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The Greens are nuts the world over

If you think our Green party is looney, then check out the Greens in the UK.

The Greens are gathering in Liverpool for their annual conference. It?s their largest yet ? so the council will have to find extra parking spaces for all the broomsticks

We?re told that Britain is riding high on a Green tide, and that 2015 could be the year that this unlikely alliance of Trotskyites and Druids wins a clutch of seats in Parliament. But the more the public knows about them, the less it?s likely to want to vote for them.

It?s true that Green Party membership doubled last year (finally giving them enough people to form that coven they?ve always wanted) and that they?re generating lots of support among the flower children on campus. But mummy and daddy are rather more concerned about the details expected to appear in their Looney Tunes manifesto. For the borders it?s ?open sesame?; drugs, brothels and membership of terrorist groups will all be decriminalised; and Britain will become a ?zero growth economy? ? which, at the very least, will be easy to achieve. I?m told by party insiders that if the economy should dip into recession in 2016, they?ll get things moving again by sacrificing a goat to Sheba the Moon Goddess.

The more that the Greens get media attention, the more it?ll become obvious that they don?t really deserve it. For those of us with experience of actually living under a Green council, the case against them is overwhelming.

Since they took over Brighton in 2010, we?ve had proposals for gender-neutral toilets and the option of identifying oneself as Mr, Mrs or Mx on council forms. They?ve tried to hike taxes by an eye-watering 4.75 per cent. Moreover, for a supposedly Green party they are remarkably bad for the environment. Shortly after taking over there was a bin strike that led to rubbish collecting in the streets. They?ve signed-off on the construction of a monstrous tower on the front that looks suspiciously like a phallic totem pole. New windfarms promise to despoil the view out to sea. And, most ironically of all, Brighton has plummeted down the recycling tables: it now ranks 302nd out of 326 councils.

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Herald Editorial on the Greens

The Herald editorial takes some time today to look into the The Greens and their lack lustre election campaign.

Another disappointing election for the Greens ought to be prompting some serious thinking within the party about why it is in politics and where it is going. The second question is easier. The party is going nowhere on its present political settings. It has been around for nearly 25 years with members in Parliament for the past 18 years. In all of that time it has never been part of a government. When it looks around the chamber in the new Parliament, it may notice it is the only party of the seven that has never had a ministerial seat.

The reason is obvious. The Greens position their policies to the left of Labour, which means they are compatible only with a Labour Government. But given a choice between coalition partners of the centre or a party to its extreme, a governing party will reach for the centre, as Helen Clark did when she preferred Peter Dunne and Winston Peters to the Greens.

Their positioning on the left also means that their vote rises when Labour’s falls, and they suffer when Labour does well.

They are weak when Labour is in power and stronger when Labour is out. That is why this election must have been a particular blow. Labour sank to its lowest share of the vote in 92 years, yet the Greens’ share did not rise. Their hopes of attaining 15 per cent were dashed. They remain a party supported by about 10 per cent of voters.

The Greens have positioned themselves as a left wing social justice party, not a centre representative environment party. They have lost their core branding. ? Read more »

German Greens are stupid as well

Our Greens are dumber than a sack of hammers and more sanctimonious than a boy buggering catholic priest preaching about morals to boot.

It appears that the German Greens are equally as stupid:

You should listen to all sides of a debate. Two weeks ago I spoke at the UKIP conference in Birmingham while last week I spoke about the euro at a Green movement Conference in Berlin. As you might expect, the two occasions, and my reception, were very different. I so wish that I could introduce these audiences to each other ? and to you.

The German conference was striking. Admittedly, I must be careful in drawing general conclusions about?Germany, because this audience was pretty individual ? the equivalent of a Guardian readers convention. Nevertheless, the degree of mutual incomprehension astounded me. As I have discovered on previous occasions, discussing the euro with Germans is like a dialogue of the deaf.

Great Sledge

The Daily Telegraph

Why don?t we have sledges like this in New Zealand politics? This is ALP hit man Sam Dastyari talking?about?Greens:

“Because I believe they are an extremist party and I do believe they have some very loony policies and what I think they are very effective at is portraying themselves as a kind of peace, love and mung beans party, that all cares about wombats and the trees and the grass and the environment, without exposing themselves to any critique of some of their very wacky policies.

