What do Google, Greenpeace & Stalin have in common?

Stalin rewriting history?

Simple! They all indulge in historical revisionism. The act, well described by Orwell in 1984 is rewriting history to suit the currently approved narrative. Lushington has already covered one part of the Greenpeace revisionist history but now it appears that Google is aiding and abetting their attempts. There is nothing particularly surprising about this given their censorship efforts.

Now Patrick Moore has exposed Google for its part in this revisionism.

A few days ago
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Greenpeace is a very successful business

The Heartland Institute has just released a?paper examining the Greenpeace business model. Quote.

Although Greenpeace relies heavily on marketing, advertising, and free market principles, they promote socialist and anti-capitalist ideals in their messaging.

Greenpeace have successfully created a public perception that they are fighting to protect humanity, nature and the environment from the evils of corrupt industries and vested interests. This perception is so popular and wide-spread that whenever Greenpeace speaks out on an issue it is automatically assumed to be true, and anybody who questions Greenpeace?s claims is assumed to be corrupt. However, as we will discuss in this report, the reality is almost exactly the opposite…

Greenpeace is a very successful business. Their business model can be summarized as follows:
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Greenpeace runs Labour as well as Greens

We have always known that the Green party was simply an outlet for Greenpeace policies. Russel Norman,?Catherine Delahunty and Richard Northey spring to mind as Greenpeace MPs.

It was clear from the Comrades’ Captain’s Call Policy (CCCP) that her instructions came directly from the rag-tag Greenpeace mob on the Beehive steps.

Now Dr Megan Woods, our bumbling Minister for Energy?and Resources, has told the House that she also takes instruction from Greenpeace. Quote.

As the member notes, I recently met with representatives of 8 Rivers. As energy and resources Minister, I meet a wide range of stakeholders. At the meeting with 8 Rivers, I listened to what they had to say. I explained that the Government has set very clear signals around policy settings and also explained to them that, as I am not a Provincial Growth Fund Minister, I wouldn’t be discussing anything related to their application. As for their case, if they choose to proceed, this is one of the issues that would no doubt be explored within the proposed feasibility study for the project and all other commercial deliberations. I do note that I made it my business in this portfolio to meet with a broad range of stakeholders in the sector, such as Greenpeace, who I met with last week, and not just the narrow, vested interests as clearly happened under previous Ministers. End quote.

This minister with a doctorate in history has responsibility for Energy and Resources and the best example she can drag up to illustrate a “broad range of stakeholders” in the energy and resources sector is Greenpeace!!!!

She then compounded the stupidity by describing Greenpeace as not being a “narrow, vested interest” group.

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Guest Post – When Green means stupid

Imagine a defamation court case where the defence is that the published statements were ?hyperbole,? ?heated rhetoric,? and ?non-verifiable statements of subjective opinion? that should not be taken ?literally? or expose them to any legal liability.? It is like saying ?truth is not my defence ? untruth is?.? Bizarre?? Sure is but it is what Greenpeace are saying about their alleged defamation of Canada?s largest forestry company.

A couple of years ago Greenpeace climbed all over Resolute, the Canadian giant over their actions in what is called the Boreal Forest.? They dubbed them ?forest destroyers?, attacking a wide range of practices including their activities involving local Indian groups.? Resolute called their bluff threatening to sue.? Greenpeace backed off and retracted.? However, in true activist style, they continued the claims against Resolute, even raising funds on the back of their claims so as to fight off a ?big corporate?. ? Read more »

Good God. Greenpeace and I agree on something

The toxic legacy of Fenton ‘Jong un’ Wilson at the Hawkes Bay Regional Council stumbles on with permission being granted for an appeal against the Court of Appeal decision to stop the dam taking 22ha of protected Conservation land.

Leave to appeal a land swap needed for the Ruataniwha Dam to go ahead has been granted – a day before the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council will vote on a moratorium on some activities relating to the dam.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court granted a leave of appeal requested in September from the Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company Ltd (HBRIC) and the Minister of Conservation.

This was to appeal a decision upheld by the Court of Appeal earlier that month, when Forest and Bird argued the land swap of 22ha of the Ruahine Forest Park, for 170ha of land HBRIC would potentially buy from Smedley Station, was unlawful.

