When Gotcha politics goes wrong

On the same day that National released their welfare?initiatives?and Labour had so much to talk about in an area they like to think they own, they instead launched a gotcha attack via their proxies in the media and online against john Key that looks like it has actually got their own leader.

David Shearer promised not to engage in gotcha politics and then ineptly launched into an attack based on pillow talk from his staffer Fran Mold.

The Labour Party’s GCSB leak has been revealed.

The partner of David Shearer’s chief spin doctor, former TVNZ political journalist Fran Mold, is a former spy – he left the organisation in March this year.

That’s where the party’s information has come from that when John Key was briefed at the GCSB in February, he spoke to the spies in a cafeteria.

Barry Soper is a little wonky in his analysis though because [redacted] no longer works at GCSB having left there for a job at Primary Industries. He is however very good friends with Agent “G” who must be sitting at his desk waiting for all hell to descend upon him wishing he had never met either [Redacted] or Fran.

For his party though David Shearer is either very stupid or has been set up. Because right now no one is ever going to trust him?because?he plays shameless politics with security agencies. Like Phil Goff before him he has blamed the agency and accused them of lying and worse of physically destroying evidence on Firstline this morning. We all know how that turned out for Phil Goff.

Shearer has shown himself unfit for office.

Um of the Day

After playing gotcha politics (when he said he wouldn’t), and getting a lesson in facts by a well-briefed John Key, the invisible David Shearer’s last question today was unbelievably vague – even by his standards.

“Does his answers relate to a sense, that the incidence of a perception of….”


It’s pretty clear the ‘underpants stealing’ strategy is back in vogue and Mallard’s calling the shots.


Those Clever Labour fellows helping Len Brown

Clever: Leaving your campaign van parked near an Auckland nightspot as free advertising.

Good advertising near night spots

Good advertising near night spots

Oh look, what's those papers there?

Oh look, what's those papers there?

Not clever: Leaving printed political emails on the dashboard of that van.

Labour staffer emailing Brown worker about left wing split on North Shore

Labour staffer emailing Brown worker about left wing split on North Shore

Now we known without a shadow of a doubt the paid Labour staffers are helping Len Brown’s campaign and that they think that the left wing campaign on the North Shore is “bizarre” and has “faction problems”.

Nice things people say in Facebook Chat

nice things people say on facebookI have a question I ask people when they are being c*nts to me, I use it more often these days for some reason. Is it because I’m mad?

Do you want to be famous is a good way or a bad way? Your Choice.

Actually it is my choice, but I don’t tell them that. Yesterday I went out and came back to a nice FB Chat message.

It is amazing what people send you in emails, txts, message services, faxes and now FB Chat.

Try as I might I can’t really do as my mother always insists and try to see the good in people with that message. So I guess Scott Paterson can just be famous for a short time in a bad way.


Makes me feel better. I still don’t know why people think they can slap me without me retaliating?

Since Scott Paterson is over 20 he can consider this part of his adult education.

Enjoy looking for a new job asshole. For future reference for the congenitally stupid out there, I believe in peace through superior firepower.

Tracy Watkins and her Must Read blogs

Tracy Watkins has blogged and her first one in a long time is about her “must read blogs”.

She says that Dpf has lost his mojo.But check this out;

Whale Oil: I’ll admit it… once I got over my squeamishness, I quite enjoyed his blog. Utterly nihilistic and entertaining, though as a journalist, you had to seriously wonder whether it was worth the effort of pursuing some of his more half-baked news claims, given that as many didn’t stack up as did. But fun to read all the same. I haven’t taken at all to his new home on Gotcha – it’s a hotchpotch, frankly. I have no idea why he made the move but maybe he had too many lawyers breathing down his neck?

Let me tell you folks the only lawyer breathing down my neck is Cactus Kate as I iron out the bugs here, all the others are blow-hards and bullshitters, not a single letter has arrived nor a summons.

Oh well all that is behind me now that I have legal counsel on board at Gotcha!

Thanks Tracy, I loved the write up. Oh and I got a photo too.


Honeymoon over? Nah not likely

With the mainstream media repeaters trying ever so hard to end it themselves and talking National down and especially after the byelection you would think that the polls would show the honeymoon was over for National. They think we don’t notice.

