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Only in France

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Only the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys could stuff up so badly.

?A French commercial court has found Google guilty of abusing the dominant position of its Google Maps application and ordered it to pay a fine and damages to a French mapping company.

In a ruling Tuesday, the Paris court upheld an unfair competition complaint lodged by Bottin Cartographes against Google France and its parent company Google Inc. for providing free web mapping services to some businesses.

The court ordered Google to pay 500,000 euros ($660,000) in damages and interest to the plaintiff and a 15,000 euro fine.

The French company provides the same services for a fee and claimed the Google strategy was aimed at undercutting competitors by temporarily swallowing the full cost until it gains control of the market.

“This is the end of a two-year battle, a decision without precedent,” said the lawyer for Bottin Cartographes, Jean-David Scemmama.

“We proved the illegality of (Google’s) strategy to remove its competitors… the court recognised the unfair and abusive character of the methods used and allocated Bottin Cartographes all it claimed. This is the first time Google has been convicted for its Google Maps application,” he said.

A Google France spokesman said the company would appeal.

Of course Google could tell the Frnech to nick off, refuse to supply services to their piss-ant failed country and watch as they get left behind.

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Wikipedia to go dark over SOPA

Wikipedia is going to switch off for 24 hours in protest at the US Governments SOPA bill which sees protection of legacy and failed business models:

Wikipedia, the popular community-edited online encyclopedia, will black out its English-language site for 24 hours to seek support against proposed U.S. anti-piracy legislation that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said threatens the future of the Internet.

The service will be the highest profile name to join a growing campaign starting at midnight Eastern Time on Wednesday that will see it black out its page so that visitors will only see information about the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA).

The information will urge Wikipedia readers to contact their local congressman to vote against the bills. Other smaller sites leading the campaign include and Cheezeburger.

“This is a quite clumsily drafted legislation which is dangerous for an open Internet,” said Wales in an interview.

The decision to black out the site was decided by voting within the Wikipedia community of writers and editors who manage the free service, Wales said. The English language Wikipedia receives more than 25 million average daily visitors from around the world, according to comScore data.

The bills pit technology companies like Google Inc and Facebook against the bill’s supporters, including Hollywood studios and music labels, which say the legislation is needed to protect intellectual property and jobs.

Opposition to the bill is mounting. The Hollywood studios and recording industry needs to get with modern society and stop trying to hold back the proverbial waters, like modern day King Canutes.

New version of Gmail coming soon

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A new version of?Gmail?featuring a revamped look, redesigned conversation threads and improved search is slated for pending released, according to an official video that was mistakenly posted to Google?s YouTube channel.

Jason Cornwell, user experience designer for Gmail, unveils the new version in the video. The?Google Operating System?blog?spotted?the video and it has since been made private ? but not before YouTube user?crlsndrsjmnzhad time to repost it.

?Oops, you weren?t supposed to see that,? Gmail representative Andrea Freund tells?Mashable. ?Stay tuned, we?ll be sharing more info on Gmail?s new look soon.?

The Driverless Car

Here is a view of Google’s Driverless Car.

I want one…but not based on a suckful Prius.

Pedobear Power and his tame churnalist

Simon Power - Pedobear Justice MinisterI used to have some respect for Colin James. Now I have nothing but contempt for the sad little man. The reason is because Google has revealed an uncanny coincidence that Colin James seems to run stories for and on behalf of Simon “Pedobear” Power.

In fact the articles are sick inducing and provide proof positive that Pedobear Power, the friendly politician of pedophiles and criminals should not only and in his man card but also his National party credentials. The man is a bleeding heart pinko sooky liberal and a disgrace that he ever got selected as a National party candidate in the first place.

Back in February, Colin James wrote a puff piece on Pedobear Power and how he is the savour of our justice system. It is buckets full of vomit bad.

In the end laws get changed because politicians in parties change them (judges have a hand, too, at times). The best citizens can expect is that politicians respond.

Hence Power’s interest in what he calls the legal system, which he thinks is too much the legal priesthood’s preserve.

Citizens can directly influence the administration of the law only by becoming part of that priesthood themselves. Some are dragooned on to a jury where judges and lawyers belittle them by deciding what evidence they can hear and what of the evidence they do hear they are allowed to take seriously.

That legal system is not for ordinary folk.

Power, a lawyer by training but with a leavening of academic politics, has set out to make some changes. (Though not for the belittled juries.)

He has pushed victims’ rights on to courts’ agendas, marginalised when criminal law muscled into tort law, and procedural changes to the way sexual violence cases are treated in court. The aim is better justice — or just some justice. The law and justice do not always coincide.

