Splitting hacking hairs: Journalistic ethics 101


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So Hager and his hacker accomplice get away with it then

This sickens me.

That little rat-faced c*nt, who used my stolen data, obtained from a criminal hacker he knows the identity of, is getting away with one of the worst paid for political hit jobs in modern history.

Police are set to destroy copies of hard drives and files taken from journalist Nicky Hager’s home during an unlawful raid.

In December, a court found a 10-hour search of Mr Hager’s Wellington home in October 2014 was illegal because police had not told the court they were conducting a “media search” when they applied for a warrant.

The journalist will on Friday travel to the High Court at Auckland where a computer and files seized in the raid will be handed back to him.

He’ll also watch as police destroy copies of a hard drive and a memory card they cloned from his equipment. ?? Read more »


Which version do you believe? Part TWO in the Nicky Hager Series

Nicky Hager

Nicky Hager

Nicky Hager has been interviewed and quoted by many different people over the course of the Dirty Politics book launch. Now a year later after the dust has settled I decided to go back to compare what he said in one interview with what he said in another and also to look at what the hacker Rawshark has been quoted as saying.

In Part One of this series we looked at the different versions of what happened. Was it one hacker or many? Did Nicky contact the hacker or did the hacker contact him? Who told him about the hacker? Was it a friend inside the National Party or was it contacts within the tech community? Were the hacker or hackers politically motivated or not?

In Part Two of this series I will examine what has been said about the motivation of the hacker/s.

The journalist says he won’t reveal who his sources are, but they were likely acting against Cameron Slater out of retribution for his comments about a man who died in a car crash on the west coast in January.

‘Some people crashed his computer there were a number of them but I don?t know them all ?

Nicky said they were motivated by anger at Cameron Slater regarding the Feral article.


This version indicated that the hackers (plural ) crashed the Whaleoil website out of anger and as retribution for an article Cameron wrote. It does not explain why they stole personal information. Shutting down the website and costing the site ad revenue, fits with retribution and fits with the anger defence but hacking information is something completely different. Why would they want years worth of a journalist and blogger’s personal and private information unless their motivation was something completely different?

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Which version do you believe? Part ONE in the Nicky Hager series


Nicky Hager has been interviewed and quoted by many different people over the course of the Dirty Politics book launch. Now a year later after the dust has settled I decided to go back to compare what he said in one interview with what he said in another.

? They were leaked to me…the people who bowled over his website came away with thousands of communications….I?ve never received hacked material before….I can?t tell you who my sources are but I can tell you that I have NEVER accepted information from any political party or political person.?


This version says that there were multiple hackers and multiple sources who were not politically aligned.

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When is a leak not a leak?

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 4.47.33 PM -Whaleoil.co.nz

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 4.47.33 PM

My definition of a leak I think is far too narrow for New Zealand’s MSM.

The term ‘ Whistleblower ‘ is usually paired with the term ‘ leak ‘ and this is how I have defined it:

A leak is when someone who knows something illegal or unethical is happening gives confidential information to the Media in order to expose corruption or wrongdoing. A Whistleblower risks their job and jail ( if they hacked it ) for no financial gain, in order to get the truth out because they can see no other way to expose the wrongdoing.

The private and confidential Real Estate information taken by a Barfoot and Thompson staffer did not expose wrong doing or corruption. The information was stolen to give the Labour Party what they wanted to make a political hit. It is even possible that they solicited the information from the employee involved. The employee has now lost their job because of it. I wonder if the Labour Party will offer them a position?

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Does Nicky Hager control the MSM?

I don’t currently have any inside information but I ask this question on the back of some legitimate concerns.

The last time Nicky Hager’s court case was mentioned online was on December the 18th 2014 by Scoop. In the press release it stated that…

Mr Hager?s application for judicial review is set down for a substantive hearing in March 2015.

I searched the internet and the only thing I could find reported about Nicky for March 2015 was this article dated March 31st by the Manawatu Standard

 PHOTO-Warwick Smith/ Fairfax NZ Friend of hacker Rawshark and author of Dirty Politics, Nicky Hager looks on as President of Manawatu Muslim Association Hazim Arafeh answers questions during a public talk at a meeting on New Zealand's role in the war against Isis at Te Manawa. The meeting was hosted by Bruce Thomson, left.

