Grace Ryu

Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel (EPAP)

Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel sounds like yet another big trough provided by the rate payer to me. ?If you look into the sorts of Panels and Boards that are out there to advise and support on ethnic issues, you would be forgiven for thinking it is a rort.

Turns out that the requirement for an?Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel is decreed by law. ?It is?requirement of the “Local Government (Auckland Transitional Provisions) Act 2010 (section 86).”

You have to wonder what qualifies anyone to be on such a Panel. ?Other than being, erm… ethnic?

In Auckland the panel members include

  • Dr Camille Nakhid (Chairperson)
  • Rev Amail Habib (Deputy chairperson)
  • Mr John Hong
  • Mrs Ann Pala?QSM
  • Mr Jeet Suchdev QSM, JP
  • Miss Bevan Chuang
  • Mrs Sadiqa Hajee
  • Mr Kafeba P A Mundele
  • Mr Mr Kudakwashe Tuwe
  • Ms Susan Zhu
  • Mrs Asoka Basnayake (Media spokesperson)
  • Ms Grace Ryu

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