Europe shutting up shop

It seems the Greeks, at least, have worked out they have a problem and the borders are now going to be policed, hard.

Migrants were given a one-day deadline to reach Europe as leaders announced anyone landing in Greece after midnight on Saturday would be swiftly deported.

A deadly scramble for the last boats over the Aegean to the Greek islands began after a ?6 billion (?2.3 billion) aid-for-deportations deal with Turkey was agreed in Brussels.

Turkish police on Friday intercepted 3,000 migrants attempting to cross on land and sea in a major operation involving coast guard and helicopters, as Ankara at last showed a willingness to halt the human tide.

From Sunday morning, any asylum seeker who lands on the holiday islands including Kos, Lesbos and Chios with no longer be able to catch ferries to Athens, but will be swiftly interviewed by asylum officials or judges at new detention camps. ? Read more »


Is NZ unique in its disrespect for elected officials?

We have so much freedom in New Zealand that our militant elements feel free to throw things at our elected officials. We are so tolerant in New Zealand that the people who throw things ?at our elected officials get away with a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket. ?Perhaps this is why the the attacks are happening more frequently.


Attacks in New Zealand have not been restricted to soft projectiles, such as dildos and mud.

Ann Tolley's office was hit by a Molotov cocktail attack overnight

Ann Tolley’s office was hit by a Molotov cocktail attack overnight

Molotov cocktails were thrown into Government minister Anne Tolley’s Whakatane office overnight and anti-TPPA graffiti was scrawled on a wall outside.

Police said Tolley’s office was under police guard following the attack, which comes at a time of high tensions over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

The attempted firebombing comes after vandals broke into Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee’s Christchurch office?on Monday morning?and poured fuel in a room before leaving.


So how do we compare with the rest of the world? ?Is this appalling behaviour restricted to New Zealand?

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Greece is the latest country to give the European Union the finger

Jewish shop "Kopp & Joseph" in Nazi Germany

Jewish shop “Kopp & Joseph” in Nazi Germany

The European Union has dictated that all European Union countries must label as Jewish-made, all settlement goods to enable followers of the BDS movement to easily boycott them. Greece along with Hungary have refused to label the goods, but distressingly given Germany’s history, their?Foreign Ministry has announced that it will be abiding by the new EU labelling procedures.

How is it that a country so haunted by the holocaust that it is taking in millions of Muslim migrants out of guilt, ( ironically followers of a religion that hates Jews) is on the other hand once again labelling Jews ?in order to damage them economically?

Jews throughout Nazi-occupied Europe were forced to wear a badge in the form of a Yellow Star as a means of identification. This was not a new idea; ...

Jews throughout Nazi-occupied Europe were forced to wear a badge in the form of a Yellow Star as a means of identification. This was not a new idea; since medieval times many other societies had forced their Jewish citizens to wear badges to identify themselves. –

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Crowd chants Allahu Akbar during minute “silence” for Paris terror victims

Watch this first. ? Read more »

Israelis rescue Muslim families from drowning off the coast of Turkey

I take my hat off to the Israelis I really do. They are a very compassionate and tolerant people. I don’t know how they stay that way I really don’t. They are constantly under rocket attack from Islamic Palestine, they are being stabbed on the streets of Israel by Muslim terrorists yet they allow Mosques in their country and treat Muslims equally. Muslims are even in positions of power in Israel which seems extraordinary to me. Islamic countries are actively trying to destroy their country and openly preach genocide of the Jews yet they treat injured terrorists in their hospitals alongside Israeli citizens and soldiers knowing full well that if the situations were reversed their enemy would show them no mercy.


A refugee mourns her son after she was rescued by an Israeli yacht crew off the Greek coast on October 18, 2015. (Courtesy Gal Baruch)

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He went back? What sort of ?refugee? goes back?

As if you needed proof that these ?refugees? are anything but, this unfortunate man lost his children and wife in the bloodless coup that is the invasion of Europe by Islamic forces. ?

The father of a Syrian toddler whose body washed up on a Turkish beach, shocking the world, has returned to his hometown of Kobane in Syria to bury his family.

Abdullah Kurdi arrived at the Turkish border town of Suruc on Friday (local time) with the funeral caskets of his three-year-old son Aylan, other young son Ghalib, five, and wife Rehan who all drowned while trying to reach Europe across the Aegean Sea, an AFP photographer reported.

A car carrying the father and the caskets entered Kobane and returned to Turkey while a convoy of journalists and activists was stopped at the border.

The father had earlier flown from the site of the tragedy on Turkey’s Aegean coast to Istanbul and then to the southeastern Turkish city of Urfa. ? Read more »


Face of the day

Australia's Political commentator Andrew Bolt

Australia’s Political commentator Andrew Bolt

Today’s face of the day, Australian Political commentator Andrew Bolt, has this to say about the current Refugee crisis.