PHOTO-Warwick Smith/ Fairfax NZ
Friend of hacker Rawshark and author of Dirty Politics, Nicky Hager looks on as President of Manawatu Muslim Association Hazim Arafeh answers questions during a public talk at a meeting on New Zealand’s role in the war against Isis at Te Manawa. The meeting was hosted by Bruce Thomson, left.

The decision for New Zealand to join the war against extreme Islamic fundamentalists has nothing to do with what’s right for our country, investigative journalist and author Nicky Hager has told a crowd in Palmerston North.

A group of about 60 Manawatu residents gathered at Te Manawa on Monday night, at an event organised by the Friends of the Library, to hear the author discuss the New Zealand military deployment to Iraq.

Hager told the group that every part of Prime Minister John Key’s speech that announced the deployment was untrue or distorted.

…He said Isis was a “product of the Western foreign policies of the past 12 years in the Middle East”.

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Sony hackers threatening to hack a media organisation, please let it be the NZ Herald

Excuse me if I don’t just laugh a little bit at the latest hacker threat…to hack a media organisation.

Now we will get to see weapons grade hypocrisy exhibited as they all claim this is an outrage against their rights as journalists…never-mind they have all been feeding off of the criminal exploits of hackers for some time.

The hackers who infiltrated Sony Pictures Entertainment?s computer servers have threatened to attack an American news media organization,according to an FBI bulletin?obtained by The Intercept.

The threat against the unnamed news organization by the Guardians of Peace, the hacker group that has claimed credit for the Sony attack, ?may extend to other such organizations in the near future,? according to a Joint Intelligence Bulletin of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security obtained by The Intercept.

Referring to Sony only as ?USPER1?and the news organization as ?USPER2,? the Joint Intelligence Bulletin, dated Dec. 24 and marked For Official Use Only, states that its purpose is ?to provide information on the late-November 2014 cyber intrusion targeting USPER1 and related threats concerning the planned release of the movie, ?The Interview.? Additionally, these threats have extended to USPER2 ?a news media organization?and may extend to other such organizations in the near future.? ? Read more »

2014 the Year of the Hacker?

West Outlaw, Black Bart, Northern California, English Born American, Bandit, Southern Oregon, Call Charley, Bolton, Wild West -pininterest

West Outlaw, Black Bart, Northern California, English Born American, Bandit, Southern Oregon, Call Charley, Bolton, Wild West


Sheriff -Todalcott.com














Here we go again, same problem different day. The Internet has become the Wild West and the Hackers are the outlaws. We desperately need some Sheriffs to saddle up,round them up, then hang em high! We need to use our Government Spy networks to catch them and we need to re-write our laws to bring them up to date with the reality of the Internet.

2014 appears to be the year of the Hacker as they move from targeting individuals that they have a grudge against to targeting corporations. Hacking is no longer just about stealing information to hand to the Media to embarrass or damage an individual or company. It is now used to blackmail. Hacking is also now about disrupting and closing internet services with cyber attacks. Hackers have moved from cyber burglary to cyber terrorism. This is a worrying trend.

Who will be next?

Xbox and PlayStation online services have crashed amid claims a hacking group has disabled their services.

Microsoft and Sony, the companies which make the gaming consoles, have told customers they are aware of connection failures after being hit by a suspected cyber attack.

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Welcome to the world of online sabotage

Hackers have been portrayed by most in the MSM, as leakers of vitally important information in the public interest. Hackers like to portray themselves as truth seekers and vigilant activists acting in the Public interest against faceless government or capitalist institutions.

What they are, are hostage takers, blackmailers and bullies.

There is nothing noble or righteous about their criminal actions as they are saboteurs who revel in their ability to threaten, damage and destroy others.


In America, Sony and their employees have been held hostage by Hackers as much as if they had been physically put in a hostage situation. Lives may not be under threat but livelihoods certainly are. Cyber attacks and the threat of them are a blunt force weapon that has a huge impact when the information stolen is then used by unscrupulous MSM to make money.

Take the MSM out of the equation and you remove the Hackers’ most potent weapon. The MSM give the Hackers legitimacy and power.The MSM are currently the biggest part of the problem. We saw how the Australian Media supported the Police by refusing to give the Hostage taker the legitimacy and attention he demanded in the recent attack in Sydney. It was heart warming to see the Media being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. ? ? Read more »

New Zealand’s Top Investigative reporter?

