Greenland shark

Shark bites off more than it can chew, chokes on moose until saved by hunters

The Green party are big fans of sharks and hate hunters…I wonder how they will deal with story of a shark choking on a moose that was rescued by a couple of hunters.

This past Saturday, two men came to the aid of a shark that was choking on a large piece of moose hide in the shallow waters of a Newfoundland harbor.

CBC News?says Derrick Chaulk was driving along a harbor when he saw what he thought was a beached whale. When he and another local man, Jeremy Ball, investigated closer, they saw it was a Greenland shark with a large chunk of moose hide protruding from its mouth. Chaulk and Ball pulled the hide from the shark’s mouth, tied a rope to the shark’s tail, and towed it to deeper water where it recovered for 30 minutes.? Read more »