Almost all the media commentary on the invasion of Europe so far overlooks a critical point.

The illegal immigrants in no way are ?refugees?. Even those fleeing, say, Syria, were in relative safety once they?d crossed the border into Turkey, which, incidentally, is a country sharing the Muslim faith of most Syrians.

But since then, the immigrants have moved to Greece, then Macedonia and then Serbia to reach Hungary. Even then the vast majority want to move on – through Austria or the Czech Republic to their ultimate goal, Germany, the richest of all the countries on this trek.

I don?t blame them, of course, but nor do I blame Germany for saying it does not have a responsibility to accept these hundreds of thousands of people crossing its borders.


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Euroratbags given a kicking by economists

Nobel Laureate Economist and prominent left wing commentator Paul Krugman has a great article telling the Euroratbags they were actually wrong about whether the Euro would work.

Europe is pretty much rooted from too much government, and the deluded Eurocrats thought that they were going to form a currency union without actually having any clue about economics, as Krugman points out.

There?s a bit of a lull in the news from Europe, but the underlying situation is as terrible as ever. Greece is experiencing a slump worse than the Great Depression, and nothing happening now offers hope of recovery. Spain has been hailed as a success story, because its economy is finally growing ? but it still has?22 percent unemployment. And there is an?arc of stagnation?across the continent?s top: Finland is experiencing a depression comparable to that in southern Europe, and Denmark and the Netherlands are also doing very badly.

How did things go so wrong? The answer is that this is what happens when self-indulgent politicians ignore arithmetic and the lessons of history. And no, I?m not talking about leftists in Greece or elsewhere; I?m talking about ultra-respectable men in Berlin, Paris, and Brussels, who have spent a quarter-century trying to run Europe on the basis of fantasy economics.

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Raybon Kan on Labour’s race-baiting dog-whistle policy

Raybon Kan writes in a newspaper about Labour’s?race-baiting dog-whistle policy against Chinese.

Being Chinese in New Zealand always puts you on the back foot. We don’t play the race card: we show up with it stuck to our face. So, when mainland Chinese house-buyers are accused of being the nation’s problem, I can’t help but feel attacked as well. Because I don’t entirely buy it when you say it’s not about being Chinese in the face. We know what you mean when you say foreign ownership. You don’t mean state houses being sold to Australia. You don’t mean Canadian pension funds. You don’t mind the white: you don’t see the white. White is how things should be.

There’s a pattern. Historically, Chinese have never been welcome. From the gold miners and railway workers who weren’t allowed to bring women, to the Poll Tax, we’ve always been singled out for worse treatment. And easily so: Well, look. The people who attack mainland Chinese house-buyers say they’re not being racist – they say they’re being economist. But I bet if a wave of white investors showed up and paid way over the odds for houses, you’d be thrilled.

Whatever the valuations now, I think we’ll look back on today’s million dollar prices as mere blankets and beads. You think mainland Chinese house-buyers are rich now? These ones are Communists. You think there’s a lot of Chinese now? This is how many there are under a one-child policy. Imagine if we tried. We can’t win. If Chinese buy houses and pay you too much – you don’t like it. If Chinese in China buy houses over the phone, pay too much and don’t even move here – you don’t like it. What do Chinese people have to do?

No wonder you see lots of Asians at Auckland house auctions. It’s the only time in New Zealand that Asians get shown any love. In fact, if I’m ever in Auckland and feel depressed, I’ll pop into a house auction, just for the hugs.

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The people said no but their dodgy socialists government capitulated and said yes

You’ve got to love the wog politicians.

They egg on their population to say No in a referendum, which they then do. Then it seems they had no plans on what to do next because after two weeks of pressure the Greek government has?capitulated and gone against the No vote and said Yes to the EU.

Euro zone leaders made Greece surrender much of its sovereignty to outside supervision on Monday (Tuesday NZ Time) in return for agreeing to talks on an ?86 billion bailout to keep the near-bankrupt country in the single currency.

The terms imposed by international lenders led by Germany in all-night talks at an emergency summit obliged leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to abandon promises of ending austerity and could fracture his government and cause an outcry in Greece.

“Clearly the Europe of austerity has won,” Greece’s Reform Minister George Katrougalos said.

“Either we are going to accept these draconian measures or it is the sudden death of our economy through the continuation of the closure of the banks. So it is an agreement that is practically forced upon us,” he told BBC radio.

Greece however aims to reopen its banks on Thursday, bankers said. Facing a wave of withdrawals, the banks closed two weeks ago.

If the summit on Greece’s third bailout had failed, Athens would have been staring into an economic abyss with its banks on the brink of collapse and the prospect of having to print a parallel currency and exit the euro. ? Read more »