Greg Presland

I hope he is a better lawyer than he is a climate expert

Full-time blogger, part time local body politician and flea lawyer, Greg Presland thinks that the flooding in West Auckland wasn’t caused by rain.

Not weather either…he knows for certain what and who is to blame for all the flooding.

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I’m disappointed Greg missed out

Poor old Greg Presland, part-time suburban flea lawyer and full-time blogger at The Standard, he got beaten by a carpet bagger.

Taxation lecturer Deborah Russell has been nominated for New Lynn, while the deputy Wellington mayor, Paul Eagle, will run in Rongotai.

Dr Russell replaces the former leader, David Cunliffe, as Labour’s candidate in the Auckland seat, which Mr Cunliffe won with a 4500 majority in 2014.

Mr Cunliffe steps down after 18 years in Parliament.

Dr Russell said she wanted to hear what people had to say and was confident she could build on Labour’s majority in the electorate. ? Read more »

Author at The Standard in running for Labour’s New Lynn selection

Look Greg, just deny everything ok, I’ve got this #winning

Part-time lawyer and full-time blogger at The Standard, Greg Presland aka Mickey Savage is standing in Labour’s New Lynn selection.

He’s a key member of Labour’s own dirty politics team so it will be interesting to see how he does.

Six people have thrown their hats in the ring to seek selection in New Lynn?but the battle is expected to come down to two.

Among those?seeking to stand for Labour in former leader David Cunliffe’s?electorate are two current Auckland local board members ? Greg Presland and Susan Zhu.

If either make it to Parliament then it would trigger a local body by-election. ?? Read more »

Greg Presland can’t count

The only Labour MP to win a seat from National in the 2014 election is getting beaten up by the halfwits in the echo chamber that is the Standard.

Chief halfwit Mickey Savage aka Greg Presland, makes the following stupid claim based on not being able to count or analyse election results.

Good on him for winning. ?If you look at the?2011?and?2014?election results in Napier you will see that his proportion of the electorate vote barely changed but National?s plunged by 19% points because of an energetic campaign by the Sensible Sentencing Trust?s candidate Garth McVicar. ?His success was directly due to McVicar?s presence but hey, in politics winning is all important.?

Once again I have?to point out what a load of bullshit the ?McVicar won Napier for Nashy? argument is. We have had to do this repeatedly when the left and the media don?t bother to do the analysis properly. Here is the correct analysis.

Did Stuart Nash win Napier because of the Conservatives?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that?with a majority of 3733?Nash would have almost certainly won whether Garth McVicar was in the race or not. ?? Read more »

Someone needs to tell Greg he’s dreamin’

Greg Presland aka Mickey Savage, the part time flea lawyer, full time lap-blogger at The Standard thinks last night’s One News/Colmar Brunton poll is a victory for Labour…despite them and Andrew Little dropping.

His rationale:

I try to avoid?commercial television and radio. ?Too many egos and the commercial agenda is too transparent. ?This is why I believe state media has such an important role to play. Radio New Zealand for instance does a very good job in providing in depth analytical Stories on current events. ?But Television New Zealand leaves a lot to be desired.

Last night?s report on the latest Colmar Brunton poll is a classic example of its failure to report a story properly.

The written article?started by saying?that Andrew Little was ?down to single figures (eight per cent)? while ?John Key remains well ahead.? ?It then reported on the party support figures. ?But it did not report that the opposition parties now have a significant advantage over National and that support for National?s support parties is?disappearing.

The film was even worse. ?It felt like a John Key love in with video?of him speaking to the UN and being a soldier boy in Iraq being shown. ?What a guy. ?He had the chance to make comments on various issues?and even had the chance to say that National was finishing the year quite strong.

Meanwhile the only presentation of Andrew Little was negative with the reporting essentially being that he was not polling that well and how he must be worried.

But the changes in the poll?were?all within the margin of error for the poll. ?Little going down 2% and Jacinta Ardern going up 1% suggests a marginal change if one actually occurred. ?All of the movements were minor and within the realm of statistical noise.

And get this. ?The one damning statistic, that on these polling numbers National would be out of office WAS NOT EVEN MENTIONED.

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Comment of the Day [UPDATED]

Cactus Kate gives Twitter terrorist Giovanni Tiso, Keith Ng and all the mouth breathers?at The Standard a right good slapping after they all burst into print wailing about Dirty Politics and the state of Dirty Media.

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Behind the tree-huggers, what the media isn’t telling you

Let’s start with the tree…it isn’t 500 years old. Sources inside the Auckland Council tell me that the?council’s own arborists reckon it is barely 100 years old.

Then you’d think from the media that there is just one tree that needs saving without telling you that there are multiple Kauri on the site, some even bigger than this one…presumably they must be near a 1000 years old given their size. All bare this one are going to be retained in the development.

Anyone with basic history skills can tell you that Kauri in the Waitakeres were pretty much clear felled for their timber, except for one large pocket…which this tree is nowhere near. This will be a regrowth Kauri and as such is barely 100 hundred years old. There is no way that a 400 year old Kauri that close to the Manukau Harbour would have survived the clear felling of kauri.

Then we have the treehugger protesting a legal property development who has become the media’s hero.

