Halal butchers

When you think about it Halal butchers are not really butchers at all

pork products

In New Zealand, we are liberal and tolerant of Muslim-owned and run businesses inside our secular and Christian society. We tolerate halal meat and halal products even though this is not a Muslim country. We tolerate Halal butchers that do not stock:

  • pork steaks,
  • pork roasts,
  • pork slices,
  • pork crackling,
  • ham,
  • pork sausages,
  • pork mince,
  • prosciutto,
  • pork luncheon sausage,
  • pork spare ribs
  • bacon
  • diced pork
  • pork tenderloin
  • Valentine steak
  • pork T-bone chops
  • pork Rib chops
  • pork fillet
  • pork salami
  • pork shoulder steak
  • pork collar steak
  • pork stir fry
  • pork loin eye steak
  • pork loin steak

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