Slater

Queens Birthday weekend saw us take an Isuzu D-Max LS Maverick 13 from Southern Autos down to Goatistan in Taranaki for some chaos and mayhem.

This was a similar trip with a similar amount of kit to cart down as the last trip I did in a VW Amarok. I was keen to compare the two vehicles.

We had three burly men, 10 firearms (3 x Tikka .22-250, a Tikka .308, 2 x 6.5×55 Mauser, Remington Versamax 12ga, Savage B110 .338 Lapua Magnum, .22 Magnum, and an SKS). We also carried around 300 rounds of .22-250, plus reloading gear in case we run out of ammo. (There are a lot of goats, and Sunday night we did reload 200 rounds). We also had two 4×4 4 wheelers, 40 litres of diesel in jerry cans and 40 litres of petrol in cans as well. Plus personal gear, food and refreshments. It is a lot of gear.

Surprisingly we managed to get more in the back of the ute than in the Amarok and the hard top tray cover was brilliant. We could have tied down some gear on that if necessary, and with the deck tread aluminium and side rails would make carrying home animals a breeze without getting blood and guts inside the vehicle. The tray cover also can take 200kg of weight and so gives you true shoot-off-the-back capability.

We left late on Friday night, firstly to avoid the traffic and secondly because we had other commitments.

We drove down with all our gear in a surprisingly good time, the truck effortlessly pulling all our gear. We even gave it a nasty test by taking the turn off to Ohura off State Highway 3, along Okau Road and then up the nasty and narrow part of Kiwi Road in Taranaki. It was 1am by the time we started up Kiwi Road… and bloody freezing.

We went this way because it cuts about 20 minutes off the time to the hut if we go that way, despite the challenges, and saves going over Mt Messenger. Though it has to be said that driving Kiwi Road in the dark is a real challenge. It is narrow with nasty switch backs and sheer drops down the side. If you stuff up it will hurt, and towing a large and heavy tandem trailer makes it even more challenging.

But the Maverick 13 just ate up the road, never once getting into trouble.

The entire drive down was pleasant, and we even supplemented the radio with direct play from my iPad. For three burly men the cabin appointments were good, even for the back seat passenger.

Comparing the tow with the Amarok I have to say I believe the Isuzu was superior in both handling, set up and towing ability. It just never blinked and the engine never went over 2500 rpm the whole trip down.


The view down one of the valleys. Photo/ Whaleoil Media, Cam Slater

On the farm it just went from strength to strength. It is steep goat territory, and typical Taranaki mountain land.

On all the farm tracks the truck just never stopped, through deep mud, steep papa tracks, muddy farm races and slippery grass… all eaten up by the sure-footed Isuzu D-Max.

I only slipped into low-range once, when through my own mistake I approached a slippery papa track with inadequate momentum. It was the only time I spun the wheels, progress was halted, so I back back down a bit, quickly flicked the dial into low-range and powered up no trouble at all.


At 204yds the effectiveness of the .22-250 is apparent. Photo/ Whaleoil Media, Cam Slater

There are plenty of goats on this farm, all its boundaries are forest and so they just keep coming back. The Billy above was a good size and succumbed to my 40gr V-max bullet on the .22-250 with a good lung shot. At a muzzle velocity of 4100 fps this is a devastating round on small game like goats. Now before anyone gets upset at the location of the splatter, that is the exit wound and that is frothy lung blood. The actual entry wound was precisely where it was intended to go, at the base of the neck. The goat was facing front quarter on and the bullet entered and travelled through the lungs and exited out the side in a spray of red mist. We were shooting up hill hence the angle of bullet travel. This goat dropped instantly.


Another head for the collection at the hut. Photo/ Whaleoil Media, Cam Slater


204yds with a Tikka .22-250 Photo/ Whaleoil Media, Cam Slater

We have perfected our load for the .22-250 now, and it is effective with devastating effect inside 300yds. We do take shots over that, and I dropped 5 goats at around 400-415yds. The best shot for the weekend was 455yds on a Billy that I tipped up.

The more you shoot with a rifle the better you get, and goat shooting is a great way to get familiar with your firearm simply because of the huge number of rounds you put away down range. We tipped up over 200 goats this weekend.


We packed up on Monday afternoon, following a bomb up in a gully not far from?the?hut. We caught a good herd sheltering from the wind on a face with little bush cover and cleaned them out.

We left the hut at 1640 to drive home. This time we head down the other part of Kiwi Road and then out onto State Highway 3 at Uruti. We were going to put the Isuzu through its paces over Mt Messenger going home.