David Fisher will be devastated to learn that according to this article Nicky Hager is New Zealand’s top investigative reporter.

Even worse he will be shocked to learn that our country is cracking down on the freedom of the Press ( yes really ).

Not only that, but our government is suppressing civil liberties as well, (shock, horror )

But wait there’s more…

Australia and New Zealand are not among the usual suspects when it comes to state suppression of civil liberties. But both countries, stung by Edward J. Snowden?s revelations last year about their intelligence-gathering efforts, have been cracking down on the press: Australia has passed sweeping secrecy laws, while police officers in New Zealand recently raided the home of a reporter who had published information regarding a government scandal.

There has been little international outcry, and Washington is hardly likely to be upset: The two countries harbor the only major intelligence gathering facilities for the National Security Agency in the Southern Hemisphere, and, along with Britain, Canada and the United States, are members of the intelligence-sharing arrangement known as the ?Five Eyes.?

In New Zealand, the journalist targeted in the raid is the country?s top investigative reporter, Nicky Hager, who has been working with Mr. Snowden and the journalist Glenn Greenwald. Mr. Hager has ?long been a pain in the establishment?s neck,? a former prime minister of New Zealand, David Lange, once said, admiringly.

Wow, a quote from a long dead guy. Couldn’t they find anyone among the living to say admiring things about him?

In 1996 Mr. Hager published his book ?Secret Power,? which revealed the relationship between the N.S.A. and New Zealand. Mr. Lange said that he learned more about what the N.S.A. was doing in his country from reading Mr. Hager?s reporting than he did as prime minister.

Across the Tasman Sea, the Australian government recently amended the country?s national security laws so that journalists and whistle-blowers who publish details of ?special intelligence operations? may be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

The measures are part of a groundswell of terrorism hysteria. September brought the largest counterterrorism raids in Australian history, in which some 800 state and federal police officers raided homes in several Sydney suburbs with large Muslim populations, acting on what officials said was an intercepted phone call about possible activity by allies of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

For all the forces deployed in the raids, only one person was arrested and charged with a terrorism-related crime; in a court appearance in mid-November, his lawyer said the telephone conversation had been mistranslated.

The press has added to the hysteria, spreading a story that Islamic State followers were plotting a public beheading in a square in downtown Sydney ? a claim no public official has made, and a claim for which there is virtually no evidence.

A week after the raids, the ruling center-right Liberal Party proposed the national security amendments aimed at the press and leaks; the opposition Labor Party supported them, and the changes passed with little debate…

…In New Zealand, the fallout from Mr. Snowden?s leaks has been domestic. At a conference in Auckland in September, Mr. Snowden said, via a video hookup from Moscow, that the New Zealand government and the National Security Agency of the United States were engaged in vast domestic surveillance.

The country?s prime minister, John Key, vigorously denied the charges, but then backtracked after Mr. Snowden released supporting documents, saying that he ?may well be right.? Mr. Key added, ?I don?t run the N.S.A.?

It came as no surprise to many when, last month, five detectives and a computer engineer raided the home of Mr. Hager, the journalist who has been working with Mr. Snowden. Over a 10-hour period, they took computers, phones, papers, an iPod and a camera.

The raid may also have arisen out of Mr. Hager?s most recent book, ?Dirty Politics,? in which he revealed that officials in the prime minister?s center-right National Party government had been supplying derogatory information about opposition politicians to a right-wing blogger. The justice minister was forced to resign.

May have arisen? He openly admitted to using hacked information that he actively went after. He admitted he talked the hacker into giving it to him. The raid ( that wasn’t a raid ) they had a warrant for goodness sake, was to look for evidence of the identity of the criminal hacker, but not a word of this is this so called investigative article. Oh no, lets frame it instead as suppression of the Press.

Whatever the motivation, the raid, like the Australian anti-whistle-blower laws and President Obama?s anti-leak investigations, is certain to have a chilling effect. Of course, such steps are always explained as a result of a careful balancing between national security and civil liberties. What is becoming increasingly clear is that political self-interest ? which serves no one except the powers that be ? is just as important a factor.

Raymond Bonner is a former New York Times reporter and the author, most recently, of ?Anatomy of Injustice: A Murder Case Gone Wrong.?