Gun lobby: With friends like this who needs enemies?

Gun lobby shoots itself in the foot. Stuff reports.

Quote:Gun lobbyist said this is why ‘politicians get burnt’, Judith Collins said.

In a call to Judith Collins’ office, gun rights enthusiast and blogger Mike Loder said “this is why politicians get burnt”, the former Minister said.

Collins told Stuff the phone conversation was made when she was Police Minister in the National government. She said one of her staff was trying to clarify an Official Information Act request from Loder when the blogger got frustrated and made the comment.

[?]Loder was one of 20 submitters to air his views on the new gun laws introduced after 50 people died in attacks on two Christchurch mosques in March. He said the changes had the possibility to drive guns “underground”.

During questions, Collins asked Loder if he thought he was a responsible proponent of the gun lobby, and he said yes.End of quote.

Uh, no.

Quote:She asked if he thought it was reasonable to phone up the office of the former minister of police and advise the staff member that the behaviour of the minister was the reason why some people burnt politicians.

?[?]She followed up by asking if he considered himself to be a fit and proper person to hold a firearms licence.

“It’s not a question, I am,” he said.End of quote.

Fit and proper people don?t threaten politicians.

Quote:Loder said the Christchurch shooter would have killed more people had he not used semi-automatic weapons because he would have used something like a truck bomb.

He addressed Collins directly, saying she is wrong about the gun lobby “scaremongering”.

He claimed it was the police association who were ones scaremongering.End of quote.

A gunman commits mass murder and you want to put the focus on the cops? Really dude?

Quote:During questions committee chairman, Labour MP Michael Wood asked Loder to explain a blog post where he said the guns that would be banned were an essential tool of liberty.

[?]Wood went on to note that Loder had called Prime Minister Jacinda Arden a “tyrant” and that shadowy foreign forces were involved with gun control efforts.

Loder said tyrants always supported gun control.

“Can you understand, given what happened in Christchurch, why some of us may be concerned that you have a strong voice within the firearms community. Towards people who are armed with these military style semi-automatic weapons, and you are promoting what are effectively conspiracy theories that are listened to, often by people of white nationalist, extreme right wing agenda,” Wood said.

Loder alleged that “deals were done” behind closed doors to get the support of rural groups, which he has called “scumbags”.

[?]He said the problem wasn’t people with gun licenses and instead pointed towards gangs and recidivism.

He asked that police have control of the Arms Act taken away from them as they were not up to the job, he claimed.End of quote.

Politics is about the art of compromise. Right now, the gun lobby is in the shit. If they were willing to compromise they could prevent the guns from being banned by, say, simply proposing if you have an E category AND a B category license AND participate in regular competition you can keep your guns. But of course they won?t.

Their unwillingness to be reasonable makes everyone else able to discount them.

And with people like this guy representing them, who needs enemies?

Guns, statistics and lies

Every time a Muslim terrorist shoots, stabs, bombs or runs over Americans, the default response is, ?Let?s not jump to any conclusions?. That?s swiftly followed by media spin pieces claiming that the majority of terrorist attacks are really committed by white male Republicans and the Amish based on math so bad that even the world?s crookedest bookie wouldn?t go near it. And anyone who argues that the pattern of Islamic terror attacks is a call for common sense migration reform is regarded as a racist and a coward who wants to destroy the Constitution by blowing a handful of attacks out of proportion.

(And do you know how many people are hit by lightning or stung by killer bees every year.)

Yet every time there’s a big storm it’s proof that man-made global warming is real.

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Florida shooting: MSM don’t miss opportunity to attack Trump

Weapons locker in mess Photo/ Cam Slater, Whaleoil Media

US President Donald Trump has called the suspect in the mass school shooting in Florida “mentally disturbed” as he vowed to help local jurisdictions tackle mental health issues, but he made no mention of stricter gun control laws.

That’s because stricter gun control wouldn’t have made a difference.

