A good judge slams graffiti ratbag in clink overnight

Judge Tony Adeane would have been called a ‘hanging judge’ back in the day.

Yesterday he slammed a ratbag charged with graffiti offences in the clink overnight ahead of sentencing today.

Tagging the foyer of the court housing a judge known for his loathing of taggers is not the smartest thing to do.

It’s an observation Adam Kelliher might have been considering as he spent last night in a prison cell after appearing before Judge Tony Adeane in Napier District Court yesterday.

The duty solicitor for the day, James Rainger, could be seen flinching as Kelliher, 20, was called before the judge.

Rainger told the judge Kelliher wanted to plead guilty and noted that, due to “the court’s view of this type of offending, he could be at risk of prison here”.

At which point the judge asked to see a summary of Kelliher’s offending.

Rainger said: “You might want to, sir . . . well, you may not want to.” ?? Read more »

This is way better than Banksy

Banksy is the liberal thinkers graffiti artist, but in Bulgaria he is just meh…this is how they roll:

Ignat Ignev / Wikicommons Figures of Soviet soldiers at the base of a Soviet Army monument were previously transformed into superheroes in Sofia, Bulgaria

Ignat Ignev / Wikicommons
Figures of Soviet soldiers at the base of a Soviet Army monument were previously transformed into superheroes in Sofia, Bulgaria

Russia is demanding that Bulgaria try harder to?prevent vandalism of?Soviet monuments, after yet another monument to?Soviet troops in?Sofia was spray-painted, ITAR-Tass reported. ? Read more »

This is the nastiest election ever, will the left wing leaders speak against it?

Anti-semitic vandalism in Mt Albert

Anti-semitic vandalism in Mt Albert

I have been involved in New Zealand elections right back as far as 1981.

I have had some input into all of those elections from a grassroots level, to back room operations to media.

Back in 1981, 84, 87, and?90 I was largely involved around the Eden?electorate, one of the most politically active electorates in the country.

Elections were hard fought. I learned my heckling skills in the halls of Eden electorate and copped a fair few hidings with union thugs outside afterwards.

I was well versed in the the real rough and tumble of elections.

Back then though sign graffiti was one of two things…it was either humorous or it was just wanton vandalism. At one stage in 1984 signs were going up along Gillies Avenue and other arterial routes that were nailed to the wooden lamp posts and power poles that were on ply with a simple black?and white text sign of a3 size that said simply “Good Night Aussie”…a play on the then take off of ‘The Waltons‘ ?on ‘McPhail & Gadsby‘.

We went around in teams?with glue and paper changes so over night the signs were changed to “Good Luck Aussie”. We fought a long running battle over those signs but it was always in good humour.

In all my years of political campaigning though I have never seen the filth that is being spewed forth on signs now. ? Read more »

The Nasty Party supporters are out in force

These?are?from Botany:

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The John Minto Effect

A reader emails:


Disgusted to see anti Semitic graffiti in Cashmere Christchurch.

Anti-semitic graffiti in Christchurch

Anti-semitic graffiti in Christchurch

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Has Scott Simpson been advising Colin Craig?

Looks like it.


Stories making headlines around the regions today include vandals targeting Colin Craig’s election signs in Tauranga and a Wanganui teenager sentenced to write an essay for drink driving.

Conservative leader?Colin Craig’s election signs?have become the first casualty of vandalism in the lead up to the election in Tauranga.

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Sign graffiti creativity in Hutt South

There is something to be said for creativity when it comes to election sign graffiti.

As my old mate in caucus, Scott Simpson, knows the best graffiti to your election signs is often that done by your own team.

I’m picking that Trevor Mallard has been consulting Scott Simpson and this is one of their collaborations.

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Why did John Key get pilloried for calling Wellington “a dying city”? It clearly is

Wellington can no longer fill up its stadium for the Rugby 7s. ?And now this

Wellington is the worst city in the country for dealing with graffiti, a frustrated councillor says.

A graffiti vandalism audit has found that – despite a $580,000 effort to erase Wellington’s graffiti problem – tagging is out of control in the city and compared unfavourably with other cities.

“It’s a pretty sad day for Wellington. We’re the worst city in the country. We’re meant to be ?absolutely, positively’,” Wellington city councillor Paul Eagle said, unveiling a new graffiti strategy yesterday.

Despite spending more than half a million dollars painting over tags last financial year, Wellington City Council’s effort was called “barely adequate” by global standards in the audit by Tasman Research and Consultation.

The council was rated at 79 out of 100 for cleaning its own buildings of tags, while Hutt City Council received 90. British councils generally target 96 per cent, and usually achieved about 92, the report said.

The audit also found Wellington’s Lambton ward was as graffiti-covered as its rail corridors.

Council figures show that, in 2012, 11,712 tags were removed across the city but the audit suggested that many more went unreported.

It’s slowly turning into a dump. ?It wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the Picton ferry and some weird historical decision to base government on the least practical, land scarce earthquake prone part of the country. ? Read more »

Another good idea from George Osborne, I hope Paula has him on speed dial

Paula Bennett should get over to the UK or Skype in to George Osborne and follow along with that he is doing to end the culture of bludgers.

Benefits will be stripped from the long-term jobless unless they work full time picking up litter, removing graffiti or preparing meals for the elderly.

George Osborne will today announce details of the US-style ?work for the dole? programme, starting within six months and affecting 200,000 welfare claimants.

Revealed by the Mail last week, the ?300million scheme ends the concept of simply ?signing on?, the Chancellor will tell the Tory party conference.

And he will accuse Labour of allowing people to linger on benefits for years ? with no questions asked ? while letting uncontrolled numbers of migrants fill low-paid jobs.

Speaking on ITV’s Daybreak ahead of his speech, Mr Osborne said: ‘From now on, people are going to have to do something in return for those benefits.? Read more »

Find these ratbags

A little job for the Army…find these ratbags and dob them in.


Christchurch police have footage of three men, who allegedly left a trail of tagging around central Christchurch – including on earthquake memorials.

The video and still images show the men in areas where fresh graffiti was found on August 3.? Read more »