Well, it coped superbly well up the wet and slippery Mt Messenger part of the drive, and again I believe it handled the tow much smoother and better than the Amarok. We were back and unpacking at 215 after being only troubled with a couple of slow pokes on the drive back.

The truck was perfect, even with road profile 20inch tyres. The set up by the boys at Southern Autos was flawless. I really like this truck. I’m not sure they will be able to get it back off me.

Sure it doesn’t have all the fancy fruit like an Amarok, but it is very, very capable and is a real truck not some fancy town tractor pretending to be one.

Go and see my mates at Southern Autos, they will look after you for a test drive and a good deal. If you want a real truck then this is the one for you.

Southern Autos



All photos and video taken with Spark Samsung S6 Edge, Isuzu D-Max LS Maverick 13 vehicle supplied by Southern Autos.


Labour: The party that stares at goats

Dan Hodges is particularly brutal in assessing why Labour lost in the UK.

Many of?the?lessons apply to NZ Labour.

In the mid-Seventies, the United States Army established a new, highly classified programme, codenamed ?Stargate?. It was led by a Major General Albert Stubblebine III, who held rather unconventional views on modern warfare. Stubblebine believed future wars would be fought in the mind. Telekinesis. Thought control. Psychic spying. The basic laws of physics could be usurped, then pressed into the service of Uncle Sam, he explained to his superiors.

So the unit was set up, and testing began. A member of Stubblebine?s team would sit in one room, a second next door, and they would try thinking to each other. In a separate test, a man would sit opposite a goat and try to stare it to death. Stubblebine himself would try to walk through the wall of his office.

Unsurprisingly, these experiments failed, and the unit was quietly wound up. It subsequently became the subject of a book by Jon Ronson. He called itThe Men Who Stare At Goats.

For the past five years the Labour Party has been staring at goats. When Ed Miliband was elected leader he claimed he could recast political physics. He would construct a ?new politics? and ?rewrite? the conventional political rules. And then at 10pm on Thursday evening, he got up from his desk and walked slap-bang into his office wall.

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Did David Parkers have sex with a goat and did the goat enjoy it?



Some interesting news has come in on the?tipline about a little known politician called David Parkers.

The tipsters says he heard from a friend who knows a farmer who says that his goats have been ‘bothered’ by this David Parkers and I think that this is a pretty serious allegation that warrants further investigation by the Police.

I can’t prove it, it is hearsay, but I think it needs to be out there for everyone to know, just in case there is something that should be investigated.

A neighbouring farmer said to another person who emailed the tipline that there was no evidence of goat sex from either David Parkers or anyone else. Apparently rectal bleeding is normal in young goats. ? Read more »

GCSB surveillance footage of a Labour Party Caucus meeting


Charlotte is stupid


I might not be around much this weekend

I’ve got a few things to do, like empty 100 rounds into some goats. The team is on duty though and there are some great posts scheduled.

Not sure on coverage in Taranaki or the spot I am going…

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When animals fight back


Because "friends" matter apparently

The left wing is all enraged because some socially inept spotty young Nat with strange views has “friended” some National MPs on Facebook. Apparently if someone is your friend you then somehow vicariously absorb their views no matter how warped they are.

Well they started it, so let’s go on a little troll.

May as well start with the chief muckraker and liar extraordinaire Trevor Mallard.

It seems he supports legalisation and liberalisation of marijuana. Well he must do, he is friends with Dakta Green.

Trevor Mallard supports marijuana legalisation

Then we can see that Trevor is a friends with a man who believes that Gays should be stoned to death. If his friends believe in stoning of gays then Trevor Mallard must support stoning of gays.

Trevor Mallard supports stoning of gays

If we use Bomber’s logic (I know an oxymoron), but let’s use it. Then Trevor Mallard is also a right wing hate merchant who hates the poor.

Trevor Mallard is a right wing hate merchant and hater of the poorTo round it all off he is also friends with a guy who walked his goat, ironically named Trevor, and likes to joke about bombs and whose mother is a beneficiary fraudster. Wow so much to read into all that. But using the logic of the left, Trevor?Mallard?is friends with them and so therefore he subscribes to their views and those of their relatives. What to make of someone who has a friend on Facebook who is a goat walking, bomb prankster whose family have benefit fraudsters in their midst?

Trevor Mallard supports goat walking, bomb pranks and benefit fraud

Bomber did us all a favour by suggesting that we get to know who our MPs and politicians hang with. I’ll let my readers pick the next victim.

Meanwhile trevor Mallard can reflect on what happens in an?asymmetrical?war against a blogger….the blogger wins.