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Pussy whipped as well

Oh dear Phil Goff is such a plonker. Dollars to donuts only him and Bomber will be watching him burn sausages on Friday.

Labour leader Phil Goff has admitted to dying his hair over Chirstmas because his wife wanted him to

Phil Goff says he’s dyed his hair because his wife wanted him to.

The normally grey Labour leader caused a stir sporting a more youthful head of hair while delivering his state of the nation speech.

Despite having dodged questions on the dye-job yesterday, Phil Goff has this morning admitted he dyed his locks over Christmas.

He says it was a personal decision prompted by his wife and has nothing to do with it being election year.

Oh dear, did he steal Bill English’s playbook for the 2002 election. Bill got a new haircut, new suits that didn’t end at his ankles and a speech coach. The only thing Phil is missing is for Dean Lonergan to give him a call to step into the ring for Fight for Life. Phil of course has an offer from a mincer to teach him how to walk which Bill never got.

Phil Goff is seeking a gimmick or something to connect with the electorate. He is failing utterly. Not even Len Brown stoops to dying his hair. By admitting to being pussy whipped he probably just shaved another few per cent off as the hard working blue collar blokes give up on him.

Hand in your man card Phil

I have nothing against chaps dying their hair…it is certainly better than plugs or a rug, but doing it on the day of your big election year speech is just dumb.

Goff's hair dye jobI guess we are seeing the influence of Fran Mold.

What next photoshopped pictures?