Greg Melleuish

Now we know where Kevin Hague got his McCarthyist ideas from

Kevin Hague has been pursuing and victimising Katherine Rich in a rather creepy stalking and hounding campaign against her for daring to have a different point of view to him.

He has shown that he isis intolerant of opposing views and like all good Stalinists for McCarthyists he wants to shut anyone down who differed in politics to him.

Perhaps he has been seeking advice on pursing a witch-hunt like this from his fellow travellers in the Greens in Australia.

THE notorious US anti-communism campaigner Joe McCarthy would be proud ? the Australian Senate has adopted his tactics in?pursuit of independent think tanks.

Instead of ?Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States??, a Senate estimates committee is asking whether particular academics and specialists are ?connected? with the Institute of Public ?Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies.

The federal Education Department has emailed a dozen or more subject specialists who contributed to the national curriculum review.

The correspondence begins: ?The department has received a number of questions from Senate estimates. The specific question is: ?If any of the reviewers who were appointed are connected with the Institute of Public ?Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies?? ?

Exactly the same modus operandi as Kevin Hague.

?This is outright McCarthyism,? IPA deputy director James Paterson said. ?It is pretty much ?Are you now or have you even been a member of the IPA?? ?

University of Wollongong historian Greg Melleuish said he was happy to answer the question because he had ?nothing to hide?.

The issue was the ?motives of the people asking the questions? rather than the department following up. The person who asked the question was South Australian Greens senator Penny Wright, who raised it at an October hearing.

?I am interested to know if any of the reviewers who were appointed are connected with the Institute of Public Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies?? she asked.

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Green/Labour wowsers

Years back, when Labour and the Left had a half-way credible claim to represent the interest of workers, they were the people that supported a good family life; beer that wasn’t too expensive, an affordable smoke, and the right to have a bet at the TAB.

Today, the Left, be it the mad Green Taliban or the weak-kneed light-bulb-banning Labour mob, demand that everyone lives the righteous mung-bean eating life of a hemp-clad hippie. ? Their way or no way. ? What happened?

Australian commentator and University Professor Greg Melleuish identified the trend some time back in Australia: ?the return of the Wowser, the obnoxious, controlling zealot who sees your pleasure and freedom as a sin. ? And today they are not religious fanatics, they are Green and Left politicians:

WHEN we survey some of the more controversial incidents of recent times, from the attempts to place restrictions on poker machine players to the suspension of live cattle exports to Indonesia, there is a connecting thread that almost everyone has missed. This is the return of the wowser.

Wowsers want to improve people and make them better. To do so they have to prevent them from engaging in activities that they find immoral: be it gambling, eating meat, drinking alcohol, smoking or consuming junk food.

My father used to say that for such people if you were enjoying yourself there must be sin involved.? Read more »