[…]Trump pledged his administration would help “tackle the difficult issue of mental health” and said the issue of improving safety in schools would be the top priority during a meeting later this month with governors and state attorneys general. Yet Trump made no mention of gun control laws in the aftermath of the third-deadliest school shooting in US history.

The shooter passed the background check and didn’t have a criminal record.

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Photo of the Day

Paramedics treat a wounded boy outside the McDonald’s restaurant in San Ysidro as SWAT officers secure the scene. James Oliver Huberty shot and killed 20 and wounded 20 others at McDonald’s, San Ysidro, California. ZUMAPRESS

McDonald’s Massacre

The McDonald’s massacre, sometimes called the McMurder, was an incident of mass murder at a McDonald’s restaurant in the San Ysidro section of San Diego, California, on July 18, 1984. The massacre was carried out by James Oliver Huberty, a 41-year-old former welder from Canton, Ohio. In January, Huberty had moved to San Ysidro with his wife and children, where he worked as a security guard until his dismissal one week prior to the murders. His apartment was located near the site of the shooting spree.

Before leaving for McDonald’s his wife Etna asked him where he was going, Huberty responded, “going to hunt humans”. Earlier that same day he and his family visited another McDonald’s restaurant for lunch, before going to the zoo. While walking around with his wife and two daughters he made the comment to his wife, “society had its chance”.

It was another busy summer?s afternoon at McDonald?s in San Ysidro, San Diego, California. But it was about was to go down as a horrific day in US history. At 4 pm, as families sat eating burgers and fries, a balding man wearing camouflage trousers and a black T-shirt burst in. He was heavily armed. Ready for battle. And all hell was about to be let loose?

?Freeze!? he yelled, firing at the crowds of diners and employees.

His bullets killed a 4-month-old baby girl, other children, mums and dads.

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Photo of the Day

Authorities don?t believe there was any foul play involved but won?t give a cause until there is more investigation. Peter Branch of the Palisadian-Post provided this image of authorities searching the Pacific Palisades home of Jeffery Lash.

Mystery Man

Space Alien or Secret Agent?

On 17 July 2015, officers from the LA Police Department made the gruesome discovery of a deceased man inside a car parked on Palisades Drive in the Pacific Palisades region of the city. The investigation into the circumstances of the man?s final moments began and it didn?t take too long to establish the identity of the corpse. It was Jeffrey Alan Lash.?His fiancee Catherine Nebron and her employee Dawn VadBunker left it outside Nebron’s Pacific Palisades home.

Shortly after Lash’s badly decomposing body was found two weeks after his July 4 death, police found more than 1,200 firearms, 6.5 tonnes of ammunition and $230,000 in cash stashed at the home of Catherine Nebron.

At the time of his passing Lash was 60 years old and a local resident of the area. He lived with his long-time partner ?Nebron. Further investigation led to some startling revelations about the life of their deceased. The state of the corpse when discovered was a good indicator that Lash had been dead for some time. It turned out that death occurred about two weeks before discovery but was not reported. According to Nebron, Lash collapsed in a Santa Monica parking lot on 4 July and refused to sanction emergency assistance that was clearly required.

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No surprise it has come to this as Police treat law abiding firearms owners like criminals

The Police and the Police Association have been on jihad against law-abiding firearms owners. They have recently begun making unilateral changes to firearms rules almost by fiat, rather than requesting changes to go through parliament.

Once legal firearms are now deemed?by Police to be illegal, and if you challenge them then you find all sorts of grief begins to visit itself upon you as it comes time for renewals.

Legal and law abiding firearms owners are being persecuted and finally, they’ve had enough. One club has now banned Police from using their range, and I expect more clubs to follow suit as the assault on our sport by Police continues.

A Wairarapa gun club?has had enough of police pushing for more restrictive gun laws and has?fired back.

The Wairarapa Pistol and Shooting Sports Club has banned police from using its range as a training facility – effective immediately.

The Carterton-based club has one of the best shooting ranges?in the lower North Island, which police regularly use for various types of weapons practice.

