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2015 Islamophobia Awards and the nominees are……

Believe it or not there is such a thing as the Islamophobia Awards.

Not only do they nominate individuals for the award, they also have nominated books and films.

They have even helpfully included a quote to go with each of the nominees. Frankly I am struggling to find any lies. All I see are facts and opinions. I don’t see any hate but what I do see in the creation of these awards is Islam attacking Freedom of Speech yet again. Admittedly this is a ‘ moderate ‘ way to try to silence the dissenting voices, but it is an attempt to silence us nevertheless.

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Face of the day

David Rankin

David Rankin

David Rankin is an interesting person to do a google search on.

He has talked about the possibility of Maori not being indigenous in 2012

The status of Maori as the country’s indigenous population could be in danger if research, which suggests previous civilisations lived in New Zealand before Maori arrived, is proved true.

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin said books by authors such as investigative journalist Ian Wishart and historian Noel Hilliam presented “clear evidence” that some of New Zealand’s earliest residents might have arrived before the Polynesians.

He pointed to numerous Maori oral histories which referred to people being here when the first Maori arrived, including fair-skinned people.

“If we believe our histories, then we as Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand.”

The archaeological evidence in some research was a potential challenge to the status of Maori as indigenous, which was why he believed no other Maori was prepared to speak publicly on the issue, Mr Rankin said.

Details of much of the country’s past was being concealed by academic historians, he said.

“I would say it’s a conspiracy. They are worried that their own research will be exposed so they have worked hard to ridicule and suppress any Maori history which disagrees with their views.

“However, the tide is turning and more people are now seeing that there is a whole history of our country that has been concealed and which will have major implications for Treaty settlements for example.”


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Whaleoil now part of Google’s “dark net”

Seems the European Data law that forces Google to filter search results with certain, erm, search results, has hit us too.

Due to a request under data protection law in Europe, we are no longer able to show one or more pages from your site in our search results in response to some search queries for names or other personal identifiers. Only results on European versions of Google are affected. No action is required from you.
These pages have not been blocked entirely from our search results, and will continue to appear for queries other than those specified by individuals in the European data protection law requests we have honored. Unfortunately, due to individual privacy concerns, we are not able to disclose which queries have been affected.

Please note that in many cases, the affected queries do not relate to the name of any person mentioned prominently on the page. For example, in some cases, the name may appear only in a comment section.

The following URLs have been affected by this action:

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Court instructs Google to start deleting links

In a landmark case, an EU court has ruled that links to seriously outdated information on you should be removed if you ask Google to do so.

The BBC reports

The case was brought by a Spanish man who complained that an auction notice of his repossessed home on Google’s search results infringed his privacy.

Google said the ruling was “disappointing”.

The search engine says it does not control data, it only offers links to information freely available on the internet.

It has previously said forcing it to remove data amounts to censorship.

The EU Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reding, welcomed the court’s decision?in a post on Facebook, saying it was a “clear victory for the protection of personal data of Europeans”.

“The ruling confirms the need to bring today’s data protection rules from the “digital stone age” into today’s modern computing world,” she said.

Ah, but by removing the link, it doesn’t make the information go away. ? The information still remains on the Internet for anyone else to find. ?For any other search engine to index and serve up. ?? Read more »

“Why are Maori so…” a month later

You may recall Whaleoil running this article on Waitangi Day


Here is how people take other people’s work and “build on it”

Steve Deane reports

The global internet search giant is looking into disabling the feature after a call from the?Herald?when Auckland University of Technology PhD scholar Steven Elers found derogatory terms associated with Maori.

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Questions people ask about NZ, depending on where they live

Here is a web page that shows Google’s suggested search results depending on what country is doing the searching, and what country they are asking about.

Here are the results for New Zealand



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Google Search caught Herald Bombs Disease

Owen Glenn is looking pretty good these days. ?Looks like?philanthropy?is agreeing with him.

via: Google Search

via: Google Search

Tell you what though, I’m not sure why my mates are getting all excited at the thought of rootin’ Nicky Watson. ?She’s lookin’ a bit rough.


HT:?AliceBasil at Reddit

God forgives, but Google doesn’t forget

Check out what Google spits up when you search for Tony Veitch.



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Personal Trainers are wankers

Well Whaleoil has finally done it.

Seeing as I used to weigh 120kgs and then managed to go down to 85kgs and then back up to a mere 109kgs I thought it was time with summer ans all that coming up to go for the 85kgs again. ?

Oh and my doctor called me a fat bastard, and the missus and of course Miss Whaleoil.

So off to the gym I go. Next to the office…one of those gyms where the owner seriously looks like a roid dealer.

Anyway "Buck" is there and he says "Why don't we try the 4 week programme?"

Silly Whaleoil agrees…hey losing 24kgs in 4 weeks can't be that hard can it??

Along come day one…today. Yippee. I go to the gym and "BucK"? says we will take it easy today and getme started……fucking liar, fucking absolute bastard.

He worked me so hard i almost…and I mean almost chucked all over his gym. the silly prick even asked me if I felt ok as I dry retched in between trying to stand and catching the extremely thin air in the gym…..the legs for some stupid reason had decided that enough was enough and kneeling was as good as it was going to get.?

Did I mean "Buck" is a wanker. Oh and his diet sucks…I could tear the arse outta a rag doll right now. ?

Anyway I will keep y'all posted on progress.