Comment of the Day (and a new idea for the Labour Party)

Whaleoil stalwart Sally opined:

The Party of Envy and Bitter are running out of potential donors to fund their electoral campaign.

So far they have upset foreigners, business people, bankers, accountants, Indian and Asian chefs, lawyers, wealthy people, and 72% of the voting population who are called dumb and stupid by their followers for not supporting them.

Will have to stick to their $2 beggar letters because who among the sane would want to donate to angry Andy and his going down the tube political party.

Labour certainly have turned into Nigel No Mates, and getting money out of their own supporters may need a more aggressive touch, like this one from the Republican Party in the US:


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How the Republicans will steal the election from Trump


via Imgur

via Imgur

Political commentator Roger Stone,?an advisor to the?Donald Trump?2016 presidential campaign and a close confidante of the Republican?frontrunner,?has?been to every Republican National Convention since 1964 and has worked the floor in every convention since 1972, including for Ronald Reagan in 1976, the last time there was a contested GOP Convention. “So let?s just say I know the ropes,” he declares?in an exclusive piece for?Infowars. He also states that GOP?insiders “have found a way to lie, cheat and steal Trump” out of the presidential nomination.

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I love American political ads

Ron Paul gives Rick Perry a right hard slap.