But he ?is a Green Taliban extremist from Australia who has done similar stunts in Tasmania.

The Hager lover has even written his own Dirty Politics Waiheke. Like most green types he doesn’t believe in freedom of speech.

Yet Waiheke has not been immune to the rise of the attack blog. Ever since being voted out of office in the 2013 local body elections, former Waiheke Local Board deputy chair Jo Holmes and her sidekick Jerry Flay, along with ?anonymous? guest bloggers have been publishing daily blogs attacking: The Mayor, the new Waiheke Local Board Members, especially Paul Walden, Denise Roche, Green MP based on Waiheke, her partner and daughter, me, and anyone associated with Green or progressive politics anywhere.

Far from being a discussion of policies and ideas, the daily blog posts have been heavy on the personal attack, making unfounded accusations and relying heavily on superficial comments on people?s appearance. As Martyn Bradbury points out ?Politics can be angry, politics can be loud. ? but hateful? Hate politics has no place in a modern democracy?

In the Waiheke Whale Oil ?, Denise Roche is referred to as ?an old bag?, Becs Ballard is referred to as ?Barbie? I am called ?a silly little boy?, and implications alluding to physical characteristics of Denise?s 15 year old daughter have been made too.

Whilst for many the blog may be a form of light entertainment, as it is far more entertaining than any satire of the subject material could be, it is scarily serious. Jo has written or hosted pieces in favour of single use disposable plastic bags, blogged against the public fruit tree project in Blackpool, railed against the concept of ?fairtrade?, and has called Generation Zero (the youth climate change action group) ?just like the Hitler youth?! Whilst it would be amusing if read as satire, like The Civilian, or The Onion, there is no reason to believe that the views expressed there are not genuinely held. Jo admires and models herself on Cameron Slater?s Whale Oil blog. I?ll say that again: Jo admires Cameron Slater, and proudly considers her blog the Waiheke equivalent.

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Senior UN official meddles in local issues

A senior UN official has been caught meddling in domestic New Zealand issues.

She is as usual unrepentant and feels that she can ignore the usual protocols of UN officials refraining from entering local political debates on issues…especially on an issue that is actually a private property rights issue.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has weighed in on the battle to stop a 500-year-old kauri from being chopped down in Auckland.

Ms Clark – now the Administrator for the United Nations Development Programme – posted her views on a photo of supporters at a protest in Paturoa Rd, Titirangi, where the centuries’ old kauri is due to be brought down.

“Extraordinary in this day and age that a permit would be given to fell a 500 year old kauri tree,” she wrote.

The comment was made on a photo posted on Facebook by Waitakere Ranges Local Board member Greg Presland. He is pictured with fellow member Saffron Toms and board chairwoman Sandra Coney.

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The delusions of the left

Greg Presland writes at The Standard:

?I wondered about this because I have spent time in Western Samoa and Rarotonga since 2009 and I used local telecommunications to keep up with work and politics in Aotearoa. ?The thought that this information has been sent to the Americans is somewhat scary.

What planet are these morons on?

He is scared that his innocuous communications as the trustee of David Cunliffe secret donation laundering fund might have been sent to the Americans? Or ringing his flea law office to see if another divorce case has walked in the door?

The man, if you can call him that is deluded.

No one, let alone the Americans are interested in his communciations.

Hells teeth, everyone knows I supported Frank Bainimarama and that I went to Fiji three times in two years to meet and understand the political situation in the land of my birth.

Did I communicate with people on the phone or internet about it? ?Of course I did.

Am I worried the GCSB might have listened in and passed my brilliant political analysis of the situation in Fiji onto the Americans or shock horror to John Key? No I am not. I doubt anyone cares. ? Read more »

Police looking into Greg Presland’s money laundering rort for Len Brown

Greg Presland. ?You may recall he was a ‘close adviser and friend’ to David Cunliffe. ?You may also recall he writes as Mickey Savage on The Standard. ?You may also recall he put together David Cunliffe’s dodgy secret trust.

Seems the paragons of virtue, Brown and Presland have come to the attention of the police.

Police are investigating an entity that funded Auckland mayor Len Brown’s 2010 and 2013 election campaigns.

More then $750,000 in backing for Brown’s two successful campaigns was paid by a trust that kept donors’ identities secret. Since February police have been investigating whether the trust breached the Local Electoral Act.

The Sunday Star-Times has confirmation from Brown’s former campaign team that Greg Presland was involved in the donor trust. He was also the main trustee of the trust that paid almost $20,000 in anonymous donations to former Labour leader David Cunliffe during Labour’s 2013 leadership contest.

Cunliffe has since said using that trust was an error of judgment, and keeping donors’ names secret didn’t fully represent “the values I would like to bring to this leadership”. Cunliffe eventually named three donors and returned donations to two others who did not want to be named.

Brown sees no need to do the same with the “New Auckland Council Trust”, which donated $499,000 to his 2010 mayoral campaign and $273,375 last year .

Let me fast-forward to the end for you all: ?1) ?Len Brown will not stand down. ?He has done nothing illegal and he’s not ashamed about anything. ?2) ?Greg Presland, in spite of being poison to whoever he gets involved with, will happily continue to ply his trade. ? Read more »