Unfortunately for the repeaters the exact opposite is true and Phil Goff will again be looking over his shoulder as Trevor and Shearer line him up for an early shower.

In mid June support for John Key’s Coalition Government is 57.5% (unchanged) comprising National Party 52% (unchanged), Maori Party 2.5% (down 0.5%), ACT NZ 2.5% (up 0.5%), and United Future 0.5% (unchanged) according to the Roy Morgan New Zealand Poll conducted June 1-14, 2009.

Support for Opposition parties is 42.5% (unchanged) — Labour Party 33% (up 2%), Greens 7.5% (down 1%), NZ First 1% (down 0.5%), Progressive Party 0.5% (unchanged) and Others 0.5% (down 0.5%).

Oh dear.


Maori Party celebrates fifth birthday

Maori Party celebrates fifth birthdayCelebrating the fifth birthday of the Maori Party, co-leader Tariana Turia said Maori must continue to restore themselves “instead of being paralysed by the state-created dependency” [TVNZ News Politics]

Kia huritau ki a koe to the Maori Party. Kia Kaha!


Dunne to chair climate change review committee

Dunne to chair climate change review committeeIn an unusual move National is putting a minister outside of Cabinet, United Future leader Peter Dunne, in charge of a special select committee being set up to consider climate change. The National government has put the emissions… [NZ Herald Politics]

Good move by National to place Dunne as chair on the Climate Change review committee. Much and all as he is a pompous twat he is at least pedantic with the processes of parliament.

I still want them to ask Viscount Monckton to testify so there will at least be some balance to the looney fools who think the world is going to end because we are 0.4 degrees warmer.

Greens call for Foreshore Act to be scrapped

The marginalisation of the Labour Party continues today with the Greens coming out saying that the hated Foreshore and Seabed Act should be scrapped.

National opposed the bill at the time, saying that it gave too much control to Maori, a lacklustre approach that really should have focussed on property rights. United Future opposed it due to the removal of the public domain concept and ACT opposed it on the grounds of the legislation being retrospective, that it was a denial of property rights (in this case Maori property rights), and that it was an unwarranted incursion by the Crown into areas that were specifically Tikanga Maori. The Greens, took a position similar to that of the M?ori protesters, also voted against the bill, saying that it overrode M?ori rights and offered no guarantee that the land would not later be sold. Only ACT and the Greens have had a principled approach to this bill. The Maori Party of course was formed because Tariana Turia left Labour because of the bill.

Back then it was supported only by Labour, the Progressives, and New Zealand First.

With Labour thrown from office, Jim Anderton, discreditied and Winston First heaved from the parliament altogether then there is no party left with the will to retain this law.

Given that all of those parties with the exception of the Greens are now in government I tink it is safe to say that the life of the bill can be measured in months not years.

As an aside ,on 18 November 2004, Tim Selwyn put an axe through a window of the electorate office of Helen Clark, an act he described as a protest against Helen Clark’s handling of the issue.

Yeehaa!!! Lion Hunting

Peter Dunne has come up with a pearler policy concession;

“United Future leader Peter Dunne’s biggest gain was for the establishment of a Big Game Hunting Council, as part of a national wild game management strategy – something he had worked on with the former Labour government.”

I got me a BearOk, much and all as I love hunting, I am just struggling to see how there are any Big Game in New Zealand. The only deer that would qualify would have been Wapiti in the past and now only Red Deer

We sure as hell don’t have any of the traditional Big Game targets such as bears, big cats, boars, elephants, moose. Though introducing them could be interesting. I reckon introducing Cape Buffalo could be hugely entertaining. Perhaps instead of 1000 extra police we let loose 1000 lion, tiger, bear, crocodile etc in areas of high crime. That way we get the benefit of big game hunting with low incidence of people walking around at night. DimPost has an interesting take on “Big Game”.

Senior National Party sources have confirmed that the infighting is due to Mr Key’s ‘Dangerous Game’ amendment to the Crimes act, which would allow Key to hunt up to 30 Maori per month through the tropical jungles of his Hawaiian holiday home and another twenty per month in the underground labyrinth beneath his handsome Parnell mansion.

I think we can now start raising funds for a VRWC Big Game Hunting Club. Our target species could be all politicians and crooks.

I already have a couple of heads – Brenden Sheehan and the Secret Taper. Plus of course an assist on Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemplyed of no fxed abode and proven liar.