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Hamas is lying about its new penal code

You won’t have read much about Hamas and their gift to the Palestinian people for Christmas except if you read blogs.

Now that their support of Crucifixion, hand chopping etc has been outed they are busy denying it.

They lie and lie again and our newss media lap it all up. It disgusts me.

Imitates, life, art. Not necessarily in that order

John Key Killing SealsThe left has been pretty hysterical in attacking National. Since Helen committed seppuku they have been unable to write anything so palsied are their thought processes. I used to joke that they accused John Key of eating babies. Now the EPMU’s Rob Egan…..err…Irish Bill is accusing him of everything short of that – including killing seals.

I guess the Christmas crazies are getting to him.

To top all that off Lyn Prentice, the guy with the girls name is joining Al Gore in betting that the very ice that the seals are sitting on in the picture at left will be gone not in five years as Al Gore predicts but in ten and he reckons that is a sure thing he would put money on.

Well this blogger will take him up on that….how much Lyn? Money, Mouth and all that crap. Yes Lyn you can comment here, I won’t ban you like you have banned me.

I was thinking we should make it a good bet, you know something worthwhile….I’m prepared to take suggestions.

Canada expecting first coast to coast White Christmas since 1971

The Earth just refuses to warm despite the warmists expending $50 billion trying to prove that it is.

Canada is under no such illusion as they face the first White Christmas coast to coast since 1971.

In Australia the Australian gets into Rudd and his poxed Emmissions Trading Scheme;

THE Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change model of dangerous, human-caused climate change has failed. Independent science relevant to supposed human-caused global warming is clear, and can be summarised in four briefpoints.

First, global temperature warmed slightly in the late 20th century and has been cooling since 2002. Neither the warming nor the cooling were of unusual rate ormagnitude.

Second, humans have an effect on local climate but, despite the expenditure of more than $US50 billion ($70 billion) looking for it since 1990, no globally summed human effect has ever been measured. Therefore, any human signal must lie buried in the variability of the natural climate system.

Third, we live on a dynamic planet; change occurs in Earth’s geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and oceans all the time and all over the world. No substantive evidence exists that modern rates of global environmental change (ice volume; sea level) lie outside historic natural bounds.

Last, cutting carbon dioxide emissions, be it in Australia or worldwide, will likely result in no measurable change in future climate, because extra increments of atmospheric CO2 cause diminishing warming for each unit of increase; at most, a few tenths of a degree of extra warming would result from a completion of doubling of CO2 since pre-industrial times.

These facts notwithstanding, the Rudd Government is poised to introduce a CO2 taxation bill on doubly spurious grounds. It presumes, first, that dangerous warming caused by human emissions is occurring, or will shortly occur. And, second, that cuts to emissions will prevent significant amounts of future warming.

There is, therefore, now a dramatic disjunction between scientific reality and the stranglehold that global warming alarmism has on planned Australian climate policy.

It seems that the Earth just won’t warm like the warmists want.

Thick Shit of the Week

Bottled WaterDPF notes that a Greenie is waxing lyrical about a ban on bottled water at a UK university. He quite rightly points out the silliness of the voting mechanism.

However the rest of the post at the numpty greenie blog is about the great benefit to the environment of banning bottled water.

As is usual with foolish, one eyed, single issue campaigners is that they are so blinkered that they miss the big picture. I decided since I am not busy today to wage war and kick a green in the comments.

I observed that it was a fantastic own goal by the fools who are celebrating but have probably only served to drive the bottled water buyers into other less healthy beverages with the net result being no reduction in waste and an increase in consumption of more arguably less healthy alternative beverages.

One fool even lectured me about providing drink bottles for children going to school. I think he missed the big word starting with ‘U’, bless.

Go visit and kick a Greenie for Christmas……they don’t believe in Christmas anyway so it makes the giving of a Christmas kick even better.

The same fool bangs on about how he takes tap water and boils it, chills it and refills his battered and goobed in plastic bottle, clearly he is looking for praise and the rest of us to bow down before his thriftiness and outstanding efforts in saving the planet. Unfortunately for him he has exploded his carbon footprint in the boiling and chilling of the water exponentially had he done nothing.

Of course I don’t belive in the whole carbon footprint thingy but he does, so a kick he gets.

New Speak and other Bollocks

I was at a BBQ today and folk were talking about work and silly things that organisations come up with. You know like buzzwords and new speak crap.

One guy in particular was crapping on about TOFU. Now we all know what SNAFU means so I suggested it mean Tossers Often Fuck Up. Well the grim frown and clucking of tongues that emanated from this po-faced “new speaker” was a sight to behold.

I was then subjected to a “discussion” that it actually meant “Take Ownership, Follow Up”. I responded that I thought that was complete tosh and new speak for doing your fucking job. Well the frown was very definately etched on the forehead now. This fool also thought I was deadly serious in opposing his views about how “organisations” should conduct themselves with both “internal and external clients”.

I snorted oh you mean customers and fellow staff members. Another lecture ensued.

I told him my technique for managing staff was FIFO. Fit in or Fuck Off.

Anyway back to new speak, I will cover our discussion on homeless people in another post. New Speak must be fought with vigor. This is the type of creeping panty-waisted thinking that has nobbled our fine country. I don’t want to hear about paradigms, boxes either inside them or outside them, circuit-breaker thinking or any other such crap.

I want to describe things how they are and what they are without weasely, crappy new speak and for that reason I will wish people “Merry Christmas” and not some crap-weasel saying like “Happy Holidays”.

It’s fucking Christmas, I don’t care if you get offended by celebrating a Christian festival because you are Jewish, Muslim or Hindu, It Christmas and that’s that get fucking over it.

