Steve Joyce off to China – likely to face numerous ?please explains? over Lochinver

Steve Joyce is going to find his little jaunt to China somewhat tedious when he gets lecture after lecture about his dead head ministers stuffing up a deal.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce leaves tomorrow for his second visit to China this year, where he will represent the Government at the New Zealand-China Partnership Forum in Beijing. He will also visit Guangzhou in southern China, a significant economic player in the Chinese economy and a top source of Chinese students and tourists in New Zealand.

The Partnership Forum, which is running for the second time, is jointly organised by the New Zealand China Council and the China Centre for International Economic Exchanges. It will feature discussion among senior delegates from New Zealand and China on a range of topical issues key to the New Zealand-China relationship.

“The purpose of the Forum is to showcase the deepening strategic economic and trade partnership between New Zealand and China,” Mr Joyce says. “Participants from both countries, representing the public and private sectors, will explore the opportunities and challenges at the forefront of the relationship, and contribute to building the foundation for the relationship into the future. ?? Read more »


Prepare to be an organ donor

The dunderhead arrested for drug offences in China was allegedly carrying 30kg of ‘ice’.

The chances of builder Peter Gardiner avoiding the death penalty in China have rapidly deteriorated with Customs officials revealing they believe he was the owner of two pieces of luggage stuffed with 30 kilograms of methamphetamine.

Yesterday marked D-Day for New Zealand-born Gardiner, 25, as it was his 37th day in detention, the longest Chinese authorities can keep a person without letting them go or charging them.

However, a newspaper report indicated that Customs officials believed he was involved in a drug-smuggling plot and his Australian travelling partner, Kalynda Davis, 22, had no knowledge or involvement. Read more »

Map of the Day

Clifford Estates


A reader submitted map (we welcome these). They write:

A bit of background. The map is of Clifford Estates, a gated community in Guangzhou and this is where I live. What is incredible is the scale of the place. There are 70,000 units on the 500 ha site. I am pretty certain my home town in NZ is a similar size, if not bigger and with a population of 10,000. They estimate that there are over 200,000 people living there. It is remarkably quiet though. My 3 brm apartment is in a 30 story building and is one of 14 such buildings built overlooking a manmade lake. The place is so big, it has 10 internal bus routes, going to its own bus station with multiple bus services into the city, fires station, hospital, resort, hotel, food street, heath centres, swimming pools, multiple schools, supermarkets and so on. They are currently building 700,000 sq metre shopping complex complete with its own underground station. I could go on, but I think you get the idea, its big.

?I laugh when I hear reports of overcrowding and lack of house in NZ. Admittedly this is not the norm for most Chinese, but as I have chosen to make China home for a little while, it?s not too bad. My only complaint is that depending on where I am in the city, to get home could be two train?s and two bus?s and over an hour?s travelling. But once again, that is fairly normal in GZ.


Fox for donkey meat is not so bad


In China police in Guangdong Province have arrested seven people for injecting dirty water in sheep carcasses to increase the weight of the meat hence its value.

CCTV reported yesterday that officials raided the warehouse in a village in Baiyun district and found the men injecting bacteria-filled water into slaughtered sheep as a way to increase the weight of the meat and sell it for a high price, according to Shanghai Daily.

The man in charge of the operation and six workers at the warehouse have been held by police since the raid on December 30.

Officials found 30 sheep carcasses injected with up to six kilograms of pond water along with 335 living sheep, forged inspection stamps, pumps and rubber tubing in the warehouse. Suspects admitted to police that around 50 to 100 sheep were slaughtered there per day. ? Read more »


Where is Labour’s outrage on this soliciting of Chinese investment?

Labour created a song and dance over the Crafar farms, but ignored other foreign investments in farming, and have also ignored new investment in dairying since. They have gone quiet on foreign investment and also on Chinese investment.

But surely there should be howls of outrage that one of their own is up in China at the moment trying to sell Auckland’s waterfront to Chinese investors on behalf of Len Brown:

Sir Bob Harvey arrived in China yesterday morning for the 22nd time.

He and Waterfront Auckland chief executive John Dalzell and Chinese-speaking executive John Hong have 15 meetings planned in pursuit of developers and investors for the Auckland waterfront.

Sir Bob said he came to China last year with Auckland City Mayor Len Brown which opened the door for meetings with developers and investors.? Read more »

Mental Health Break

Guangzhou’2012/CHINA from zweizwei |motion timelapse| on Vimeo.