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It seems that Sanitarium are up to their old bully boy tricks again. It isn’t like they can deliver Marmite anywhere at the moment, so quite how they can complain about brand destruction is beyond me. They have done a bang up job all by themselves on that front:

SANITARIUM SLAM “YEAST AND DESIST” MARMITE NOTICE ON HABITUAL FIXWhen Kiwis are in a situation of need, fresh food junkies Habitual Fix have proven they are happy to step up and do something about it and now, they’re in trouble for it.

Big time.

During the Marmite shortage, the healthy food chain tried to import a small amount of British Marmite to spread amongst their nutrition-hungry underbelly, only to find foodstuffs juggernaught, Sanitarium, were not as forthcoming in spreading the love.

The Original Marmite was sold in a product called The Original Marmite Sandwich. Not a particularly original name for a very original blend of cos lettuce, champagne ham, aoli, cheese, caramelised onion and tomato, all served on their own freshly baked bread

Talkback host Leighton Smith described the sandwich as ‘Delicious’ and local champion blogger Cam Slater from whaleoil.co.nz complained he didn’t receive one. The reaction changed to delight when he did receive his sammie, a few hours later.

A phone call from Sanitarium’s Marketing heads began with congratulations and trans-Tasman warm fuzzies about the product. That was until the conversation turned into a “Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way” type conversation, with the mention of possible legal proceedings, financial claims for damages and a demand that sales of the product be halted immediately.

Consequently, this action has led to a name change of the product and a date to cease the campaign altogether on June 14th. With the help of an all-nighter from their marketing team, Habitual Fix have censored all their collateral, stickering print and covering any audio with a ‘beep’. The product is now called The Original BEEPmite Sandwich.  Habitual Fix have even gone as far as to provide a printable sheet of BEEP stickers so that “the public aren’t at the risk of legal action either”.

A Habitual Fix franchisee was quoted today as saying: “We were only trying feed a need when others couldn’t and now because of them, we are just left with a bitter taste in our mouths.”

So again, here’s a toast to Kiwi battlers Habitual Fix for attempting to extract and spread a little black gold among their fresh food fanatics in this classic David and Greedy Goliath story, only to receive a yeasty response from the Multi-nationals.

On a bright note, Habitual Fix have apologised publicly, intending no ill will to Sanitarium. And battling on to feed Kiwis’ fresh food fix, are giving away a small amount of the real NZ BEEPmite with every Original BEEPmite Sandwich.

Watch apology video here.

For more information, interviews or images please contact:

James Tucker
[email protected]

Need Marmite, problem solved

Last week I received and email from Habitual Fix:


The fresh food chain, have successfully imported a small amount of British Marmite via Columbia to spread amongst their nutrition-hungry customers. British Marmiteis the original Marmite, which is ‘the original yeast spread’.


For more information or interviews please contact:

Kate McGahan
[email protected]

Coincidentally I heard Leighton Smith raving about a package he had delivered and he was impressed that they had caught him and so pumped their little marketing ploy.

He at least had received a package…I hadn’t, so I replied:

You sent a box of stuff to Leighton Smith and a press release to me?

Obviously you value my audience at zero.

Much and all as I like Marmite I just can’t see a value proposition in this for me.

My personal policy for pimping product is “nothing for nothing”, which is what you will get.

Kate replied to me:

Hi Cam,

Yes we did send a box of sammies to Leighton Smith this morning – and I understand your position on nothing for nothing – fair enough!

The goal of this mornings package drop was to target radio stations in the central city (so the food stayed fresh) with more activity around other media rolled out throughout the week – I do apologise that you were not involved in the first round of activity.

Nothing to do with how we value your audience but I do see your point!

We don’t expect you to cover the news or Habitual Fix at all now, but in the spirit of smoothing things over and because I know the Habitual Fix team are bloody good buggers at heart,  given the nature of your email I would love to organise a delivery to you for this afternoon – you may as well try the sandwich now right?


Kate McGahan

40 minutes later this turned up:

Inside the two bags was several wrapped sandwiches plus two fruit smoothies:

And inside each package were sandwiches like this:

The sandwiches were fresh and delicious and included some of their supplied black gold. The sandwiches were outstanding and the smoothies, not something I normally drink were super tasty and refreshing too. Thanks Habitual Fix, from the bottom of my stomach!

Habitual Fix didn’t even have to reply to my surly message but they did and really outdid themselves. Since they met my posting policy requirements for product placement this post is to tell readers that if you need some British Marmite then the place to get it is from Habitual Fix.

They deserve your patronage simply for their ability to respond (many wouldn’t have!) So order online (the deliver) or find a store close to you to get your fix.