Crean on Greens

? Sydney?Morning?Herald

The ALP assault on the Greens continues with former leader Simon Crean sledging hard:

The former Labor leader, Simon Crean, attacked the Greens as impotent purists. ”We do have to differentiate ourselves from the Greens on a range of issues because purity does not produce outcomes,” he said.

Is this true here?

? Sydney Morning Herald

The ALP is on full attack against?the?Greens in Australia…there is some thinking that it is because the Greens would like to see legacy industries?collapse?which are of course the stronghold of tired old union heavies:

In short, many Labor MPs and trade union officials believe that the Greens do not care about job losses in what they regard as environmentally unfriendly industries. And they have a point. For example, writing for on May 28, the NSW Greens Senator, Lee Rhiannon, and a freelance writer, Paul Fitzgerald, called for the scrapping of Sydney Airport and for a replacement to be built outside the Sydney Basin. Such a policy, if implemented, would destroy thousands of jobs and devastate the Australian economy.

Could it be the same issue exist in New Zealand?….I?certainly?think so. The same?antagonism?by Greens for mining, heavy industry and the like is there as well as the Greens poaching some hard left support as well as the urban tree-hugger Mums. Remember Clare Curran crying foul that the Greens were stealing Labour’s rightful voters?

Looks like a top read

? Amazon

This book from James Delingpole looks like a good read, I think I might buy a copy.

Watermelons:?How the Environmentalists are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy?and Stealing Your Children’s Future

The shocking story of how an unholy mix of junk science, green hype, corporate greed and political opportunism led to the biggest and most expensive outbreak of mass hysteria in history. Watermelons explains the Climategate scandal, the cast of characters involved, their motives and methods. He delves into the background of the organisations and individuals who have sought to push global warming to the top of the political agenda, showing that beneath their cloak of green lurks a heart of red. Watermelons shows how the scientific method has been sacrificed on the altar of climate alarmism. Delingpole mocks the green movement s record of apocalyptic predictions, reveals the fundamental misanthropy of green ideology, and gives a refreshing voice to widespread public skepticism over global warming, emphasising that the crisis has been engineered by people seeking to control our lives by imposing new taxes and regulations. Your taxes will be raised, your liberties curtailed and your money squandered to deal with this crisis, he writes. Delingpole argues that climate change is an ideological battle, not a scientific one. Green on the outside, red on the inside, the libertyloathing, humanity-hating watermelons of the modern environmental movement do not want to save the world. They want to rule it.


Has Robyn Malcolm cost the Green Party Votes

The Greens have been carefully cultivating an image of pragmatism, reality and non nuttiness in a good play to win more votes from middle New Zealand.

Like other parties their polling and focus groups will have told them that attacking John Key was a really good way to lose votes, and unlike Labour their politicians have been disciplined in not attacking the most popular Prime Minister in New Zealand history.

Unfortunately for the Greens, one of their unelected stars, Robyn Malcolm, got way off message attacking John Key in an over the top partisan outburst. She completely overshadowed the Greens campaign launch and put the boot into the Greens chances of being considered a moderate party.

If the Greens don?t get over 10% the person to blame is Robyn Malcolm. If the Greens want to make sure this kind of mistake doesn?t happen in the future they should make their celebrity candidates run for office so they understand that competing for the 10% of the Green vote is bloody hard work. Having an egomaniac actress costing you votes must be soul destroying for the very disciplined, politically competent Green Party leaders.

Obviously I support the Greens about as much as turkeys support christmas, but it doesn?t mean that I can’t admire the hard work that the leaders have put in to make them seem moderate and electable. This hard work has been undone by one speech by one marginally talented actress.

Treating? Bribery?

Arguably a bicycle could be considered to be “entertainment” and therefore covered by the “Treating” provisions of the?Electoral?Act. Arguably it could also be considered “Bribery“.

In any case it is pretty dodgy for the Greens to be offering unspecified “cool prizes” and a bicycle if you enrol to vote and agree to receive Green propaganda.

Just a few short months ago the Greens could claim to have a high regard for ethics,?unfortunately?with the onset of the election?campaign?it seems those ethics have been put away in a recycled paper bag somewhere.


More social media fun

The Greens have joined in with providing social media fun.

Time to unleash the army. Go entertain yourselves troops.

Make sure you tweet and Facebook the suggestions.

Greens social media disaster