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A photograph of Ti from 1929. Titanic Thompson, who may have been the best golfer of his generation, gambled on his own, motoring from town to town from the Roaring Twenties to the 1970s, betting on golf, poker, dice, pool, horseshoes and games of his own invention. He killed five men, married five women and blazed a trail through the 20th Century.

Titanic?”Call me Ti”

His name was Alvin Thomas. But nobody dared call him that

During a life spent gambling ? and mostly winning ? he earned the nickname “Titanic Thompson” ? because Titanic could sink anybody

One of the most famous gamblers of the 20th?century, Titanic could sink just about all his opponents. He hustled golf and lost at horse-betting. He became so famous his life was eventually turned into a musical.

This is the story of one of the men who made Las Vegas what it is today ? one of the craziest cities on Earth.

Born in a log cabin in the Ozarks, Alvin “Titanic” Thompson (1892-1974) travelled with his golf clubs, a .45 revolver, and a suitcase full of cash. He won and lost millions playing cards, dice, golf, pool, and dangerous games of his own invention. He killed five men and married five women, each one a teenager on her wedding day. He ruled New York’s underground craps games in the 1920s and was Damon Runyon’s model for slick-talking Sky Masterson. Dominating the links in the pre-PGA Tour years, Thompson may have been the greatest golfer of his time, teeing up with Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Lee Trevino, and Ray Floyd. He also traded card tricks with Houdini, conned Al Capone, lost a million to Minnesota Fats and then teamed up with Fats and won it all back.

He blew into town like a rogue wind that lifted girls’ skirts and turned gamblers’ pockets inside-out. Tall and thin with a bland mask of a face, he had close-set eyes that looked a little dead, at least until he offered you a bet. Then those dark eyes sparkled and he smiled like he had good news.

“Are you a gambling man?” he’d ask. “Because I am.”

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Steve Joyce, the corporate Santa, just handed out $900k so people can play a game of golf

Why is the government subsidising a golf tournament?

The government is putting up $900,000 to support the hosting of next year’s Asia-Pacific Amateur Golf Championship.

The four day tournament is being hosted by the Royal Wellington Golf Club and Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says it will be broadcast live to more than 150 countries.

“The tournament provides a strong platform to showcase New Zealand as a great tourism and golf tourism destination,” he said on Thursday.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for New Zealand and a real coup for the Wellington club.” ? Read more »

Why is Auckland Council in the golf business?

Auckland Council is reviewing its ownership of 13 golf courses worth more than $40 million, as pressure builds to find space for thousands of new homes in the city.

Developers say the land could be used for up to 8000 houses and apartments if the entire 200ha-plus area was made available, easing the city’s chronic shortfall of about 30,000 homes.

Officials say the review, which includes popular courses such as Remuera, Takapuna and Pupuke in Campbells Bay, is not specifically aimed at freeing up land for housing – it could also be used for parks and other recreation.

…many golf courses enjoy historic sweetheart deals: the Waitemata Golf Club and the Waiheke Golf Club each pay only $1 a year for their privileged positions, surrounded by hundreds of 800sq m private sections paying $4000 a year in rates.

Those two clubs alone occupy 42.7ha, while Omaha, near the holiday home of golfing Prime Minister John Key, returns $5 a year to ratepayers. Read more »

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Photo: Bill Susie

Photo: Bill Susie

Huge 13ft Alligator Spotted on Florida Golf Course

The Creature Is So Huge,?That Some Thought an Image of It Was a Fake

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ATEED now funding tickets to exclusive golf tournaments

Len Brown’s council and subsidiaries are out of control, but none more so than ATEED which is facing several scandals at once.

Their plans to create mini embassies around the world has met with strong opposition but now it seems they are adding corporate welfare for rich golfers to their ambit.

The Taxpayers? Union can reveal that Auckland Council?s economic development agency, ATEED, has gifted $50,000 of ratepayer money to the Remuera Golf Club for the Holden PGANZ Championship. Taxpayers? Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says:

?Auckland Council claims to have no money, but finds $50,000 spare to give a hand-out to Auckland?s richest golf club. They might label it ?economic development? but how is this a priority over roads, rail and housing??

The Taxpayers? Union was alerted to the funding through a Council social media competition offering ratepayers ten tickets to the event.

?The ten tickets are probably all ratepayers are ever going to see of the $50,000,? says Mr Williams.

In responding to questions put by the Taxpayers? Union, ATEED, the Council?s economic development agency, has indicated that a project sharing agreement is in place whereby the Council receive 50% of any profits over and above $150,000 generated by the event.

?Officials are trying to have it both ways by claiming that the grant is not a hand-out to sport, rather an ?investment?. When it flops, they?ll no doubt then call it a tourism expense.?

?If anyone really thinks this is a genuine investment that will make a good return to ratepayers, we?ve got a bridge to sell you.?

The documentation released by ATEED to the Taxpayers? Union is available at?

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Andrew Little admits to his role in Dirty Politics

In a rather silly article about John Key’s improved golfing prowess, Andrew Little has admitted to his role in Dirty Politics.

Labour leader Andrew Little, also a keen golfer, said Mr Key obviously had spare time on his hands.

Despite enjoying the game, Mr Little did not rate his own skills on the golf course – “I’m a hacker.”

Nice of him to admit he?s donkey deep in dirty politics. I wonder when the others will come clean?

But seriously, this article is a story how?

Is it the Herald’s attempt to say John Key is more concerned with his golf handicap than running the country? ? Read more »


Photo Of The Day

Photo: Mark Grimshaw

Photo: Mark Grimshaw

?It?s Good to Touch The Green, Green Grass of Home.?

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Why is another rich man’s sport being funded by the government?

A privately held organisation is the latest corporate bludger to take government money.

Worse still is that they are increasing their bludging year on year.

The New Zealand Open has been given a major boost, with next year’s national golf championship securing increased government funding and live television coverage.

For the first time the New Zealand Open will be broadcast live in New Zealand and to overseas territories, including Australia and Japan.

And for the fifth straight year, the government has increased the amount of taxpayer funding going to the event.

At a press conference in Auckland today, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce announced a major events development fund investment of $700,000 a year for the 2015 and 2016 events and a one-off cash boost of $250,000 – to be matched by event promoter Sir Michael Hill – to ensure live broadcasting continues. ? Read more »

Best golf shot ever


Terry the Turtle makes golf almost watchable