Problems with the workers? No worries, just install robots, stupid people no longer need apply


Union bosses are yet to see this coming, but the more they agitate the more employers will consider replacing them with robots that don’t whine, don’t stop and don’t get tired.

Automation is stalking the workforce and ironically in high risk industries like forestry where OSH laws are becoming tiresome along with union lobbying.

In China the first zero-labour factory is now being built…this will herald the beginning of the end of unions and their workers.

A manufacturing hub in South China’s Guangdong province has begun constructing the city’s first zero-labor factory, a signal that the local authorities are bringing into effect its”robot assembling line” strategy.

Dongguan-based private company Everwin Precision Technology Ltd is pushing toward putting 1,000 robots in use in its first phase of the zero-labor project, China NationalRadio reported. It said the company has already put first 100 robots on the assembly line. ? Read more »


Steve Joyce off to China – likely to face numerous ?please explains? over Lochinver

Steve Joyce is going to find his little jaunt to China somewhat tedious when he gets lecture after lecture about his dead head ministers stuffing up a deal.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce leaves tomorrow for his second visit to China this year, where he will represent the Government at the New Zealand-China Partnership Forum in Beijing. He will also visit Guangzhou in southern China, a significant economic player in the Chinese economy and a top source of Chinese students and tourists in New Zealand.

The Partnership Forum, which is running for the second time, is jointly organised by the New Zealand China Council and the China Centre for International Economic Exchanges. It will feature discussion among senior delegates from New Zealand and China on a range of topical issues key to the New Zealand-China relationship.

“The purpose of the Forum is to showcase the deepening strategic economic and trade partnership between New Zealand and China,” Mr Joyce says. “Participants from both countries, representing the public and private sectors, will explore the opportunities and challenges at the forefront of the relationship, and contribute to building the foundation for the relationship into the future. ?? Read more »


Perhaps Gareth Morgan can give them some advice

Gareth Morgan has all sorts of advice lately, but perhaps he might like to take his motorbike on a trip to Vietnam to give them some assistance with a little culinary problem they are having.

VICE News reports:

Just after midnight on Tuesday, police in Hanoi detained a truck smuggling three tons of live cats into Vietnam. The driver, a 30-year-old man named Hoang Van Hieu, admitted that the ill-begotten cats were bound for restaurants in the country, where cat meat is, in fact, a delicacy, especially in the provinces of Thai Binh and Nam Dinh, not far from Hanoi.

“After receiving a tip, we searched the truck and discovered the cats inside,” Sky News?quoted Dong Da district deputy chief of police Cao Van Loc as saying. “The owner, also the driver, said he bought the cats at the [Chinese] border area of Quang Ninh province. All of the cats were from China.”

With an average adult weight of about ten pounds for a healthy domestic feline, three tons means we’re talking hundreds of cats. The animals, crammed on top of one another in bamboo cages, were just the latest haul in a small cat-trafficking market that sources from nearby China, Laos, and Thailand to satiate Vietnam’s appetite for kitty flesh. ?? Read more »


A lot of nervous MPs

Pete Hodgson’s hit on Pansy Wong will have caused ructions, not just in National, but across all other parties as MPs rack their feeble minds about whether or not they conducted even 5 minutes of?business?while they availed themselves of taxpayer funded travel.

It isn’t then a surprise that many MPs are calling for the end of what could possibly be the end of them.

While Hodgson can claim the scalp he should really hand the kudos to an embittered investor intent on revenge for getting tucked in a business deal in China. He really should have read my post about understanding how business is conducted in China, in particular these translations;

Spirit of co-operation and partnership? ? you do what we?say.

?We are not in competition we are partners? ? I?m going to bend you over and screw you from behind once we?ve stolen, or borrowed, or unpicked your?IP?and under-cutting you in a factory in Guangdong.

Meanwhile plenty of other MPs and ex-MPs will be quietly hoping that interested media and bloggers don’t start going over their ravel expenses and matching them to meetings or document signings or photos in social media.

It is beyond even the most partisan hack’s justification to suggest that MPs an their spouses/partners availing themselves of the travel perk never conducted even a minute of business while using the travel perk.

To suggest that is the case stretches the boundaries of truth just too far. Are they really saying that when Peter Davis travelled on his spouses perk that he never, not once, ever conducted any business or research or even held a 10 minute meeting in the Koru Club related to his line work?

Or any number of the MPs who hold directorships, trusteeships or interets outside of parliament never took a call on their phone that took 5 minutes while they were on holiday and discussed business or otherwise.

Pete Hodgson did us all a favour by attacking Pansy Wong, he ensured that every other MP in parliament is now looking over their shoulders, as well they should.

But watch as?collectively?they all do the wrong thing and squeal for compensation at the removal of the perk.

Understanding Chinese Business

The Chinese have many sayings that New Zealanders will by now be learning. Especially those greedy farmers who want more agricultural operations in China but don’t want Chinese in New Zealand. Especially greedy South Island farmers who want the government to bale them out every time a storm provides random stock control.

These are some of kinds of business phrases that you should acquaint yourself with if contemplating business with China:

“We are like brothers” – anyone read Kane and Abel?

“Spirit of co-operation and partnership” – you do what we say.

“Chinese have a culture where they will not give control over” – how precious? Like every other culture on the planet, especially just like greedy South Islander farmers.

“We are not in competition we are partners” – I’m going to bend you over and screw you from behind once we’ve stolen borrowed unpicked your IP and undercutting you in a factory in Guangdong.

“Give me your best price. I buy 1000 units” – quote me on 1000 units and I will end up buying 2 units at this price then go somewhere else for their best price.

“We will build a long-term relationship” – we are already looking for better price and will arse-drop you when we’ve found it. In fact we already halve we are just yanking chain for the fun of it.

“Chinese want a quality product” – we are too proud to say we are cheap so when your quote is too high we will blame quality.

“This will result in a loss of face” – you didn’t offer enough for his produce and now he’s having a sulk, and he really does mean loss of face, yours, when you take a wrong turn on your drunken wander back to the hotel.

“Indians have no honour” – Indians bargain as hard and with as much b.s. as we do. You can substitute any asian race in there for Indians but the Chinese know that know one likes the Indians.

Given New Zealanders parlous record with saving we best get used to dealing with the Chinese as they have all the money, yep all of it. The currency market are just playthings for the Chinese Government, why do you think the Australian and NZ dollar are so over valued?

They are not over-valued this is the new level set by the Chinese government so they don’t have to pay so much for their imports, particularly minerals. The Aussies are looking forward to parity with the US dollar and planning parties, all the while it is the Chinese saving themselves trillions on their forward contracts for minerals. Once the deals are done watch the Aussie dollar tumble. We are just going along for the ride like fleas on a dogs back.

They already own the pacific, now they are coming for us. So learn the above phrases well you’ll be needing them.