Graham Richardson

The ALPs top turd polisher called in

Labor is in real trouble as named candidates fail to fire and Kevin Rudd looks increasingly like an out of control narcissist. They have called in a turd-polisher to help soothe the factions.

Labor campaign insiders are playing down reports of a breakdown in communications between the travelling party around Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the party’s main headquarters in Melbourne, while admitting there have been glitches in the first 10 days.

A senior ALP source said there had been worries that the travelling party was ”going off on a frolic of its own” but that the recent installation of Environment Minister Mark Butler as a link man between the two groups was aimed at fixing the problem.

”Butler will be there so that Melbourne HQ always has someone to talk to, so that there is better relay back and forth between the two,” the source said on Friday morning.

ALP is stuffed, even in Victoria, Gillard is only just holding on

The ALP is going down hard, NSW is lost, the rolling maul of corruption scandals has killed them off, now Victoria is lost to them.

Leadership challenges are still brewing and not just from Kevin Rudd.

It is a measure of the Labor Party’s current desperation that a single minister, Bill Shorten, has emerged as an emblematic figure supposedly invested with almost super powers.

If Shorten shifts his support from Julia Gillard, as the headlines and the barely muted whispers go, then her grasp on the prime ministerial chair will be gone.

It is as if he is being considered a latter-day Senator Graham Richardson, the old powerbroker from the Hawke era who is credited with orchestrating much of the unpleasantness that ended in Paul Keating wresting power from Hawke in 1991.

Latham on Rudd’s gutlessness and inability to count

Politicians who wish to run coups should always learn to count. Mark Latham, former ALP leader launches into one big long sledge against Kevin Rudd and his cowardice and inability to count along with his an attack on his supporters.

It really is just one big long rant:

“We go through this every time about the inflated Rudd numbers. Kevin Rudd put his hand up for the Labor leadership six times, and in each case he has dramatically inflated his numbers in leaks to the media.

“You had silly Kieran Gilbert on Sky News today saying: ‘Oh, will it be like last time, when Rudd had the numbers and then they fell apart when the ballot was held ? his numbers dissipated.’

“Well, he didn’t have the numbers in the first place; I mean, I just get amazed at the gullible nature of the media where, time after time after time after time, they buy the Rudd BS.

Thanks to the Hipkins Standard this won’t happen here

? Sydney Morning Herald

Thanks to the diligence of Chris Hipkins and his Hipkins Standard we won’t be having the problem ever again of cronyism being ignored:

The ”jobs for the boys” network under Labor was an endless source of irritation for the Liberals in opposition. Labor staffers who wore a second hat as a local councillor were worthy of detailed media briefings by O’Farrell’s minions. I know this because I wrote a story about how every Labor councillor in Penrith had worked or was working for the state government.

Freedom of information requests by O’Farrell’s office revealing whose snouts were double-dipping in which trough were also showered around the press gallery.

If you listened to the pre-election rhetoric of O’Farrell, March 26, 2011 would mark year zero for cronyism. The new Premier banned any family members of MPs serving in ministerial offices.

But it hasn’t stopped…politicians just can’t help themselves:

Issa has been forced to defend himself in the local press against claims he is the Liberals’ ”Graham Richardson in western Sydney” after deputy lord mayor Andrew Wilson was rolled for preselection in favour of Issa’s candidate, Jean Pierre Aboud.

Liberal Party NSW president Arthur Sinodinos has confirmed he is investigating preselections for the Holroyd Council also linked to Issa.

Across at Hawkesbury Council, Kevin Conolly, party sources say, has been working hard to get his son Patrick preselected to take his seat. Patrick Conolly works in the electorate office of a fellow hard-right Liberal, Tanya Davies, the Penrith MP.

Another one of her staffers, Mark Holmes, will run for Blacktown Council while Kevin Conolly’s electorate officer Nathan Zamprogno is also seeking a spot on Hawkesbury Council.

This newspaper revealed last year that at least 10 Liberal councillors were working in electorate offices, adding as much as $66,000 a year to their pay packets. Fairfield City councillor Zaya Toma is the chief of staff to Smithfield MP Andrew Rohan.

Greedy little troughers.