Mmmm….Guinea pig….tasty

Now as you all know I am a big animal lover and a member of PETA.

In Peru officials in the coastal province of Callao have recommended guinea pigs as a low-cost, low-fat alternative to a traditional turkey or roast pork Christmas dinner.

They truly are low -cost with a meal for 6-8 people only costing $3.20.

BBQ Guinea PigThe presentation included a live guinea pig dressed as Santa Claus and eight of its comrades laid out fried, broiled and roasted in traditional dishes from different regions of Peru.

Callao resident Silvia Carazas said she plans to make the switch to guinea pig at Christmas.

“The animal is rich in protein and has zero cholesterol as well, very important for those of us looking to watch our weight,” she said.

The tiny cuts of white meat are often compared to rabbit and dark chicken.

Called “cuy” in Peru, guinea pig holds an elevated place in Andean folklore.

A painting of the Last Supper hanging in the principal cathedral of the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco depicts Christ and the 12 disciples dining on guinea pig.

I reckon the Peruvians are onto something here. We could get people to grow their own Guinea Pigs at home to really lower costs or perhaps the Mad Butcher could offer them in stores nationwide.

A bit of Tory Charity

This isn’t my thing, but I have been asked to promote the gig raising funds for the Auckland City Mission.

The Mashup Mafia are proud to announce that Low Rollers will host it’s second annual Christmas charity appeal for the Auckland City Mission on Thursday 18th of December at Auckland’s leading night life venue The Carpark Bar. So after the remarkable contribution put forward by the Auckland drum & bass community last year, we’re back to do it again – except this time, on a much much much larger scale!!

My ISP Orcon are giving away some bar tabs too!

Sad, Pathetic Losers

Good grief there are some sad, pathethic losers out there.

Take this fool. Upset about democracy taking its course in New Zealand, Matilda has decided to take a stand and create “an underground movement!”. Selling tea towels. I’m not kidding, she really is.

LOSER TEATOWELSoon after New Zealand’s recent election I received an email from an environmentally aware, very caring friend. Referring to the election result she said “I am feeling less upset today than yesterday. … Let’s start an underground movement!”

Later that day while out op-shopping I came across a pile of unused vintage, kiwiana, tea-towels printed with Christmas wishes. (I didn’t buy them because they were naff bad-retro rather than good retro.)

Well I’m not much of a revolutionary but these events did make me think about what I wish for; for New Zealand, for myself and for Christmas. So here is my wish, screen-printed on a tea-towel because I like useful things and wanted to give my concerned friend a gift. Hopefully we’ll see proof that our wish has come true in just a matter of weeks but until then we’ll be wishing while we do the dishes.

It simply says: “I wish my country had a government that cared more about people and the environment than money.”

These are available in red or green. They look very nice together.

Matilda is just typical of the sad, pathetic losers who cannot stand that, despite law changes to specifically preclude it happening, National won and their beloved Dear Leader was ignominiously dumped and gone for good on election night.

Go help the poor sad tart out and buy her stupid tea towels then use them to clean up old drippings from under the V8, or clean the dipstick, or some other inceredibly environmentally unsound thing with them. Then send me photos and we’ll make a statement.


Tui has an Advent Calendar

Woohoo! Tui has released an Advent Calendar.

Remember those from your childhood? Well you can now enjoy the adult version on the Tui Advent Calendar.

On the 12th day of Christmas, my brewery gave to me; 1 PS3 Console, a Handsfree Car Kit, 10 crates of Tui. OK, so it doesn’t flow like the original, but who needs ten lords a-leaping these days? They’d only drink your Tui.

Just like a kid’s Advent Calendar, but with beer, and extra days of way cooler prizes. All you have to do is log in and enter to go in the draw for the daily prizes.

An early Christmas present

Willie Apiata, VCOn the weekend our family had an early Christmas celebration for two reasons, my sister and her family are over from Australia and Mum and Dad are going to Korea this year for Christmas with my brother and his family.

I haven’t seen my niece in ages and when she arrived she leapt into my arms. Just wonderful. I then had to be piggy backer for the rest of the afternoon.

Anyway after out traditinal Christmas dinner we had the presents. With three kids there it was nigh on impossible to not open anything.

I got the book about Willie Apiata, VC.

I started reading it on Sunday and have nearly finished it. I have been loathe to put it down. It is amazing though reading the book and recognising a great many of the people mentioned in the book, people I have met and enjoyed meeting. I also found out that my time in the TF and his have crossed over, though we never met.

When I was at university I was in D Coy, 6 Hauraki. Willie Apiata, VC was in B Company, 6 Hauraki. Same battalion, different companies. One of the people he credits for keeping hiim on the straight and narrow was Reuben Parkinson, the father of Reuben and Matua Parkinson. I met Reuben Parkinson and went on a 4 day horse trek with him, his dogs and two boys the courts had sent to Reuben to be straightened out, up the Raukokore River, the very same areas that Willie Apiata went hunting. Willie Apiata, VC also lived in an around Te Kaha, Opotiki and Whanrua Bay. Reuben Parkinson is now dead but I will long the remember that hunting trip, swimming rivers on horseback and the stories around the campfire. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of the country and I recognised all the rivers and places mentioned. I love it around there especially as my wife’s family have strong connections to Opotiki and surrounding districts. It was uncanny reading about people I have heard talked about.

Willie Apiata, VC is only 4 years younger than me but has fitted in a great deal into his life. What strikes me is just how down to earth kiwi bloke he is and that comes across in the book. This guy isn’t fazed by anything and just gets on with it.

The sad part about the book is it makes you realise just what New Zealand has lost in the cities. We need more people like Willie Apiata, VC. He is a true Kiwi Hero.