Graham Brady

Knifing the Tory way

David Cameron is having to restore some confidence after word leaked out about some of his inner circle bad mouthing activists…not unlike some of the bad mouthing that goes on inside National of activists.

David Cameron?moved to repair relations with a bruised Conservative party by emailing a “personal note” to all members in which he said he would never work with anyone who “sneered” at activists.

Amid anger in the party at the allegations that a senior member of his inner circle had referred to activists as “mad swivel-eyed loons”, the prime minister said the party was held together by “a deep and lasting friendship”.

Cameron reached out after senior Tories, who were enraged by allegations that the Tory co-chairman Lord Feldman had made disparaging remarks about Tory activists, warned of a sea change in the parliamentary party as growing numbers of MPs decide that the prime minister is becoming a liability. Feldman strenuously denied the allegations which he described as “completely untrue”.? Read more »