Immigrants Having A Lend On Greens Home For Life

Cactus Kate has performed a quick google and found that TVNZ pin-up Sharissa Naidoo, 25 years old and supporter of the Greens Debt To Taxpayer Home For Life, has lived in New Zealand for just seven years. Most of those as a bludging student.

Naidoo completed a worthless return on investment, Masters degree and is working as a youth intern at Amnesty International.

If Sharissa is finding New Zealand a little too tough, perhaps she should pop back to South Africa after receiving her education at one of the best Universities in the world and see what affordable housing looks like. A bit mean? I think not.

That is right, Sharissa seems to have only recently even arrived in New Zealand. Six years as at 2012. That would be a couple of years tops in New Zealand’s state education system and then the benefit of New Zealand’s University system.
So after seven years and zero of those as a net taxpayer, she expects assistance to buy a house?
She even has published a paper on how unfair the interest free student loan scheme is. Debt as the price of freedom?

Student loans are interest free while studying last time I checked.

Sledge of the Day

Cactus Kate gives Jessica Mutch a good sledge in response to this tweet:

And Cactus replies:? Read more »

Green Taliban support selling of state houses…and rent control

The Green Taliban have come out with a housing policy that is surprisingly right wing in some areas. They support a rent to buy scam where tenants can buy their state house. In theory this is very right wing, but in practice almost always turns out to be a bum deal for the tenants.

In the second major part of their policy they revert to type revealing they are still statists intent on controlling every aspect of people’s life.

And like most Opposition policies, the Green Taliban’sloopy idea for?rent control?sounds good until you scratch the surface.

“This policy, meant to assist poorer residents, harms far more citizens than it helps”

They’ve ripped this policy off from the?Green Taliban in the UK?which announced it last year.

To be fair, rent control has had mixed results?in Europe, and for places like Germany?it has meant fewer Germans feel the need to buy their own home.

“Therefore, only 43% of German people own their house (the lowest in Europe)”

This paper?(a bit dated now, but with luminary Milton Friedman as a contributor) makes some really interesting points both in terms of the housing crisis campaign, and the impacts of rent control:

From the point of view of the politically orientated policy maker, rent control has everything to offer. It silences (at least for a time) the noisy activists, it shows that the government is doing something about the housing crisis, and often as not it wins the political support of a large fraction of the voting public (over half of the households inmost urban areas are tenants). Moreover, rent control does not involve the use of government resources and hence doesn’t “cost” the government anything.

Tenant activists generally do not start out from the premise that “we must first ascertain the facts.” Quite the contrary.?The objective of the tenant activist is to create a sense of crisis?to make policy makers and other tenants believe that the situation is truly desperate. A book entitled Less Rent More Control, which is “about rent control… and how tenants can organize to win and enforce it,” advises:

“Even if you can’t get good statistics, it’s often helpful to publicize specific cases of families paying a large portion of their incomes for rent.” ?”Stories about specific families who are suffering from the housing crisis can be very useful in bringing statistics to life and in getting publicity for the rent control campaign.”

And we are seeing this for sure in the media here..with Campbell Live and the Herald campaigning for and on behalf of the Labour and Green parties.

The media for its part, always happy to advance the cause?of the underdog?an admirable objective taken by itself?willingly cooperates in making notorious the plight of the underprivileged.

But does rent control help with a housing crisis…ermmmm…no it doesn’t:

Rent control worsens housing “shortage”. ?Rent control makes rental housing relatively cheaper than it would otherwise have been. Accordingly, it increases the demand for housing. At the same time it reduces the profitability of investment in rental housing and hence reduces the supply.

With forcibly lower rents landlords have little interest in maintenance:

Rent control causes deterioration of the housing stock. ?Faced with a rate of return on investment that is too small, many landlords recoup their losses on a current basis by allowing the physical stock of houses to depreciate at a faster rate. That is, regular maintenance and repair is neglected.

It’s just another tax:

Rent control redistributes income in haphazard fashion.?Rent control is a form of tax that is levied on landlords, the proceeds of which are given to tenants. The amount of tax and subsidy varies according to the difference between the market rent and the controlled rent.

In large cities the effects of rent control could see large drops in the value of the rating system, as property values slump. Rates are aligned with values.

Rent control shifts the incidence of property taxation. ?Rent control reduces the value of rental property.

Basically, in short simple words…Rent Control doesn’t work, ensures sums develop, and destroys value….yeah, no wonder the Green Taliban are keen on this.