Yes Simon “Pedobear” Power’s solution for victim’s rights is actually protecting the rights of pedophiles and criminals from real justice. He doesn’t care about victims int eh traditional sense, he cares about ‘victims‘ that are actually criminals ‘let down by society’. And he cares for the pockets of his lawyer mates.

His office has also been sitting on the report from the Law Commission about name Suppression with nary a peep out of him despite the report being written by fellow judicial, liberal, pinko, meddler Geoffrey Palmer. Instead of following what the public wants Palmer and Pedobear claim that the solution to the name suppression issue is tougher penalties for people breaking name suppression. Reality would actually beg to differ. The problem with name suppression is that liberal judges and lawyers like Palmer and Pedobear ignore the wishes of real victims and continue to hide pedo teachers, lawyers, sports stars and the like from actually facing up to their despicable crimes.

They prefer the burqa of justice, name suppression, to veil the ugly, heinous criminals when publicity and vitriol should instead be used. Today is no different. Colin James has again enabled the Pedobear and today’s Dompost article (not online) is even more sick inducing.

Ready your sick bags.

SIMON POWER wants to reclaim the justice system for the people. He has made a start. He reckons it will take him another two to three years. He will outline his next steps in a speech to the law profession and academics at Otago University this month (planned for Wednesday but postponed because the funeral of Lieutenant Tim O’Donnell, a constituent, is that day). The law industry is unlikely to rush to congratulate him.

The Government is known more for its law-and-order hard line. Last month Corrections Minister Judith Collins celebrated the economic value of the new South Auckland prison: $1.2 billion over 30 years. Social and human defeat is trumpeted as economic victory. And just in time: the construction sector is in a parlous state.

Oh the old Judith bad, Pedobear good lines. Simon Power must have been taking a shellacking in caucus and cabinet recently, so much so that he has resorted to little whispering campaigns and pet churnalists writing puff pieces. Pedobear Power is a legend in his own mind and those of his captured and sycophantic staff who have so far spectacularly failed to deliver anything and had to leave it to the only minister who has achieved real successes to deliver in his portfolio. Pedobear is too busy protecting pedophiles and criminals to implement real law changes, instead he focusing on denying accessible legal support to the poor and broken of South Auckland in order to protect the revenue streams of the high street lawyers who like to think they know best.

The Justice Wilson email saga shows clearly just how out to lunch most of these liberal elite are. It is no surprise then for me to see that in amongst those email conversations is a link to my own cases before the courts on page 22. Does this saga and the revelations that our legal fraternity are in reality a cosy little club and the fact that I named one of the members of this little club mean that my case and Pedobear’s reluctance to address the name suppression issue show there is some sort of nudge-nudge-wink-wink carry-on involved. That could be just craziness on my part, but the dots have been joining for some time. Right enough with the conspiracy theories, and back to Simon Power Colin James’ article about our heroic but little understood justice minister (I used little letters on purpose, he doesn’t deserve capitals).

Mr Power has gone along but, as a liberal, he has a stronger interest in reform than repression. He wants courts to be more expeditious and more solicitous of victims and witnesses. He has perturbed and angered practitioners whose reverence for tradition and precedence favours incremental change as a cornerstone. Critics – uncommonly articulate, given their trade – point to 40-year-old Mr Power’s youth and mere five years in legal practice.

Actually, youth and legal training have emboldened him. Non-lawyer justice ministers can be bamboozled by the trade.

That couple of paragraphs was actually Colin James fellating Simon Power. Pedobear Power is just bamboozled and enjoying watching Colin James clean muck out of his beard.

His focus is now on three areas. One is more flexible processes, including an inquisitorial approach, to complement the greater flexibility courts have allowed in dealing with young offenders and in family cases. Mr Power wants that flexibility applied to other “stakeholders”, such as victims and witnesses (often forced to relive nasty experiences by heavy-hitting defence lawyers) and jurors.

This is all well and good, but now add in the debacle the Wilson case and resulting emails have shown our Justice system to be and now Simon Power’s youthful enthusiasm for reforming the courts down liberal lines just looks like a disaster of his own making. Anyone who uses the word “stake-holders” needs fifty lashes on the pee-pee with a wet shoelace anyhow, just to teach them. The real stake-holders (to use civil servant speak) are the public of New Zealand who have been let down for fifty years by wet, sopping, pinko liberals like Simon Power. If fifty years of cuddling criminals hasn’t shown us that it doesn’t work then perhaps a few weeks in a cell with some of these ‘mis-understood individuals’ might make Pedobear understand a bit better.

