Grievous bodily harm

He should be getting a medal, not a murder charge

This poor bastard who confronted a burglar should be getting a medal, instead he is facing a murder charge.

A man has been charged with murder after he allegedly confronted a burglar who broke into his house on Saturday morning and left the man with fatal injuries.

Police say a 34-year-old man broke into a house in Hamilton, a suburb of Newcastle, at 3.30am on Saturday and was discovered by two men.

It is believed one man lived at the Cleary Street home with his young family, while the other man was his friend.

A fight broke out when the pair confronted the intruder, police say, leaving the man unconscious and “unresponsive”.

Police were called, and officers arrived to find the intruder being “detained” by the men. ? Read more »

When will the coroner ban Killer Jugs?

We now have killer houses…the coroner said so, so it must be true…and the Herald reported it.

Now it seems we have killer jugs.

A mother and her two sons are in custody for a violent home invasion after a clean sweep of guilty verdicts by a Christchurch District Court jury.

The trio were flanked by seven police, Corrections staff, and court security officers as they heard the verdicts, about a day after the jury began its deliberations.

They stood impassively as Judge Brian Callaghan remanded them in custody for sentencing on September 2 and were escorted quietly out of the court.

The mother, Sarah Janine Godkin, 48, appeared to turn aside and wipe away a tear after she had heard the verdicts.

She was also convicted of sexual violation of a woman who received internal injuries during the episode of what the Crown said was frenzied violence at a house in Wainoni, Christchurch.? Read more »

Unfit to be called a mother

This woman is unfit to be called a mother. How anyone could do this to a child is inconceivable…I’ll bet you one thing though…it will be another increase in child abuse stats from one particular demographic group:

A mother accused of immersing her two-year-old son’s hands in boiling water then failing to seek medical treatment for at least eight months has been granted further name suppression.

The 31-year-old woman appeared in Porirua District Court this morning after her lawyer sought an urgent suppression hearing following inquiries yesterday by APNZ.

She faces two charges of cruelty and ill-treatment of a child, and one of wounding with reckless disregard causing grievous bodily harm.

Police believed the toddler’s injuries were inflicted around November or December “by way of full immersion of his hands into boiling water”.

Despite suffering horrific injuries, no proper medical attention was provided until child protection agencies became involved by chance in August this year, it is alleged.

Burglars. Expect to be shot

A good judge in the UK gets it spot on:

A judge has defended the rights of people to protect their homes, telling two burglars shot during a break-in: ?That is the chance you take.?

Joshua O?Gorman and Daniel Mansell were blasted with a legally-held shotgun after they smashed their way into the isolated rural home of a businessman, Andy Ferrie, and his wife Tracey last month.

The two men, who have a string of convictions between them, were arrested when they arrived at hospital seeking treatment for their injuries. Mr and Mrs Ferrie were also arrested and questioned for more than 40 hours on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. They were later released without charge.

O?Gorman and Mansell appeared at Leicester Crown Court where they were both jailed for four years after admitting burglary.

In a move welcomed by justice campaigners, Judge Michael Pert QC, told the pair they could not expect any leniency simply because they had been wounded in the incident.

He told them: ?If you burgle a house in the country where the householder owns a legally-held shotgun, that is the chance you take. You cannot come to court and ask for a lighter sentence because of it.?

Did they expect to get a nice cup of tea?

The Face of a Rapist

The Turangi Rapist can now be named ahead of sentencing today after his name suppression expired:

The Turangi teenager who admitting raping a five-year-old girl as she slept in a caravan can now be named.

Name suppression lapsed for 16-year-old Raurangi Mark Marino ahead of his sentencing today.

Last month he admitted the charges of burglary and sexual violation by rape, as well as a third charge of aggravated wounding that was amended to causing grievous bodily harm.

He will be sentenced in Rotorua District Court today.

This is a photo of him from his Facebook page, What Up Naaw….is prison.

UPDATE: He has now been?sentenced?to 10 years in the pokie.

Likely to plead guilty

Remember the outrage for the crim hugging, lefty, catch and release types that the 16 year old arrested for attacking the 5 year old tourist was some innocent poor kid who needed to be given a chance:

The 16-year-old boy charged with a brutal attack on a five-year-old girl at a Turangi campground has asked God to “make me a man, without hate, anger and stress”.

The teenager whose name is suppressed, appeared in the Taupo Youth Court today and indicated that he intends to plead guilty to charges of burglary and sexual violation by rape, as well as a third charge of aggravated wounding that was amended to causing grievous bodily harm.

Perhaps someone could start the building of the?scaffolding and selling tickets.