Gareth Hughes killing penguins and polar bears with Bonfires

Dolphin, Gareth Hughes, bonfires

Dead dolphin, helped to an early grave by Gareth Hughes and his bonfires

So after burning up the carbon miles travelling around the country (care of the taxpayer) to turn up at any Greenie cause he could find to support, Gareth Hughes has had a good old fashioned burn off at his place over summer. Isn’t composting supposed to be the ‘Green’ thing to do? ?Perhaps if it’s only other people.

?How are you unwinding over summer?

My plan is to have a whole bunch of bonfires. I bought a house last year and I’ve got a huge amount of gardening to catch up with so I’ve got a fire permit and as the nights have got a bit longer I’ve started having fires so I plan to do some gardening, clear some wood. There’s heaps of fallen trees we’ve cleared away and straggly stuff.?? Read more »

See if you can guess this one?

via ODT - Campers calling it quits after persistent bad weather

via ODT – Campers calling it quits after persistent bad weather

As regular readers will know, I belt out articles like a?H&K MP-5, but for this one I actually sat here stunned for a while not knowing what to do.

Let me start at the end first:

This sort of thinking does my head in.

Very few, if any of us, are effectively neutral on any issue. ?It’s why we have blogs that come at it from “left” or “right” or “green” angles.

But let me ask you a question:

Who would you blame for snow during the holiday period?

Who would you blame for people having to be moved from camp grounds due to swollen rivers?

Who would you blame for people not enjoying their Christmas holidays because it rained so much?

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Random Green Economics – by the Owl

I just read that the NZD is about to hit 85 US cents.

The Greens printing of money was to get to .075 US cents. I think they said print $3 Billion.

My quick calculation is that if we did what Russel Norman wanted to do then and we know that it would have had NO effect on the currency (even my grandmother knew that) – the Reserve Bank would have just lost by my calculations? $300,000,000.00 in 3 months.

Random economics I know and pretty simplistic and maybe even incorrect but would be interested on other people’s economics.

Hypocrisy, much?

So, Fairfax, it seems that after all the articles you’ve published against Asset Sales, you’re not above a bit of hypocrisy by selling some of your own?

I look forward to an editorial explaining how Fairfax selling assets to get cash to pay of debt is different to a government selling assets to get cash to pay off debt.

And with the number of NZ registered and active users of TradeMe, I’m also expecting Labour and/or the Greens to publish press releases announcing it will not allow the sale of this strategic national asset and will force nationalisation of TradeMe once they are in government.

I look forward to press releases from those parties announcing how the sale of a company that over 1 million ?New Zealand customers use is ‘business as usual’, while the sale of a few New Zealand farms requires all sorts of legal requirements to be met and exceeded.

And can I also look forward to a public comment from Selwyn Pellett, you know, the guy who sold his own businesses off-shore but surely will be against this one like he was against the sale of F&P?



Ain’t that the truth

The Green Taliban are the biggest sanctimonious hypocrites known to mankind:

“All the fuss is being made by greenies, but they still want to travel in planes, yet [they] are restricting the growth of aviation and the economic benefits to the country.”


…and it tastes like baby seal tears

Rumour has it that the Green Party are putting together their XMas hampers stuffed with goodies like sustainably grown flax and hemp products. Yawn.

But here’s something that’s being considered that’s a little more noteworthy:

Promotional text found on the bottle includes:

  • Get hammered and sickled!
  • Join the Party!
  • A taste worth standing in line for!
  • Drink! Comrade! Drink! It’s this or the gulag!

Greens talking to aliens?

I always knew the Greens were from another planet, now it appears we have proof:

THE Greens are facing a return to political obscurity following election backlashes across the country, but rather than devise a strategy to win back disillusioned voters, NSW Greens MPs have decided to turn their attention to alien life forms.

Despite losing three of their four seats in last weekend’s ACT elections and suffering a swing of almost 5 per cent against them – the Greens spent last Monday discussing how they could describe their party to extraterrestrials.

A copy of the NSW planning day agenda obtained by?The Sunday Telegraph?reveals Greens MPs were instructed to imagine they were talking to aliens to outline their policies.

Despite running for an entire day, not one specific policy is mentioned in the outline.

The revelations of the bizarre planning day come as political analysts predict the party will return to the electoral wilderness – with a disastrous showing across NSW in last month’s local government election, in which they suffered swings against the party of up to 15 per cent.