Mr Power is not just liberal. He is also a family man, with two young children. When he talks of the courts belonging to the people, children are very much part of his people. This is a young man talking. Venerable judges take note.

Colin James - Pedobear Seal of Approval

Colin James - Pedobear Seal of Approval

This makes it even more perplexing, that as a father, he refuses to enact a NZ version of Megan’s law or Sarah’s law, instead preferring the lines and excuses of the liberals. If children are very much part of his people then why not action on naming and shaming pedos? Why not action on removing the burqa of name suppression from our justice system and why not action putting criminals in jail for a long time so that they can’t hurt children anymore?

I’ll tell you why not, because Simon Power is all pin-stripes and bullshit, he wakes every morning and stands in front of the mirror and says to himself “F*ck I’m Good, Just Ask Me”.

Colin James can now also sport the pedobear stamp of approval after those sick inducing liberal cry pieces on behalf of a protector of pedophiles.

Hamas profanes Islam

IDF Arabic-language spokesman Capt. Avichay Adraee discusses the illegal use of mosques as weapons storage facilities (forbidden by both international law and Islamic law) and Israeli efforts to avoid harming non-combatants despite Hamas’ continuing use of civilians as human shields.

The IDF has been superb at utlising Web 2.0 technologies in the fight against bias in the Western media. They have had a Youtube account going since day one, numerous blogs supporting them and Facebook groups. This is the second Arabic language video from the iDF.

Surely this is a pisstake

Profile of available Muslim dateI was reading some articles at RealClearPolitics this mornng and I saw a skyscraper ad on their site. Ironically it was on the article about the Canadian Thought Police suing Mark Steyn and a magazine that publsihed one of his articles about Muslims out breeding Europeans.

Apparently telling the truth in Canada is now hate-speech.

Anyway I digress, the ad was for a Muslim dating site!

Check out the profile of the woman pictured above. Apparently she is attractive though we would have no fricken idea with all that silly garb she has on. Her hair is black, like we’ll ever know.

Surely this site is a pisstake?….though from all the content it appears real.

Mark Steyn gives the MSM a good slapping

Mark Steyn in his article for the Chicago Sun-Times gives the MSM a right good slapping.

This week’s Voldemort Award goes to the New York Times for their account of a curious case of road rage in North Carolina:

"The man charged with nine counts of attempted murder for driving a Jeep through a crowd at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last Friday told the police that he deliberately rented a four-wheel-drive vehicle so he could ‘run over things and keep going.’ "

The driver in question was Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar.

Whoa, don’t jump to conclusions. The Times certainly didn’t. As the report continued:

"According to statements taken by the police, Mr. Taheri-azar, 22, an Iranian-born graduate of the university, felt that the United States government had been ‘killing his people across the sea’ and that his actions reflected ‘an eye for an eye.’"

"His people"? And who exactly would that be? Taheri-azar is admirably upfront about his actions. As he told police, he wanted to "avenge the deaths or murders of Muslims around the world."

And yet the M-word appears nowhere in the Times report. Whether intentionally or not, they seem to be channeling the great Sufi theologian and jurist al-Ghazali, who died a millennium ago but whose first rule on the conduct of dhimmis — non-Muslims in Muslim society — seem to have been taken on board by the Western media:

The dhimmi is obliged not to mention Allah or His Apostle. . . .

Are they teaching that at Columbia Journalism School yet?

Steyn goes on to comment on a recent poll that shows that  "nearly half of Americans — 46 percent — have a negative view of Islam, seven percentage points higher than in the tense months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, when Muslims were often targeted for violence."

"Often" targeted? Want to put some hard numbers on that? Like to compare the "violence" Americans perpetrated on Muslims after the slaughter of thousands of their fellow citizens in the name of Allah with, say, the death toll perpetrated by Muslims annoyed over some itsy-bitsy cartoons in an obscure Danish newspaper? In September 2001, 99.99999 percent of Americans behaved with remarkable forbearance. If they’re less inclined to give the benefit of the doubt these days, perhaps it’s because of casual slurs like the Post’s or the no-jihad-to-see-here-folks tone of the Times.

Ronald Stockton of the University of Michigan doesn’t see it that way: "You’re getting a constant drumbeat of negative information about Islam," he told the Post. By "negative information," Professor Stockton presumably means the London bombings, and the Bali bombings, and the Madrid bombings and the Istanbul bombings.

Mark Steyn on the Defeaticrats

Mark Steyn as usual is as blunt as a sledge hammer in castigating the Democrats over Iraq.

