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“Why are Maori so…” a month later

You may recall Whaleoil running this article on Waitangi Day


Here is how people take other people’s work and “build on it”

Steve Deane reports

The global internet search giant is looking into disabling the feature after a call from the?Herald?when Auckland University of Technology PhD scholar Steven Elers found derogatory terms associated with Maori.

Wow. ?The Herald and Auckland University no less. ? Read more »

Remember the Google “Why is” game?

You may recall our “why is ____ so” game. ?Someone did it for Africa, and the results are pretty grim


I ran some on other countries in the world, and the stereotypes are pretty well established, as you might imagine.

I also played with some other questions.

The answers for “why does New Zealand ” and “why does Australia ” were, unexpected. ?Is this how the rest of the world see us?

The Why is [ _____ ] so …Game

Google auto-complete can provide a fascinating peek at what fascinates us as a hive-mind.

Someone did one for “Why is [USA state] so” and the results were telling. ?This led to one about European countries as well


So I thought we’d have a look at some places, and people, closer to home. ? Read more »