Club president Gary?Rawlinson?said members had become increasingly frustrated with the?police and the Police Association’s?attitude towards responsible firearms owners and legitimate shooting sports.? Read more »

I’ve told you what Obama’s legacy was for years now

In April 2014, community-college student Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree throughout Isla Vista, a small college town bordering the University of California, Santa Barbara. Rodger stabbed, shot, and ran over his victims, taking the lives of six people and wounding 14 more. One of the victims, Christopher Michael-Martinez, was shot and killed. His father, Richard Martinez, has since become a gun-control advocate, blaming ?craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA? for Rodger?s attack.

The Isla Vista massacre was horrific, just as all mass shootings are. But it?s clear that Americans are not in agreement with politicians who have responded to cries from advocates such as Richard Martinez by passing arbitrary gun-control legislation. Indeed, as state and federal politicians have proposed such legislation, an unintended consequence has reared its head: Americans have purchased more guns than ever before.

The more that Obama threatened to take them away, the more Americans got scared that he might manage to do so. ?The only answer was to stock up, and fast. Read more »


Photo of the Day

Robin Doan photographed March 12, 2014, near Palo Duro Canyon. Photo: DARREN BRAUN.

Robin Doan photographed March 12, 2014, near Palo Duro Canyon. Photo: DARREN BRAUN.

?The Girl Who Saw Too Much

A?Texas family is gunned down in a deadly home invasion — but the shooter unknowingly leaves behind a witness.

In the fall of 2005, a young Missouri man, 23-year-old Levi King, went on a vicious and inexplicable 24-hour killing spree, first shooting an elderly man and his daughter-in-law in the rural community of Pineville, Missouri, then stealing their truck and driving to Texas, where he randomly stopped at a darkened farm house on the outskirts of the small Panhandle town of Pampa.

Dressed completely in black and toting an AK-47, King broke through the back door and immediately went to the master bedroom. He first put three bullets into the body of the home?s owner, 31-year-old Brian Conrad. He next fired two shots into Molly, the family?s dog. Then he turned his gun on Conrad?s 35-year-old pregnant wife, Michell, who was screaming. He shot her five times.

Michell?s ten-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, Robin Doan, was at the end of the hallway, crouched by her bedroom door, which was partially open. She saw King walk out of her mother and stepfather?s bedroom and head her way. She ran back to her bed and pulled the covers over her head. He stepped into her bedroom, aimed his gun at her, and pulled the trigger. The shot went wide, hitting a pillow, but Robin made a grunting noise and fell to the floor, pretending she was dead. King fell for her act. He turned around, walked into a third bedroom, and shot Robin?s fourteen-year-old brother, Zach. King then walked into the kitchen and rummaged around for food before driving away.

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So, where now for the gun enquiry?

After the absolute slaying by the Herald yesterday (yes, I can happily admit it when they pull some good quality journalism) it’s apparent that the whole farcical gun enquiry is now a total waste of time.

Firstly – many politicians, along with a legion of media big names, have made the unfortunate mistake of jumping in to slag off guns and call for restrictions and law change.

They’ve been absolutely certain that guns are obtained from gun shops that don’t check paper work.

Some media have even gone as far as forging police PID numbers to pull stunts to prove it despite no evidence that it’s ever occurred before.

Others claimed the gangs order guns from overseas, which are dropped off the side of fishing boats in the dark to waiting organised crime wearing black balaclavas. ? Read more »


Greg O’Connor needs to apologise


Will Greg O’Connor apologise to firearms owners?

The facts are now released and the reason firearms get into the hands of criminals is because they are stolen in burglaries,?which Police don’t bother to follow up.

Not only that but over 80% of firearms stolen are shotguns; not the military-style weapons that the media has been splashing all over their websites.

Mind the pun – but the Police Association President has shot himself in the foot.

He’s been trying to stoke up a firearms debate and yet it’s his own members’ fault that criminal scumbags get guns! ?? Read more »