This would have downgraded the protected conservation status of the Ruahine Forest land to allow it to be flooded as part of the water storage scheme.

In its decision yesterday, the Supreme Court stated the approved question for appeal was “whether the Court of Appeal was correct to allow the appeal and dismiss the cross-appeal”.

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Greenpeace told to drop opposition to GE by more than 100 Nobel laureates

This is ironic. The organisation that tells us we should accept climate science, that the science is settled and other such statements, is now being told the same thing about GE crops and foods, by eminent scientists who are also Nobel laureates.

More than 100 Nobel laureates have called on international environmental group Greenpeace to end its opposition to genetically modified crops, saying there is a scientific consensus they are safe and can benefit society.

At a news conference, the scientists cited in particular the value of a genetically modified rice used to prevent some illnesses related to vitamin A deficiency in much of the developing world.

“Golden Rice” produces beta carotene in the grain, which rice does not do in the natural world. ? Read more »

The Dodgy Socialist Dam faces another legal challenge

Greenpeace are the latest organisation to oppose the dodgy socialist dam in Hawkes Bay.

They have announced they are seeking overturn two resource consents.

Greenpeace NZ is launching a legal challenge against a controversial plan to build a dam that?s set to cost close to $1 billion and will pollute a region?s rivers.

Today, Greenpeace will file a judicial review of resource consents granted by the Hawke?s Bay Regional Council to extend the area of land area that can be irrigated by the Ruataniwha scheme, which will aid the expansion of dairy farms in the region.

The motion, to be lodged at the High Court in Napier, challenges two resource consents given to the Hawke?s Bay Regional Investment Company in January, which were granted without public notification on the basis of a Council assessment that any environmental effects would be no more than ?minor?.

Greenpeace?s agriculture campaigner, Gen Toop, describes the move to grant the consents without notifying the public as ?inconceivable?. ? Read more »

So green eco-terrorists lie. What?s new? Problem is that they waste time and money

Some green eco-terrorists have made claims about the death?of a Maui dolphin. It turns out they have zero evidence of their claims and a wild goose chase has ensued to find out what, if anything, has happened.

A cover-up is being alleged over the death of a critically endangered Maui’s dolphin outside a protected are off Taranaki, but the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) says the claim is unsubstantiated.

German conservation group NABU International spent three years trying to verify claims it had heard one of the dolphins was caught in a gillnet during the 2012/2013 fishing year.

It claims to have a statement from an eyewitness on the boat who said an official government observer told them he had “seen nothing”.

There are no recorded deaths of Maui’s dolphin in the official database of fishing bycatch for the 2012/2013 year. There are estimated to be around 50 of the mammals left.

NABU head of endangered species conservation Dr Barbara Maas says the group had tried for years to get MPI to confirm the rumour.

“To no avail, and given there are so few animals, we felt compelled to make this information available to the public in the hope it would spark some much-needed change.”

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He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

I know, I know. ?It’s a bit early. ?But it’s worth watching it again. ?Apparently a PM hasn’t been thrown from the chamber for so long, if you don’t watch it, you may not be alive for the next time. ?Like Haley’s Comet.

Smelly hippycrites disrupt oil conference

About 30 smelly hippies have blocked access to an oil exploration conference in Auckland.

The start of a petroleum industry conference has been delayed by protesters outside Sky City hotel and conference centre.

Scores of protesters have blocked entrances to the complex leaving delegates and some hotel guests stranded outside.

Protesters are worried about the threat of climate change from burning fossil fuels and risks of deep sea drilling.

Energy Minister Simon Bridges is due to speak at the event.

Conference organisers and protest leader Steve Abel are debating the merits of exploration as the standoff continues.

Greenpeace said that Minister Bridges would be announcing the 2016 Block Offers – areas of New Zealand’s ocean that will be offered up for oil exploration this year.

Abel said that “despite years of public opposition and a failure to find any deep sea oil, John Key’s Government has continued to invest in the drilling that threatens our communities, coastlines and climate.”

“We have a Government and an oil industry hell-bent on drilling for the very oil that must stay in the ground if we’re going to avoid climate change causing human catastrophe,” said Abel.

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