Even Australians are wise to Winston

We all know Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of St Mary’s Bay is a lying, corrupting influence on New Zealand politics. His reputation is so bad that even Australian’s know he is the unflushable grogan of NZ politics.

…Peters’ denies the claim saying Key is scaremongering: “He is blaming New Zealand First for bringing down a Government that you haven’t had a chance to vote for yet.” For some commentators, Peters is casting his?shadow?over New Zealand politics yet again. For the third MMP election out of six Winston could choose the government and the Prime Minister.

…Peters’ revival in New Zealand politics fits into the pattern of a growing number of?right wing populist parties?who have established themselves in liberal democracies since the 1980s. Unlike the traditional postwar radical right, the contemporary populist right has developed a populist ideology that is anti-elitist. The larger goal behind the radical right-wing populist political project is to destabilise the power elite, from which they feel excluded. It is for the latter reasons that Peters’ statements on government alliances are made.

…In this election Peters’ has said that he will not form a coalition, rather he will sit in opposition to keep the government?honest. These are the same words he said in 1996 when he formed a Coalition government with the National Party and in 2005 when he became Foreign Minister in Helen Clark’s Labour Government. To say Peters’ is unpredictable is putting it mildly. He has at least provided political watchers some entertainment in what would otherwise be an underwhelming heavily staged-managed election campaign.

The media are addicted to Peters like a coke head to dirty lines.