But Kerry drones that we need to "set benchmarks" for the "transfer of authority." Actually, the administration’s been doing that for two years — setting dates for the return of sovereignty, for electing a national assembly, for approving a constitution, etc, and meeting all of them. And all during those same two years Kerry and his fellow Democrats have huffed that these dates are far too premature, the Iraqis aren’t in a position to take over, hold an election, whatever. The Defeaticrats were against the benchmarks before they were for them.

And why he believes the Bush Doctrine will succeed.

The choice is never between a risky action and the status quo — i.e., leaving Saddam in power, U.N. sanctions, U.S. forces sitting on his borders. The stability fetishists in the State Department and the European Union fail to understand that there is no status quo: things are always moving in some direction and, if you leave a dictator and his psychotic sons in business, and his Oil-for-Food scam up and running, and his nuclear R&D teams in places, chances are they’re moving in his direction.

Toppling Saddam was worth doing in and of itself. Toppling Saddam and trying to "midwife" (in Ibrahim’s word) a free society would be worth doing even if it failed. But, as it happens, I don’t believe it will fail, not just because of Bush but because enough Iraqis — Shia, Kurds and even significant numbers of Sunnis — are determined not to let it fail.

Start of Eurabian War – Mark Steyn

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Mark Steyn is interviewed by Hugh Hewitt and discourses on the Eurabian war now raging in the suburbs of Paris on Radio Blogger.

MS:I’m actually thinking of going to Paris. I went to one of these suburbs that’s currently ablaze three years ago. And what was interesting to me is I had to bribe a taxi driver a considerable amount of money just to take me out there. They’re miserable places. But what was interesting to me is that after that, I then flew on to the Middle East, and I was in Yemen, and a couple of other places. And what was interesting to me was that I found more menace in the suburbs of Paris than I did in some pretty scary places in the Middle East. I mean, there is a real…this, I think, is the start of a long Eurabian civil war we’re witnessing here.

HH: Or the U.K. for that matter. Now, it’s the seventh night of rioting as we speak, and it got very violent last night. I don’t know what’s going on tonight. Do you…how do they solve this? I mean, what do they even do in France to get a handle on this?

MS: Well, I think this is the dispute that’s going on between Monsieur Sarkozy, whose the, what passes, I think, for a conservative figure in French politics, who really wants to crack down, and who wants to say to these people you can behave like respectable French citizens, or we’re going to take action and we’re going to clean up these street. And then Monsieur de Villepin, whose currently the prime minister, whose line is basically that we should accommodate their grievances, and all the rest of it. And judging from Chirac’s speech, where he says we have to understand their grievances and their alienation, I think the European tendency to appease these people is coming into play in the French cabinet. And I would say the one consequence of that is that a lot more people are going to be voting for fringe parties in the next election. We forget. The last presidential election, 20% of the French electorate voted for the fascist candidate.

HH: Mark Steyn, how do you account for the indifference or ignorance of the mainstream media in America?

MS: Well, I think this is now basically becoming a willful effort at misleading. It’s not just the United States. Other countries, too, are reporting this as their youths, or their French youth. And it isn’t until you get thirteen paragraphs into the story, and they’re quoting one of these youths, and you realize he’s called Mohammed, that it occurs to you that there might be an ethno-cultural religious component to this situation. And this is absolutely grotesque, because the one…I’m sometimes accused of being terribly pessimistic when I speak in North America. And I always tell Americans and Canadians, that the one great advantage people have, you know, everything may…there may be a lot of bad news in the world, but the one advantage North Americans have, is that Europe is ahead of you in the line. And you have to learn what’s happening. You have to confront honestly what’s happening with these disaffected Muslim populations in Europe. I mean, most of the September 11th bombers, the Millenium bomber, a lot of these people all passed through various parts of the European welfare state. It’s relevant to U.S. security, too.

HH: Now, two nights ago, John Howard warned of an imminent terrorist attack in Australia. Yesterday, the British commissioner of metropolitan police said the sky is dark. I have to think that this is the chaos around Paris is the perfect opportunity or context in which if they have any cells, those cells would want to strike. Don’t you agree with that, Mark?

MS: Well, they had surface to air missiles that were smuggled into France recently. And it was very interesting to me that the defense that was mounted of this, that the reason we shouldn’t worry, is because they were intended for non-European targets.

HH: Oh.

MS: So apparently, it’s okay if terrorism is conducted in Europe, as long as it’s against selected targets. And that’s, I think, really what a lot of this was about. You know, the Europeans have been tolerant of, for example, Palestinian terrorism for years, and of the intifada that’s been going on in France against synagogues and Jewish schools and Kosher butchers and all the rest. And now, it’s moved on to more general targets. They’re suddenly finding it’s kind of harder to appease these people.