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Green hypocrisy lobbying for Cadbury to stay open

The Green taliban have always been hypocrites, but you can’t find a starker example than their advocacy over trying to keep Cadbury open in Dunedin.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei is rebutting claims her party has a double standard over the closure of Dunedin’s Cadbury factory.

Ms Turei said yesterday the closure of the factory was “a tragedy for Dunedin and local manufacturing.”

Taxpayers’ Union executive director Jordan Williams says her comments “seem a bit hollow,” given the Greens are also advocating for a sugar tax, which would reduce spending on Cadbury chocolate.

“With not the slightest acknowledgement of irony, Ms Turei blames the government for the job losses because of apparent ‘inaction’ on manufacturing,” Mr Williams says.

“If by ‘action,’ Ms Turei means imposing the sorts of anti-consumer, anti-business, taxes like ones the Greens want to impose, then thank goodness the government isn’t following their advice.”  Read more »

McCully’s staff member quit and is now running for the Green party!

a former diplomat who couldn’t stand working for Murray McCully a second longer are among the latest high-profile names to join the Green party ranks.

A former UN climate change lawyer is the third to round out the latest intake of internationally-successful women the party has added to its books.

Bridget Walsh, Leilani Tamu and Teall Crossen all have different outlooks, different motivations and different pet issues, but they do have one thing in common.

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Spot on Rodney, now let’s see if the Greens can explain where all those te reo teachers are going to come from

Rodney Hide has spotted the massive flaws in the Greens plan for force all children into compulsory te reo classes.

I would love to be able to speak te reo fluently. I would also like to play the violin, solve Einstein’s field equations and run a sub-three hour marathon.

I can’t do any of these things. It’s not that I am lazy. It’s that I am busy. I figure the reward wouldn’t justify the required effort. My priorities are where the effort is less and the reward greater.

There in a nutshell is the problem with making te reo compulsory in schools.

It would be marvellous if all our children were fluent but it would come with a cost. Students don’t now have an hour a day at school with nothing to do. That means dropping something in their curriculum to make way for te reo.

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What will Labour/Green do with Waihopai, Five Eyes and the GCSB?

Labour leader Andrew Little has made it clear there won’t be any change in New Zealand’s international security relationships if his party forms a government with the Greens after the election.

Labour and the Greens are working together in the run-up to the election and on Sunday Mr Little and Greens’ co-leader Metiria Turei gave joint State of the Nation speeches in Auckland.

They have some joint policies as well, but they don’t agree on New Zealand being part of the Five Eyes intelligence-gathering operation that links the country with Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia.

The Waihopai spy station is part of that.

After the speeches had been delivered, Ms Turei confirmed the Greens would continue to oppose New Zealand’s participation.

Mr Little says there won’t be any changes under his leadership in government.

“National security is absolutely vital,” he told RNZ on Monday.

“New Zealanders want to know that the way we are running the country is keeping them safe and secure, and that our security relationships are strong as well.

“And I am absolutely determined we will maintain those.”

So we would have a Labour/Green coalition where Labour is committed to working with Trump’s America for the purposes of national security and international intelligence gathering. Read more »

So, what was the point of the MOU anyway?

Labour and the Greens had a big love in where they all talked about how great it is they are going to work together and how the Memorandum of Understanding…which expires on election night…was going to mean they #win at the coming election.

Less than 24 hours later Andrew little is telling us that the MOU is actually just a bit of paper and probably not even worth the cost of the A4 sheet they used from their parliamentary budgets.

Labour and the Greens say they have dropped plans to cut electoral “deals” in closely-fought electorates at this year’s general election.

The two parties had planned to discuss strategic campaigning in marginal seats as part of their agreement to work together until the election.

Such a move would have been critical in electorates such as Auckland Central, where National’s Nikki Kaye beat Labour’s Jacinda Ardern by just 600 votes in 2014 while the Green candidate took 2000 votes.   Read more »

Yeah nah

The Labour and Green parties’ State of the Nation event was totally missable.  But you do need to know the highlights.  This is the Green party’s own press release — in full!

The Green Party has today outlined its vision for a fairer, inclusive and forward-thinking New Zealand, and its commitment with Labour to changing the government in 2017.

The two parties held a joint state of the nation event for the first time ever in Auckland today, in front of hundreds of supporters.

“The Green Party will be a strong, progressive part of New Zealand’s next government, and we are excited to work together with Labour to create the change Aotearoa needs,” said Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei. Read more »

Tweet AND Sledge of the Day

If you didn’t see it, I will spare you the experience by not linking to it.   Andrew Little is funnier in an ironic way because he doesn’t mean to be.  But to think that a political State of the Nation speech needs the audience warming up like they do at a comedy festival before the headline act comes out… well… there is that irony again.




Was that it? Labour/Green State of the Nation fails to fire

Yesterday I made the mistake of sitting in my office and viewing the live stream of the joint State of the Nation speeches from Andrew Little and Metiria Turei.

If they are genuinely serious about changing the government then they are really going to have to try harder, even with Bill English leading National.

Last year Andrew Little held his State of the Nation speech in Albert Park and the audience was outnumbered by hippies playing hacky sack and juggling.

This year with the combined ‘might’ of the Greens AND Labour they sat some cycling and bus enthusiasts behind the speakers and bored a rather paltry audience of 500 sycophants stupid.   Read more »

Poor Julie Anne Genter forced to swallow a large rancid rat

Genter called Laila Harre’s integrity into question.  And rightly so.   But since Harre is now a Labour party member, it seems truth has to yield to the Memorandum Of Understanding.

Green MP Julie Ann Genter has publicly apologised to Laila Harre for criticising comments Harre made in an interview about her reasons for leaving the Greens.

Harre had claimed she left her role as issues director with the Green Party because she was unhappy with the way the Greens had handled a rebuffed attempt for a united campaign front with the Labour Party, claiming the Greens had leaked it.

In a spat on Twitter, Green MP Julie-Anne Genter said she had lost respect for Harre because of Harre’s account about why she left the Greens in 2014.

The former Internet Party leader had also wrongly accused the Greens of leaking sensitive information, Genter said.

Julie Ann was right.  Especially since Laila Harre is currently performing a huge image rebuilding exercise with the help of a few media mates gumming her to ecstasy.   Read more »

Face of the Day

The Green Party has questioned the financial viability of Auckland’s East West link highway, saying the Government’s own business case has costs outweighing benefits.

Construction of the East West Link started in September 2016, and it will be a four-lane highway connecting state highways 1 and 20 from Onehunga to Penrose.

But Green Party transport spokesperson Julie Anne Genter says a dramatic jump of $200-800 million in estimated cost at the beginning of 2016 casts doubts over the project’s legitimacy. Read more »